Never hesitate to raise any concern — no matter how trivial — when you have an appointment with your baby's health care provider.

Notices to share with your healthcare provider at 1 year baby check up

At your child's 1-year visit, be sure to bring up any of these issues or behaviors if you've noticed them in your child:

  • He can't bear weight on his legs.

  • He has one or both eyes still crossed, even part of the time.

  • He doesn't use both hands equally.

  • He doesn't use any real words or doesn't know his name.

  • He isn't crawling or moving forward in some way.

  • He has no fear of strangers or anxiety at separations. Fear and anxiety are normal reactions to these situations at this age.

  • He doesn't point at things.

  • He seems to have problems with his vision or hearing.

  • He loses a skill he had before.