The Power Combo for Healthy Skin: Swaddlers and Sensitive Wipes

Though you can use our Swaddlers diapers and Sensitive wipes on their own, they’re actually designed to work better together. As a result, this dynamic duo helps keep your baby's skin at its healthiest, maintaining its pH levels.

Why pH Levels Matter for Your Baby

It’s no secret—babies pee and poop, and consistent contact with wetness can irritate their skin, even if you change your baby’s diapers right away. This is why using products that help maintain pH skin levels is so important. A pH level is a measure of acidity and runs on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, a simple glass of tap water has a pH of 7, which is a neutral measurement, as it sits directly between 0 and 14. In humans, our natural pH is slightly acidic. This is good, as the slight acidity helps maintain healthy skin. But for babies, a little extra attention goes a long way—their skin is still developing and is typically more sensitive, meaning it needs more care and support to maintain that important pH level.

How Pampers Helps Promote Healthy Skin

Your baby’s skin is important, which is why Pampers developed these two products to work in tandem to promote healthy skin. Start with Sensitive wipes, which help restore the natural pH balance of your baby’s delicate skin. These wipes use a gentle, cleansing moisture enhanced with a special pH-balancing lotion—and they don’t use irritating ingredients like parabens, perfumes, and alcohol. After Pampers Sensitive wipes, Pampers Swaddlers diapers come into play. These diapers use a proprietary design that no other brand has and are made with premium materials for breathable dryness. This unique model was crafted specifically to keep irritants away from your baby’s skin.

Together, Pampers Swaddlers and Sensitive wipes make a powerful combo. Clean, dry, and pH-balanced means soft, healthy skin.