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Did you know that our babies have different cries for hunger, pain, and mild discomfort? And even one for boredom? Luckily, there are some clues that may help you figure out what your baby needs. Learn more about decoding baby cries.
Read Identifying Your Baby's Cries
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So far it's just been breast milk or formula, but now the menu expands. Your baby is ready for solid food! The best plan is to start slowly, usually with rice cereal, then you can gradually introduce new foods one at a time. Learn more.
Read Solid Advice: One New Food at a Time
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Got the phones and cameras ready? Sometime soon, our babies will officially become toddlers, taking those teetering first steps! This independent mobility opens up a whole new world for our children. Get more information on first steps.
Read First Steps

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At 4 months, babies still need to be put to sleep on their back to help guard them against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It can also help to keep pillows and fluffy bedding out of the crib. Get more tips.
Read Keep Your Little Sleeper Safe
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Changing your baby's diaper is as much a part of parenting as feeding. In no time at all ('cause you'll get plenty of practice), you'll be a pro. Check out these helpful diaper-changing tips.
Read Diaper Change: Tips for Diapering Your Baby
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