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If you listen closely to the words preschoolers use, you’ll find that their vocabulary is not as innocent as we might hope. Their conversations are peppered with aggressive phrases. Some are simple adult curses. Others, such as “poo-poo head,” are unique to young children.
Read Poo-Poo Head and Other Powerful Phrases: Advice From the Potty Language Front

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We all want to teach our children the proper way to behave, but the word "discipline" can often be scary. Thankfully, there are many positive ways to guide your child in right direction. Find out more about positive discipline.
Read Positive Discipline: A Guide For Parents
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Our active toddlers sometimes seem too busy to eat, and it's hard not to wonder if they're getting enough food. It turns out that eating one really good meal, two lighter meals, and two or three snacks each day is fine. Learn more.
Read Kid-Friendly Meal
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Remember all the things that scared you when you were little? It turns out that fearful responses are part of normal development and keep kids a little wary in threatening situations. Learn how to help your child cope with fears.
Read Worries and Willies: Coping With the Monster Under the Bed
Swaddlers now have the handy wetness indicator, which lets you know when it’s time for a change. Watch this video to see all the changes in our softest diaper ever.
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Does someone in your house eat only food that's yellow? Or, only food covered with applesauce? Hang in there: Picky eating is common among preschoolers. You may want to think of it as part of their quest to be independent. Find out more.
Read Have Patience, You've Got a Picky Eater!

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Has potty training stalled in your house? Don't worry” it's completely normal for children to take their time. To help encourage your child to move forward, you may want to offer some fun incentives. Get more potty training tips.
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