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Part of each wellness visit is to plot your baby's growth on a percentile chart. Over time, you and your health care provider will be able to see if your child is growing at the expected rate. Use our charts to track your child's growth.
Read Your Baby's Growth Chart
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We all wonder how our babies are developing and how their personalities will form. While it takes time to get to know a baby's temperament, it can help to understand the roles of nature and nurture. Learn all about your baby's temperament.
Read Getting to Know Your Baby: Understanding Nature as You Nurture

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Making Your Own Baby Foods
Read Making Your Own Baby Foods
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Uh-oh! Your baby's bottom has those telltale signs: It's red and inflamed, with swollen bumps. Read more to get some advice on treating your baby's diaper rash and how to prevent it from reoccurring. Find out what to do about diaper rash.
Read Diaper Rash: A Pain in the Rear
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When our baby was a little over a year old, my wife and I decided the time was right to go for a family outing to one of our favorite, pre-pregnancy restaurants. Personally, I'm more of a take-the-baby-and-see-what-happens kind of guy, but my wife was really worried that our daughter would have a meltdown and we'd be horribly embarrassed.
Read Dining Out With Your Baby
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Your 6-month-old is still growing rapidly and may have a wonderful new skill on the horizon: sitting up! This visit will likely include lots of immunizations, so it may help to know what to expect. Find out more about the 6-month visit.
Read Well Baby Visit 6 Months
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