Tips to Keep Kids Happy and Safe at Birthday Parties

The last thing you want on your child’s special day is an epic tantrum that turns the entire mood upside down. Careful and safe planning will keep your child’s birthday party full of smiles and help avoid any major meltdowns. Here are five tips for an awesome birthday party that’ll keep your worries at rest.

1. Have Plenty of Entertainment

This doesn’t have to mean scheduled games every half hour (although that helps), just be sure that there are plenty of things to do. Supply kid-friendly activities like crayons, paper, clay, and small toys like cars and dolls. Remember: Young kids have short attention spans, so keeping things varied is not a bad idea.

Having too many activities isn’t a bad thing—just be sure to follow our next step to keep things safe.

2. Recruit Help from Other Adults

Recruit close friends and family members to help the day go smoothly. Assign adults to monitor each play area and have another adult keep a running head count. The more help you have on hand, the better!

3. Stay Encouraging

Keep an eye for kids who seem uninterested and not willing to engage in certain activities. Encourage them to play, even grab a few kids to help you. Creating a warm and welcoming environment is also key to keeping spirits high and meltdowns at the minimum (hopefully zero!).

4. Offer a Variety of Snacks and Sips

Keep picky eaters in mind here! Don’t forget to ask parents prior to the party if their child has any food allergies. This could be as simple as tagging on a line to the invite.

Make sure there is a healthy variety of both snacks and beverages—and be sure to have enough on hand!

Childproof the Area

Before all the kids arrive, be sure to do a thorough sweep of your house or party venue. Make sure any small or hazardous things are stowed away instead of out on the counter. Anything small—even pennies and pen caps—can be a serious choking hazard.

If the party takes place outdoors, be sure to check for low-hanging branches or any yard hazards or equipment that could be found by a little one.

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