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Lots of parents-stressed or not-use television as an occasional babysitter. In fact, the average American kid watches three to four hours of television a day. The recent tough recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics that children under 2 watch no TV at all underscores the difficulty all well-intentioned parents have trying to work out what's best for their children and what's realistic. As in all things, a little compromise can go a long way.
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A child's whining can push the buttons of just about any parent. But it's okay! Learning more about why your child whines can help you figure out a smart strategy to curb the behavior. Get the facts about whining.
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Is there a parent alive who doesn't wish bedtime went a little more smoothly? One of the best ways to get kids to settle down and go to sleep is by creating a regular bedtime routine, a ritual with Mom and Dad that lets young children know that bedtime is a happy and comforting way to end the day. Babies and young children are creatures of habit, and they enjoy the predictability of a ritual. Performing the same simple tasks before bed each night helps signal that everything is safe and sound, and that it's time to go to sleep.
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Children approaching the advanced age of 3 1/2 don't understand the first thing about "shades of gray." Instead they tend to see things as all good or all bad. Good people do good things; bad people do bad things. It may be simplistic, but it's right on the money as far as the development of a child's ability to think goes, and it explains a lot about the lies kids tell at this age.
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Your child's smile brightens your day. To keep that smile bright, nothing beats early dental care. Picking a child-friendly dentist is a great start, along with teaching your child to brush twice a day. Get more great tips.
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Menu Tips for Toddlers Who Hate Vegetables
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