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Pampers® Easy Ups™


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By Mary2019 - July 09, 2021
Pampers Easy Ups are great for night time use.

Pampers Easy Ups are easy to use and they absorb well to prevent leaks. My son is able to use them with ease as the front and back designs help him know he's putting them on the right way. My son wears Pampers Easy Ups at night, and while the training underwear may be wet, his clothes and bed are dry! They are not bulky and mimic the underwear he wears during the day. While we hope that soon he will no longer needs to wear a product a night, we are happy these exist and work so well.

By Connie2012 - July 09, 2021
Great for potty training

Loving this diaper so far! We are potty training our toddler but still having accidents every now and then. These have been great for trips outside in case we couldn't get to our portable potty in time. We have left them with grandma who has given us rave reviews due to the easy of using this over traditional diapers. We put these on at naptime and have not experienced any leaks. They're soft and stretchy and fit great. Feels like underwear so hopefully she will get the hang of potty training soon!

By Waseya1995 - July 09, 2021
Feel of an underwear, protection of a diaper!

My toddler is currently being potty trained and the pampers easy ups have been a life saver! They have the feel of an underpant, but provide the complete dry protection of a diaper. She loves to wear and pull them up herself and it helps boost her confidence. The material of these pull ups is great, it doesn't cause any rashes or allergies on my little one who has sensitive skin. They even have cute characters on them and she is always excited to pick her next pull up diaper! Definitely recommend it to anyone who need a transition between diapers and underpants for their little ones.

By Blessing1984 - July 09, 2021
Size 2t-3t fits like an Underwear for real

The Pampers Easy up training underwear as the name says is very easy and comfortable to wear. As a mother with a 2 year old + daughter that has vehemently refused to potty train, this has been a life saver. The size 2t-3t was a perfect fit as i was worried it might be too small. I highly recommend this product to toddlers potty training as it absolutely holds . Thank you Pampers.

By Jenny2001 - July 09, 2021
Easy for toddler

As soon as I walked into the house with the box of Easy-ups my toddler wanted me to open it to see the underwear. She saw the pictures and was immediately impressed. She looked them over and decided that these were big girl panties and she wanted to put them on. She was able to quite easily get them on and pull them off without help from me or dad. These potty training underwear made it a lot easier for her because she could go by herself and didn't have to wait which greatly reduced the little accidents.