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love, sleep & play.

You'll hear a lot of different advice about motherhood. In the end, no one knows your baby like you do. Trust your instincts. And remember what really matters to your baby
is love, sleep and play.
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While most children will tell you that they like the idea of having a younger brother or sister, few of them actually enjoy stepping out of the family spotlight and sharing their parents' attention with this new stranger. There are ways of minimizing the stress to both the older child and you, and to turn at least some of the remaining stress into a positive experience.
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Wrap your newborn in
comfort & protection
Pampers Swaddlers is our softest diaper
ever, complete with Wetness Indicator,
so all your baby feels is love.
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Breastfeeding offers a wonderful way to nourish and bond with your baby. To help get you started with nursing your baby, we'd like to share a little information and some great mom-tested tips. Learn all about breastfeeding.
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Making Your Own Baby Foods
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We all mean well when we discipline our kids, but sometimes we confuse them by talking too much, or using vague language. A more effective way can be to keep our words simple and concrete when we express our displeasure. Learn more.
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Training Troubles?
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