How to Make Toothbrushing More Fun

Toothbrushing can be the opposite of fun in many households. Many babies hate brushing their teeth, so you're not alone if you need some tips and tricks to make the whole process more fun. Here are our top tips to leave the tears and tantrums behind.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

Toothbrushes with pictures of princesses, superheroes or animals can be a lifesaver for some parents. If your child is a big fan of pink, choose a pink toothbrush. If she loves bunnies, choose a toothbrush with a picture of a cute bunny. Take your child shopping, pick a few suitable toothbrushes for her age and let her choose which one she likes best.

Flavored Toothpaste

Some kids just don't like the taste of ordinary toothpaste. There are plenty of flavored toothpastes on the market. Whether it's bubblegum or strawberry, try it out and see which your baby enjoys more.

“Toothbrushing Headquarters”

Set up a toothbrush station near your bathroom sink. Some good ideas to try:

  • A special cup or container to store her toothbrush and toothpaste

  • A special step or ladder for her to reach the wash basin (but remember to always supervise!)

  • A special mug for rinsing

  • A timer or alarm clock (“keep brushing darling until the buzzer goes off!”)

  • You can also brush your teeth at the same time making sure you both do it for the right length of time

Toothbrushing Games

A game of peekaboo while brushing teeth can lighten the mood for all involved, particularly for babies and younger toddlers. Perhaps sing a favorite song or pop some music on the stereo or your cellphone and encourage “crazy brushing” until the music ends. Try using your toothbrush as a microphone for added laughs! If your child has a favorite cuddly toy, prop the toy up near the washbasin and “brush” his “teeth” while your little one brushes hers.

Reward Charts

Once you've left the baby years behind, your toddler may respond to a toothbrushing rewards chart. Kids love nothing better than earning rewards for good behavior, so stickers and smiley faces for a job well done can be a positive way of giving rewards and making brushing seem fun. Try this: “Collect a smiley face and you can choose an extra book for bedtime!”

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