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Changing your baby's diaper is as much a part of parenting as feeding. In no time at all ('cause you'll get plenty of practice), you'll be a pro. Check out these helpful diaper-changing tips.
Read Diaper Change: Tips for Diapering Your Baby
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All parents have questions about sleep. How much sleep does my baby really need? Why does my newborn sleep all day and wake up at night? How many naps should my toddler take? Get some answers to your sleep questions.
Read Baby Sleep Patterns
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Is your baby gaining more control of their movements? They've gotten the hang of sitting, and are now twisting around and shifting from side to side. To help them practice moving, try putting a toy just beyond their reach. Get more tips.
Read Sitting Like a Pro

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Still nursing your baby? If all is going well for both of you, no worries about weaning yet. Interestingly, sometimes your little one decides for themself! Self-weaning often occurs when babies get busier and more mobile. Find out more.
Read When to Wean?
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This checkup will be a lively one. That's because most 9-month-olds are on the move. Their curiosity and thinking ability make them more playful... and more challenging to keep an eye on! Find out more about the 9-month checkup.
Read Well Baby Visit 9 Months
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Those first baths can be a little daunting. And no wonder: Cleaning a slippery, squirming infant can be tricky when you haven't had much practice. But don't worry; bathing gets easier every time. Get some great tips for bathing your baby.
Read Baby Bath: Tips for Bathing Your Baby
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