The Sunshine Foundation of Canada
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The Sunshine Foundation of Canada

Sunshine is the only national Canadian charity impacting the lives of children challenged by severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses by making their dreams come true. At Sunshine, we are determined to fulfill the dreams of every child living with a severe physical disability or life-threatening illness in Canada. We know these dreams have a lasting impact on the children we serve, giving them a sense of joy, empowerment and hope that can be transformative.

Sunshine has two programs that support this objective: Individual Dreams and DreamLifts.

  • Individual Dreams are experiences personalized for each child, based on their unique interests. They take many forms, from a family vacation, to meeting a personal hero, to getting a customized sports wheelchair.
  • A DreamLift is a one-day, whirlwind adventure to the Magic Kingdom. The DreamLift offers a taste of independence for boys and girls with severe physical disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.

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