Unique and Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

One of the biggest moments in your pregnancy journey is learning whether your little one is a boy or a girl. You can plan to reveal the exciting news with a gender reveal party, or a stunning and creative photo, or even by getting the rest of the family involved. Once you’ve found out the gender of your baby, you can start thinking about names. Have a look through our Baby Name Generator for some inspiration! In the meantime, read on for some fun and original ideas to reveal the gender of your baby!

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

  • Lines in the sand. Announce the arrival of your little boy or girl by writing it in the sand. You can either take the simple route by scribbling “BOY” or “GIRL”, or write something cute, like “she’s on the way” or “he’s coming”. Take a picture of the word, making sure to also capture your belly and the stick in your opposite hand, and post it to your social media page.

  • Pop the balloon. Order an opaque balloon from a party store and ask the store employee to fill it with blue or pink confetti. Alternatively, if you want to keep it a surprise, hand over the envelope revealing the gender of your baby to the employee. When it comes to the big moment, have a loved one take a picture while you and your partner pop the balloon.

  • Say it with pumpkins. If you find out your baby’s gender in the fall, invite friends and family over to carve pumpkins. Carefully carve “It’s a Girl” or “Boy” into your pumpkin, either before your guests arrive or in a spot that's out of your guests' line of sight. When everyone is done carving, put a lit candle inside each pumpkin and place the pumpkins on your doorstep. Ask everyone to stand below your steps with their eyes closed, and then capture their expressions from the doorway when you tell them to open their eyes. Pose for a picture with your carved pumpkin and email it, along with an image of the priceless reactions you caught on camera, to loved ones who were not able to make the pumpkin party.

  • Gender reveal scavenger hunt. You can get your family and friends to be part of the experience by organizing a treasure hunt. Place some clues in an envelope, and send them out on a quest that will reveal the sex of the baby. This will take some planning, but you can have a lot of fun creating the treasure hunt, watching everyone running around looking for clues, and, of course, that big moment of revelation. You can really get creative with nursery rhymes, clues, hidden items, and more!

Cute Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

  • Pink or blue messages in balloons. Set up your camera timer to take a series of images, and sit down next to your partner, each of you holding a balloon — one blue, one pink. Both of you should put the balloon between your lips, and pretend to blow. However, only your partner should continue to blow up the blue balloon, while your pink balloon stays deflated, or vice versa. Order a photo strip showcasing the three images — balloons in mouth, both pretending to blow up your balloons, and the blue (or pink) balloon fully inflated. Throw the strips in the mail, and wait for the congratulations to pour in from loved ones.

  • Baby bodysuit. Select a blue bodysuit and a pink bodysuit of the same price at a baby store. Hand the sealed envelope containing a slip of paper revealing your baby’s gender to the cashier, and ask to have the bodysuit that corresponds with the correct gender secretly wrapped. Wait to open the wrapped present in front of family and friends during your gender reveal party.

  • Gender reveal jewelry. Ask your partner to learn the baby's gender from the ultrasound tech following the scan. With the gender in mind, your partner can then select a special piece of jewelry that will reveal it to you. During an intimate date, your partner can present you with the gift and photograph your reaction to share with family and friends on social media. You'll have great memories and a lasting keepsake.

  • A pink or blue gift box. Give the envelope revealing the baby’s gender to a trusted friend or relative, and ask him or her to present each guest with a small box of either pink or blue toys wrapped in neutral-coloured wrapping paper. With cameras ready and a camera rolling, instruct all your guests to open their boxes at the same time. By letting your guests do the reveal for you, all eyes will be on you and your partner’s reactions, which will surely be priceless.

  • Get the pets involved. Four-legged friends are part of the family, so perhaps you want your fur babies to help announce the gender of your baby. You can set up a cute shot with your pet posing beside a few gender-revealing clues, like a blue balloon or a pink jumpsuit, and maybe even draw up a little chalkboard sign making the announcement with your pet’s paws placed on it.

Revealing the Gender to the World With Siblings

  • A family photo with a twist. Get the family together, and have everyone pose to announce the exciting news. The twist: Add in a cute, little detail to hint at the gender, like a pink or blue flare or colourful balloons.

  • Have the older brother or sister reveal it with a T-shirt. Dress your older child or children in a T-shirt that says, “I’m getting a baby brother” or “I’m getting a baby sister.” Your little one can make the T-shirt or you can have one custom-made. Have him or her stroll into the party wearing the T-shirt, or take a few cute photos to announce the gender of the baby.

  • Little pink and blue hand prints. Make your own maternity T-shirt with the help of your kids. Have your child dip his or her hand into some pink or blue paint — corresponding to the gender of your baby — and then print the paint-covered hands on the T-shirt around your belly. Take a picture to show the world whether you’re expecting a little boy or a girl.

  • Say it with a volcano. With some play dough and food colouring, you can get your little ones involved in the gender reveal by making a volcano that will spew pink or blue “lava.” You can set up this creative gender reveal together in five steps:

  1. Mold the volcano out of the play dough.

  2. Find a plastic bottle or cup to put inside the volcano and form the dough around the bottle top.

  3. Fill the bottle or cup up with warm water, and add a few drops of pink or blue food colouring, making sure your little one doesn’t see the colours being added.

  4. Add a couple of drops of dish detergent and two tablespoons of baking soda. Mix the ingredients inside the bottle or cup.

  5. Once you’re ready to make the announcement, pour vinegar into the bottle, and the eruption will begin. As the “lava” starts to spew, your little one will see whether to expect a baby brother or sister.

  • Numbered pink and blue balloons. If you already have a child or children, you can announce the gender of your baby to family and friends with a cute photo. Line up the older brothers and sisters by age, and give each one a balloon with a number corresponding to birth order — a number one for the firstborn — and a colour for their gender. Then, have an extra balloon, perhaps tied to a chair with a baby jumpsuit on it, with the number of the baby you're expecting and the colour. Snap a photo and send it to your friends and family!

Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

  • Vote for boy or vote for girl. As the party guests arrive, tell each guest to vote on a decorative chalkboard by marking an “X” in the girl or boy column (your host will keep a list of who voted for each gender). When the time comes, open the sealed envelope with your partner, and announce your baby’s gender. Any guests who selected the correct gender will win a gift.

  • Gender reveal with a baby shower twist. Combine your gender reveal party with your baby shower by planning a gender-specific theme or playing gender reveal games. Present the sealed envelope from the ultrasound technician to the party host, and allow your host to secretly plan the theme and party elements. On the day of your party, ensure that there are cameras in place to capture you and your partner as you walk through the door and react to the exciting news.

  • The gender-revealing piñata. Ask the party host to order a piñata that looks gender neutral from the outside but is filled with blue or pink candies and toys. At your gender reveal party, let all your friends and family take a turn whacking the piñata before you and your partner give it the final swing. Once the goodies come pouring out, grab a handful and toss them over your head — it’ll make for an adorable photo.

Creative Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender

Thinking of creative ways to reveal your baby’s gender? Watch our video, or read on for even more inspiration.

  • Cutting the cake. With a sealed envelope in hand revealing your baby’s gender, order a cake from the best bakery in town, and instruct the baker to open the sealed envelope upon your exit. Ask the baker to colour the spongy cake layer to correspond with the baby’s gender — blue for boy, pink for girl — and cover it with frosting in a neutral colour. Cut the cake in front of your family and friends, but only after shouting out your predictions for the last time.

  • Balloons into the sunset. Ask the party host to order one dozen appropriately coloured balloons from a party supply store, and stuff them in a large, cardboard box. Place the box outside your home, and open it with your partner in the light of the sunset, with all your guests watching. Point as the pink or blue balloons float away into the sky — and be sure to get a great photo!

  • Blowing blue or pink bubbles. Purchase bottles of blowing bubbles, and ask a friend or family member to secretly add food colouring (pink or blue) to the solution. At your reveal celebration, you and your partner can reveal the big news to the family by blowing bubbles at each other.

  • Glittering news. Have your partner take a picture of you blowing blue or pink glitter from your hands. Alter the image so that everything appears in black and white, except for the glitter. Make dozens of copies, and mail them to your family members and friends.

Still don’t know whether you’re having a boy or a girl, or want to see if there is any truth to the old wives’ tales? Take our “Guess Your Baby’s Gender Quiz” for fun, and see whether we’ve guessed correctly! Looking for more ideas for gender reveal parties? You can explore some exciting gender-reveal ideas for girls and gender-reveal ideas for boys to make your celebration more special.

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