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Setting the stage for reading can be a lot of fun with a toddler. There are many things you can do together, like going to the library, learning rhymes and songs, and telling bedtime stories. Get more ready to read tips.
Read Ready to Read: Literacy Tips for Toddlers
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Watching our kids play is so much fun. And it's fascinating to see them engage in different types of play as they mature. Is that block just a block, or is it a car? And how can those chairs and blankets become a fort? Learn more.
Read Types of Play
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Has potty training stalled in your house? Don't worry” it's completely normal for children to take their time. To help encourage your child to move forward, you may want to offer some fun incentives. Get more potty training tips.
Read Motivation and Rewards for Potty Training
Swaddlers now have the handy wetness indicator, which lets you know when it’s time for a change. Watch this video to see all the changes in our softest diaper ever.
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We all want to teach our children the proper way to behave, but the word "discipline" can often be scary. Thankfully, there are many positive ways to guide your child in right direction. Find out more about positive discipline.
Read Positive Discipline: A Guide For Parents

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Learning to recognize numbers takes practice. Luckily, this kind of practice is as fun as a treasure hunt.
Read Learning Numbers: What's the Number?

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Between 30 and 36 months, your toddler will begin to construct sentences of four or five words. He'll also be able to tell stories and ask "what" and "where" questions. Of course, this ability comes amid a flurry of language development that started before his second birthday and will continue long after it. Your toddler is beginning to understand grammar and to use pronouns.
Read Talking a Blue Streak: Language and Your Toddler