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You'll hear a lot of different advice about motherhood. In the end, no one knows your baby like you do. Trust your instincts. And remember what really matters to your baby
is love, sleep and play.
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Breastfeeding offers a wonderful way to nourish and bond with your baby. To help get you started with nursing your baby, we'd like to share a little information and some great mom-tested tips. Learn all about breastfeeding.
Read Breastfeeding Basics
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One of the most important purchases you'll make before having your baby is a car seat. You will need one to bring your baby home from the hospital and for every car trip thereafter. Every state has a law requiring babies and children to ride buckled up, but since more children are killed or injured in car crashes than in any other type of accident, it pays to buckle them up in a car seat.
Read Car Seat Safety and Shopping Guide
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There's nothing like a fresh-out-of-the-bath baby, so it can be tempting to bathe our little ones every night. Two or three baths a week are fine, though — our babies just don't get that dirty (wait till they're toddlers!). Get more tips.
Read Bath Time Basics

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Babies don't take up much room, but their stuff sure does! Here's are a few tips to help determine what your baby really needs from those first few weeks to the first birthday and beyond. Check out these guidelines for choosing baby gear.
Read Kid Stuff: Age-Appropriate Gear and Toys
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Singing or chanting to your child both soothes and comforts him. It's also a powerful means of connecting with him. Sing or chant anytime, anywhere.
Read Finger Play for Young Children
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