Mobile App FAQ

Mobile App FAQ

General Questions

Why can’t I login?

  1. You need to havea version of the mobile app that was released after June 9, 2015 in order tosuccessfully log in. If you don’t have the latest version, please upgrade yourapp.

  2. If you haven’talready done so, you need to verify your profile on before you can login to the app.


All Android devices aresupported. If you haven’t updated your profile since June 9, 2015, please login to before attempting to log into the app.

iPhones / iPads: If youhaven’t updated your profile since June 9, 2015, please log in to Pampers.combefore attempting to log into the app.

  • iOS7 or higher

  • Apple iPhone 4S or higher

  • iPad 4th Generation

What will changeif I upgrade my Pampers Rewards App?
Upgrading your app will allow you to participate inour exciting receipt scanning promotion, allowing you to earn up to 1,000 bonuspoints by scanning your receipts for eligible products. This limited timepromotion is in addition to the points you enter with your diaper and wipescodes! Other bug fixes are included too.

Why did youupgrade the Pampers Rewards App?

We are adding receiptscanning as a new way to earn Pampers Rewards points. This is beta functionalityand we want to extend additional earning opportunities to our fabulous PampersRewards members on products they purchase and use already.

Can I still typein my code?

Yes, in any version of theapp you are able to type in your diaper or wipes code.


How can I get thePampers Rewards App on my phone?

iPhone / iPad

You can get the PampersRewards App by visiting the App Store and searching for “Pampers Rewards”. Theapp icon with the rewards logo will pop up, you need to click on “get” todownload.


You can get the PampersRewards App by visiting the Play Store and search for “Pampers Rewards” the appicon with the rewards logo will pop up and you need to click on “install”. 

How do I upgrademy Pampers Rewards App?

Depending on your devicesettings there are multiple ways you can upgrade your app. If you have an iOSdevice. You will be prompted to update through the App store, or if you haveyour settings configured to update automatically your device will automaticallydownload the new version.

Can I update my PampersRewards App at any time?

Yes, you can choose when it’sright for you to update your app.

Does it costmoney to upgrade my Pampers Rewards App?

No, the Pampers Rewards Appis completely free to use! 

How do I know mycode was successfully entered?

When a code is successfullyscanned you will receive a message on your device, letting you know. You canalways review your point balance on the top navigation. To see your completecode entry and redemption history, log in to and click on yourprofile and review “Your Rewards Activity.”


Receipt Scanning Questions

I am havingissues with scanning my receipt.

  1. Make sure the apphas access to your mobile device’s camera.

  2. Make sure the picture of your receipt has allthe necessary checked items in focus. You may fold the receipt as long asqualifying products, retailer name and purchase total are in view.

  3. Be sure yourreceipt has retailer name/logo, date & time of purchase, each qualifyingitem checked and purchase total. (see receipt scan tutorial)

How long will myreceipt scan take to add points to my account?

It can take up to 20 minutesto add up your points from the receipt scan.

How will I knowif my receipt scan was successful?

We will send a notificationto your device (phone or tablet) confirming the receipt scan and points awardedfor that particular receipt. Be sure to look in the notifications section ofyour app.

How many receiptscan I scan to earn the 1,000 points?

You can scan as many receiptsas you need to reach the 1,000 point limit during the duration of thepromotion. You may only submit one receipt at a time and must wait for thereceipt to be fully processed before scanning and submitting another one.

How will I knowhow many points I have earned from receipt scans?
Log in to and click on your profile andlook under “Review your Rewards” to see all your earning and redemptionactivity. We will notify you with a notification if you hit the 1,000 pointlimit for this promotion.

How do I knowwhat the qualifying products are?

Visit view more information. As a reminder; Pampersdiapers and wipes products are eligible at this time.

Qualifying brands for this promotion are: Dreft, Charmin, Bounty, Puffs, Secret, Always liners, and OlayBodywash.  You must purchase a Pampersdiapers or wipes product in order to receive additional points for otherqualifying brands on your receipt. For example, if you purchase a package ofdiapers and an Always liner you will receive 100 points.

*Promotion excludes travel and mini sizes of qualifying partner products.

How many pointscan I earn for scanning my receipts?

You can earn up to 1,000bonus points. Each individual product is worth 50 points.

Can I enter receiptsfrom online retailers?

Consumers who purchase thepromoted products from online retailers will be required to snap a picture oftheir packing slip.  In some cases, the packing slip accompanies thepurchased promoted items when delivered to the consumer’s home.  InAmazon's case, the packing slip is not included in their deliveries; theconsumer will need to print the receipt from their home computer.

Diaper Code ScanningQuestions

I am havingissues scanning my diapers code.

  1. Make sure the app has access to your device’s camera.

  2. Be sure the code is framed in the box. For best results, align the code horizontally on the redline. Remember, the entire code must be inside the box.

  3. You will alsowant to make sure the code is in focus. Verify the preview is correct and clickon the orange submit button found on the lower left hand corner.

  4. If you are stillhaving trouble, please try to manually type the code.

  5. Remember onlydiaper codes are scannable at this time, not wipes codes.

Does the App scanall Pampers Rewards Codes?

The app allows you to scanall diapers codes. At this time, you cannot scan wipes codes with the app, butyou can type them in.

Why can’t I scanmy Wipes Codes?

Today, the way the wipescodes are printed on the soft packaging makes it difficult for a mobile deviceto recognize character code. We are always looking for ways to enhance the wipeprinting.