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Watching our kids play is so much fun. And it's fascinating to see them engage in different types of play as they mature. Is that block just a block, or is it a car? And how can those chairs and blankets become a fort? Learn more.
Read Types of Play
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Your baby is learning, growing, and changing every day, and watching
this happen is one of our chief joys as parents. Questions about what your baby is up to these days? Get some answers by using this tool.
Read Now They Are 3

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Your preschooler still has lots to figure out about the world and the people in it. One thing that’s pretty much settled, though, is Mommy’s role: Mommy is her Mommy, and that’s that.
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Toilet training is one of the major accomplishments of early childhood. But before your child can master it, he has to be both biologically and emotionally ready. (Click here for more on signs of readiness.) Different children are ready at different ages; the timing has nothing to do with their intelligence, personality, or motivation.
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We all want to teach our children the proper way to behave, but the word "discipline" can often be scary. Thankfully, there are many positive ways to guide your child in right direction. Find out more about positive discipline.
Read Positive Discipline: A Guide For Parents
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Starting kindergarten is an important step for a child. Because developmental rates vary so much between the ages of 4 and 7 years, the actual time of readiness for each child also varies. Readiness does not predict how smart, competent, or talented a child will be later on; rather, it is a measure of a child's social maturity now.
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