Pampers and UNICEF: A life-saving story since 2006

Pampers partnered with UNICEF back in 2006 to attempt to eliminate MNT, a preventable disease that every year kills 49,000 babies in less privileged areas within the first month of their life.

Newborn Tetanus occurs when newborns are infected as a direct result of unhygienic birthing practices , such as cutting the umbilical cord with un-sterile instruments, handling it with dirty hands or treating it with contaminated dressings. Unfortunately, once the disease has been contracted, there is no real cure; almost all infected infants die.

Our Partnership

In the ten years since we began the partnership, our support to UNICEF with local communities and authorities across the globe has meant more moms from all walks of life can give their baby the chance to enjoy their first smile: 16 countries* have eliminated MNT with help from our funding and we are now helping to protect over 100 million moms and their babies - but there is still a long way to go.

Supporting UNICEF's tireless efforts and helping them move the project forward is not just about the numbers though, it's about making long-term strategic interventions: locally dispersed clinics, new ways of communicating with moms (stickers on doors, SMS on the mobile), delivery of vaccines and midwifery to remote areas by moped, and many more. We're intent on helping to save lives right now, but we also want to change lives going forward.


Visit UNICEF now to find out how you can help give millions of babies their first smile.

*Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Lao PDR, Liberia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mauritania, Senegal, Tanzania, Timor Leste, Sierra Leone and Uganda

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