27 Adorable Baby Shower Cake Ideas


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Have you been tasked with creating a baby shower cake and need some ideas? Or perhaps you’re even hosting the shower and you’re trying to determine a theme.

Either way, think about what the mom-to-be would like best, and then check out our list of 27 fun, creative, simple, tiered, and more baby shower cake ideas. You’ll find many suggestions to help make this project—a piece of cake!

27 Baby Shower Cakes

Planning a baby shower is no easy task, especially making the cake, which, besides the parents-to-be, tends to be the star of the show and can even act as a centrepiece. We’ve compiled our favourite baby shower cake ideas for boys, girls, and gender-neutral parties, plus instructions on toppers, tiered cakes, and how in the world to make a fondant baby shower cake.

1. Pink-and-Blue Baby Shower Cake

A pink-and-blue baby shower cake is perfect for parents who are waiting to find out their baby’s gender. You can decorate the cake with pink and blue sprinkles or frosting, or top it with pink and blue cupcakes. If the event will be a gender reveal baby shower, you can put pink or blue cream in the middle of the cake to reveal the gender when the mom-to-be makes the first cut!

pink and blue baby shower cake

2. Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake

This adorable baby shower cake idea works for boys, girls, or gender-neutral parties. A little teddy made from fondant sits atop the cake with a pacifier in its mouth. You can extend the teddy bear theme to create baby shower invitations and decorations.

teddy bear baby shower cake

3. Baby Booties Baby Shower Cake

What’s more symbolic of a baby than a pair of cute little booties? This baby shower cake features a topper with fondant booties in a pale blue. But the idea works well in pink, or any other colour to match the baby shower’s colour theme. Try yellow if it’s a gender-neutral event or spice up your baby shower cake with other colours, like green and gold.

If you’re planning a diaper cake, you can place a pair of real booties on top to match the baby shower cake.

booties baby shower cake

4. Sneaker Baby Shower Cake

Retro sneakers are always on trend. You can use the sneakers for baby shower cake toppers or make a tiered cake and place a pair on the bottom tier. Add in a few cupcakes and a bow, and you have the perfect baby shower cake.

sneaker bear baby shower cake

5. Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cake

This simple baby shower cake features a “He or she?” sign along with a pink bow and a blue bow tie. This could be a clever way to reveal the gender of the baby at the baby shower by making the inside of the cake either pink or blue. (Just remember to ask the mom first if she’s OK with this idea!)

Gender reveal baby shower cake

6. Blue Skies and Clouds Baby Shower Cake

Take the term baby shower literally and serve a cake decorated with clouds ready to rain down gifts on the new little one! This baby shower cake can also feature toppers like an airplane, kites, or an oversized pinwheel. You could even attach a helium balloon for something fun!

Blue skies and clouds baby shower cake

7. Gender Reveal Hearts Baby Shower Cake

This gender reveal cake can actually be very easy to decorate yourself! You can make fondant heart cutouts, push them onto paper lollipop sticks, and place them as toppers for the baby shower cake, which you can decorate in wavy fondant shapes. Add edible glitter for even more fun!

Gender reveal hearts baby shower cake

8. Cake Pop Balloons Baby Shower Cake

It seems like the cake pop trend is here to stay, which is great because they are yummy. Decorate this baby shower cake with cake pop toppers dipped in different colours of candy melts to make them look like balloons. Any parent-to-be would love this colourful look, which also works well for a gender-neutral baby shower cake.

Cake pop balloon baby shower cake

9. Baby Bottom Baby Shower Cake

Bunny bottom cakes and cupcakes were a trend for the longest time, so why not cute baby bottoms? This baby shower cake idea can work well in either pink or blue, or any colour. You can even match or coordinate with the party’s theme! This cake goes well with a diaper cake or guests bringing diapers as gifts.

Baby bottom baby shower cake

10. Nautical Sailboat Baby Shower Cake

Here’s a cute cake for a new little sailor! This cake is topped with a fondant boat made to look like an origami sailboat. You can also decorate it with stars and seashells. It’s a creative and cute choice for a family with ties to the sea.

Nautical sailboat baby shower cake

11. Baby Rattle Cupcakes

For something a bit more casual, why not serve cupcakes instead of a big cake? You can do anything with cupcakes, such as decorate them with little rattles, booties, and bibs. These decorations make a simple yet cute baby shower cake.

Rattle baby shower cake

12. Giraffe Theme Baby Shower Cake

For something a bit over the top and fabulous, consider a giraffe theme for your baby shower and cake. You can make a tiered baby shower cake that either resembles the giraffe’s long neck or has a giraffe as a topper. Or, opt for another popular jungle animal—a lion, tiger, gorilla, or zebra. It’s easy to pair this cake with an entire jungle-themed baby shower.

Jungle giraffe baby shower cake

13. Swan Baby Shower Cake

Here’s something elegant to welcome a little girl—a beautiful swan cake. Pretty piped roses in hues of white, pink, and peach complete the look. And the swan itself is an iced cookie stuck upright as a baby shower cake topper!

swan baby shower cake

14. Stork Baby Shower Cake

What could be more perfect than a baby shower cake decorated with a stork bringing a new addition to the family? This could be a fun theme for a second baby shower and works well for boys, girls, or neutral cake ideas.

stork baby shower cake

15. Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cupcakes

A cute reminder of the bath times to come, you can top these cupcakes with tiny ducklings. You don’t even have to go crazy decorating with fondant or marzipan; just buy a bunch of mini rubber duckies, clean them thoroughly, and place them on the frosted cupcakes!

rubber ducky baby shower cake

16. Celestial Baby Shower Cake

Use puffy clouds and golden stars to decorate this simple baby shower cake. After all, what new mom doesn’t think of her little one as a bright star? This cake works especially well for a “A star is born” or a “Twinkle, twinkle little star” themed shower.

celestial baby shower cake

17. Baby Buggy Baby Shower Cake

For something really traditional, go with this tiered baby shower cake with a golden buggy topper. The topper doesn’t even have to be edible. You can find one at a craft store or choose another topper that complements your baby shower theme! If you haven’t decided on a theme, you can use our ultimate baby shower planning guide. We also love the edible gold and green floral arrangement on this baby shower cake! Edible flowers are a perfect addition.

baby buggy cake

18. Playful Kittens Baby Shower Cake

If the mom-to-be is a cat lover, she will adore this cute baby shower cake with three little kittens playing with balls of yarn! Is she has a cat of her own, you can even try to match its colouring. This baby shower cake idea also works for dog lovers or other types of pets.

playful kittens baby shower cake

19. Owl Baby Shower Cake

Opt for a tall, rounded cake and decorate it to look like a smart owl. Use a baby shower cake topper that says something like, “It’s a girl.” However, this cake can easily work for a boy or even a gender-neutral baby shower. For example, you could say “Hoot, hoot, baby’s coming!”

owl baby shower cake

20. Little Angel Baby Shower Cake

Every mom-to-be thinks of her baby as a little angel, which makes this angel cake all the more special. Top it with a large cookie decorated like an angel and star-shaped cookies to create a simple yet sweet baby shower cake.

little angel baby shower cake

21. Bumblebee Baby Shower Cake

Not only does this cake combine two trends (a naked cake and a drip cake), but it’s covered with cute fondant bumblebees. This is a great cake for a summer baby shower! You can even add something creative, like a cake topper that says, “What will it bee?” for a gender reveal baby shower.

bumblebee baby shower cake

22. Unicorn Baby Shower Cake

The unicorn theme never seems to get old! You don’t have to go over-the-top to create a unicorn cake. This baby shower cake’s topper takes the trend to an elegant level and works perfectly for boys, girls, or gender-neutral celebrations.

unicorn baby shower cake

23. Sunflower Baby Shower Cake

Sunflowers make the perfect cake decoration for a summer baby shower, and you can even use real sunflowers. We love the slice of wood as the base, too, which gives it a rustic look. The colour yellow is perfect for neutral baby shower cake ideas.

sunflower baby shower cake

24. Rocking Horse Baby Shower Cake

A cute little baby riding a rocking horse is the topper for this adorable baby shower cake! For toppers like these, you can use marzipan, which is easy to mould into any shape you like. This could be a great project for someone artistically inclined.

rocking horse baby shower cake

25. Highchair Baby Shower Cake

An adorable highchair with a little baby tops this cake. You can also decorate this type of baby shower cake with fun little animals, like hippos or elephants. You can find decorations like these made from marzipan at your local party supply store or from a cake designer. This may be convenient if you’re making the cake yourself, but you don’t have the skills or time to create animal figures.

highchair baby shower cake

26. Farm Animals Baby Shower Cake

Nothing says “newborn baby” like a cake covered in baby farm animals. This baby shower cake features a carousel topper as if the animals are on a merry-go-round to make it even more endearing.

farm animals baby shower cake

27. Elephant or Hippo Baby Shower Cake

Elephants and hippos are classic themes for baby showers and cake ideas. Use a cute gray elephant or hippo wearing a top hat as the focal point of the baby shower cake, and decorate it with blue, white, pink, yellow, gold, or green flowers. Depending on the colours used, you can easily adapt this cake design for boys, girls, or gender-neutral baby showers.

elephant baby shower cake

How to Make a Tiered and Fondant Baby Shower Cake

Although some of these baby shower cakes look quite challenging, even a novice can construct tiered or fondant designs.

Tiered Baby Shower Cakes

Tiered baby shower cakes are actually quite simple and easier than you may think. You just need a few different sizes of baking tins.

Tiered Layers

Simply buy two or three cake tins of varying diameters. Once the cakes are baked, place them on top of one another, covering them in frosting. If you only have one larger sized cake tin, you can try your hand at trimming the sides of the cake with a knife, creating smaller layers as you stack them. Frosting is your friend, as it can help hide any inconsistencies!

One Tall Layer

To make one tall layer, you simply bake the batter in two or three of the same sized cake tins and stack them. You can add frosting between each layer and cover the sides, so it appears to be one solid piece.

Fondant Baby Shower Cakes

Maybe you aren’t too worried about tiered cakes, but how to make a fondant baby shower cake is another story! Many of our favourites from above feature fondant, and although it looks intimidating, it’s surprisingly simple. The secret is the cake itself isn’t made with fondant—it’s just covered in fondant, which you can buy at the store.

How to Make a Fondant Baby Shower Cake:

  1. Bake your cake layers and let cool. Measure the diameter of each layer. Meanwhile, take your store-bought fondant and let it warm to room temperature.

  2. Cover the cake in buttercream frosting. If using tiers or layers, cover each in frosting and stack.

  3. Roll out your fondant with a rolling pin. Keep turning the fondant so it stays circular and roll until it’s only 1/4 to 3/8 inches thick. Make sure the diameter is large enough to fully cover your cake layers (use your measurements from above).

  4. Roll up the fondant with your rolling pin dusted in powdered sugar. You don’t want to use your fingers, as it might smudge the fondant. Adding powdered sugar keeps it from sticking to the pin.

  5. Roll the fondant on top of your cake layer and smooth. You can use a fondant tool or something from your kitchen with a smooth, flat side, like glass. Then smooth the sides (you can use your hands here) and use a knife to cut off any excess fondant.

  6. Done!

And, really, it’s that easy. To make colourful fondant, add food colouring and knead until evenly distributed. If you want to test your sculpture skills by moulding marzipan for cute baby shower cake toppers and decorations, you can do that, too. Or, support your local cake shop and buy figurines and decorations there.

The Bottom Line

Choosing from so many baby shower cake ideas can be really fun, and, as you can tell, the options are nearly limitless. Whether you opt to make a tiered, fondant, creative, or simple baby shower cake on your own, or decided to support a local bakery, the parents-to-be and guests will surely love it.

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