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How many layers of clothing or blankets should my 3-month-old have at night?

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I never seem to have a problem dressing my 3-month-old appropriately for going outdoors or even just hanging out in the house all day. However, when it comes to going to bed, I never know what pajamas to put on her or how many blankets to use. Is there a rule of thumb I can follow for this?


To my knowledge there is no rule of thumb for dressing babies. However, once they pass that newborn period where they really like to be bundled and actually do need more clothes for warmth, you can most often gauge according to your assessment of your environment. If you need an extra blanket at night, most likely your baby does also. We like to avoid a lot of soft bedding, so tuck that blanket in firmly below the baby's shoulders or use a sleeper. Infants' hands and feet often do get cold more readily than those of older children and adults, so pajamas with feet or socks at night is a good idea. Keep in mind that crying is often the way infants communicate, so if your baby cries during the night, feeling too cold or too warm might be the reason.

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3 month old baby
Hi my 3month old baby is not pooing well...he skip just let me know is this normal?if not th..

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