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Wrap your baby in Pampers best comfort

B1_Silky Softness

Blankie Soft

Gently wraps your baby in Pampers® best blanket-like softness

B2_Wetness Indicator

Color-Changing Wetness Indicator

Lets you know when your baby might need a change

B15soft  stretchy sides

Soft and stretchy sides

Flexes with your babys every move

Up to 12 hours of protection

B5_3 Absorbing Channels

Extra Absorb Channels

Help distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection

Our most premium protection

B4_Absorb Away Layer

Absorb Away Liner

Pulls wetness and mess away from baby's skin to help keep your baby comfortable

B3_Navel Friendly Shape

Umbilical Cord Notch

Protects your baby's delicate belly with perfectly contoured fit

Pampers® Swaddlers™



"I like that these have an indicator that shows when wet. Never had any problems with leakage."

CrissySeptember 27,2016

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Pampers® Swaddlers™

Overall Rating  based on 7376 reviews

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"Really liked this product, I would like to see them to fit a bit smaller sizes."

JazzerSeptember 18,2016


Colleen W

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"Really great product . Very absorbing . I would definitely recommend these to others ."

BecacineOctober 12,2016


Great worth the money

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"The product sizing is perfect. They worked great for both kids!"

Winn1January 12,2017



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"Awesome product. Would recommend to anyone with children. Works for either bio-genders."

MamaKatJanuary 14,2017


Pampers Swaddlers Overnight Yah or Nah

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"I have recieved these Diapers to test out , I can honestly say I am a Huggies Fan and anti pampers until now . I still love my huggies but the pampers swaddlers overnight are great they don't bunch up when they get full and sag like the huggies do . I don't find they are as soft as they say but I can say that baby#2 has not woken up once wet or even threw the day while on his crawling adventures! The color changing strip is great I just have to take a peak instead of feeling the diaper and waking him up thankfully. Anyone looking to test this product should know that the diaper seems to split into 3 strips evening out the absorption instead of other diapers that leave a bulge. The side are super stretching making it easy and comfortable for baby to move in sleep. The color changing indicator is great for seeing wether or not they need changed without disturbing them. The diapers are also lightly scented so for those of you that like scent free this maybe an issue but my LO has sensitive skin and did just fine . So over all I would recommend Pampers Overnight Swaddlers to my friends .. Final vote : YAH"

Candice08May 12,2017

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Pampers® Swaddlers™

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