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It's time to take that long-delayed family vacation. Or maybe you're gearing up to tackle multiple errands, with your children in tow. Either way, it's not uncommon to feel a little overwhelmed, and wonder if it would just be easier to stay home and stay put.
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Sesame place-35th anniversary
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Lots of parents-stressed or not-use television as an occasional babysitter. In fact, the average American kid watches three to four hours of television a day. The recent tough recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics that children under 2 watch no TV at all underscores the difficulty all well-intentioned parents have trying to work out what's best for their children and what's realistic. As in all things, a little compromise can go a long way.
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Does someone in your house eat only food that's yellow? Or, only food covered with applesauce? Hang in there: Picky eating is common among preschoolers. You may want to think of it as part of their quest to be independent. Find out more.
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Looking at your child and thinking back at how much he's grown and developed can be a bittersweet experience. On one hand, you love how big and independent he's become. On the other, you sometimes miss his younger, more dependent days. But no matter how fondly you recall your child's infancy, there's one part of his childhood that you probably can't wait to put behind you: changing diapers.
Read Toilet Training Without Tears (Yours or Your Child's)

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Between 30 and 36 months, your toddler will begin to construct sentences of four or five words. He'll also be able to tell stories and ask "what" and "where" questions. Of course, this ability comes amid a flurry of language development that started before his second birthday and will continue long after it. Your toddler is beginning to understand grammar and to use pronouns.
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You toddler may already have enjoyed riding along as a passenger on your bike. But what happens when they are ready to ride a trike or something with two wheels? Get some helpful safety guidance for your passenger or pedaler.
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