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Making Your Own Baby Foods
Read Making Your Own Baby Foods
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Uh-oh! Your baby's bottom has those telltale signs: It's red and inflamed, with swollen bumps. Read more to get some advice on treating your baby's diaper rash and how to prevent it from reoccurring. Find out what to do about diaper rash.
Read Diaper Rash: A Pain in the Rear
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Has your baby started reaching out for your food, or watching your fork travel from your plate to your mouth? It could be a hint: Your 6-month-old may be ready for solid food! Get more tips on starting your baby on solids.
Read A Solid Start

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It's often fun to take your baby for an outing, and a few tips can help keep your baby's skin protected while enjoying the sun: apply sunscreen regularly, cover up with clothes and a hat, and head for the shade. Learn more about sun smarts.
Read Be Sun Smart
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Your baby's skin is so soft and smooth, you just can't resist touching it! To help keep it that way, take a look at a few tips for preventing dryness and avoiding sun damage. Get more information on baby skin care.
Read Baby Skin Care
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