52 Top Baby Shower Ideas for The Best Party Ever

If you're planning a celebration for the arrival of a little one, our list brimming with unique baby shower ideas is sure to inspire. Whether you're searching for adorable baby boy shower ideas, charming baby shower ideas for girls, or creative unisex themes, we've got you covered. From innovative baby shower decor ideas that will transform any space into a magical setting, to engaging baby shower party ideas that will ensure everyone has a memorable time, our article is your ultimate guide to planning the perfect baby shower. Get ready to discover the best baby shower ideas that will make your event truly unforgettable.

Cute Baby Shower Ideas

There's nothing cuter than a baby, of course. So, take your party to the next level and ramp up the cuteness factor with these delightful baby shower ideas.

1. Kid-Friendly Baby Shower

What’s cuter than having the new baby’s siblings there to celebrate? Make it a family event with kid-friendly food, games, and décor. Children also love balloons, so you could consider incorporating balloon animals into your baby shower decor ideas and activities.

2. Stuffed Toy Centrepieces

A cute baby shower idea is to have stuffed animals or plush toys arranged in an adorable display or to use them as centrepieces. This could also be incorporated into an animal or jungle theme and of course, the stuffed toys make great gifts for the new arrival.

3. Roll Back the Years

Relive childhood nostalgia by having a cute baby shower full of outfits, snacks, and game ideas. Dress up as favourite characters from back in the day, stock up on retro candy and snacks, and simply let out your inner children!

4. Cute Baby Decorations

Use baby bottles filled with fresh flowers and have a baby clothesline with tiny outfits for your baby shower decor ideas. And, of course, no baby shower is complete without a diaper cake centrepiece.

5. Write Your Own Nursery Rhymes

This baby shower idea is super fun and will surely get everyone laughing. Supply all the guests with pens and paper and let the creative juices flow.

Once they’ve written their own nursery rhyme, each guest can read it aloud. And the parents-to-be can keep the finished products to read to their little one in the future (the ones that contain appropriate material, of course).

Use our handy Baby Shower Planning Checklist to help you get organized for the special day:

Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas

These baby shower ideas are perfect for those fresh spring afternoons or long summer days when being outdoors is all we want to do. And if the parents-to-be love nature and adventure, these cool baby shower ideas will surely be winners.

6. Nature-Lovers Baby Shower

If the parents-to-be are nature lovers, incorporate this into your theme. Take your baby shower ideas outdoors (even if it’s just in your backyard) and go “camping.” Set up tents for shade, and use mini burners to make s’mores, hot dogs, and other camping food. But don’t forget some comfortable seating, such as large beanbags or cushions.

7. Host a Tea Party

You can create a charming English garden party with floral decorations and a tea-party atmosphere. Go with delicate sandwiches and buttery scones for your baby shower snack ideas, sip tea from pretty teacups, and remind everyone to wear their finest tea party dress or outfit.

8. Beach Baby Bump

Bring the baby bump down to the beach (or lakeside) for your baby shower party—which could also be a cool and cheap idea if you’re on a budget. Smear on some sunscreen, dip your toes in the water, and lounge on large inflatables or beach chairs with a cold mocktail. Or why not consider having a beach cleanup party for some eco-friendly fun? Grab some litter pickers and bags—and don’t forget plenty of tasty snacks for all the hard workers afterward!

9. Go for a Picnic

Here’s another great idea for celebrating a baby shower outdoors and on a budget. All you need are some picnic blankets (or find an area with picnic benches) and baskets filled with simple, tasty snacks, such as sandwiches, fruit, and refreshing drinks.

10. Have a Baby-Cue

It’s hard to beat some grilled food! So, whip out the barbecue and have a simple and fun baby shower with this idea. It’s also great if you’re planning a co-ed party.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Think outside the box with these unique and fun baby shower ideas that are sure to create lasting memories.

11. Time Capsule Activity

This unique baby shower idea involves guests contributing items for the baby to open in the future. Everyone can place their special item in the time capsule, and the guest of honour can bury it in their chosen spot.

12. Baby Shower in a Box

If the parents-to-be live far away or you can’t get together to celebrate the baby shower in person, consider sending a specially curated baby shower in a box. Fill it full of thoughtful and fun gifts and send it in the mail.

13. Book of Wisdom

If you’re a parent, you and your fellow guests with children can impart some of your knowledge and tips by including these in a special book (or box) of wisdom. Each person can write a helpful note or some fun guidance in the book or add an essential item or note to the box.

14. Games Tournament

Have a fun day of baby shower games! This is especially good for sporty parents or co-ed parties. Set up an array of games (baby-themed or not) in your backyard or local park, create teams, and play for baby shower prizes. Some baby shower game ideas to include are diaper change relay race, hang the diaper, pin the poop, and potty pennies.

15. Bring Your Favourite Children’s Book

Build the new arrival’s book collection by asking each guest to bring their favourite book from childhood as a gift.


Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

If the sex of the little one hasn’t been revealed, or you simply want to steer clear of the traditional baby girl or baby boy shower themes, take a look at these gender-neutral baby shower ideas.

16. Co-Ed Baby Shower

Who said baby showers have to be strictly for moms? If you like to mix things up a bit, invite the dads too. It’s a cool baby shower idea for couples, and you can keep it laid-back with a casual dress code.

17. Gender-Neutral Colour Palette

Choose a gender-neutral colour palette using pastels or earth tones for your baby shower decor and favour ideas.

18. Rainbow Baby Theme

The rainbow theme takes the gender-neutral colour palette mentioned above and ups the vibrancy! Use bright rainbow colours as a decor idea for the baby shower and serve brightly coloured snacks. It’ll certainly express that this is a celebration!

19. Baby Naming Party

Combine the baby shower with a baby naming party —but there’s a twist! Guests can only pick gender-neutral baby names. Have guests choose and present their favourite first and middle name contenders to the group. Will the parents-to-be use any of your options?! Remember, it’s all for fun!

You can use our list of gender-neutral baby names for some inspiration.

20. Welcome to the World

Simply celebrate the arrival of a new baby into the world by having a “Welcome to the World” theme with globes, maps, and travel-inspired decorations. It’s a cool, gender-neutral baby shower idea, as well as a fun idea if the parents-to-be love travelling and exploring.


Baby Shower
Baby Shower Checklist

Creative Baby Shower Ideas

If the parents-to-be are creative types, you might enjoy incorporating some DIY or craft ideas into your baby shower activities. From mocktails to baby outfits, here are some fun and creative baby shower ideas.

21. DIY Craft Station

Unleash your creative sides with an arts and crafts baby shower. Have a DIY craft station where guests can create personalized baby items. Use non-toxic fabric paints and plain white baby clothes or try tie-dying items.

22. Mocktail Making Class

If you’ve heard of cocktail making, this is the same, but without the alcohol—so it’s perfect for the parents-to-be. You can hire someone to come in and teach the mocktail class or buy the ingredients yourself and find some recipes online. You get all the fun yet still feel great the next morning!

23. Create a Baby Quilt

This creative baby shower idea can be created beforehand by the guests and gifted during the shower, or it can be a party activity for quilting enthusiasts. Each guest can decorate their own square of fabric, and then you can all assemble it together (or with the help of an expert). It’ll be a wonderful keepsake for the new baby.

24. Photo Frames and Baby Pictures

Before the baby shower, provide each guest with a plain photo frame. Ask them to decorate and personalize it and then add an old baby photo of themselves inside the frame. Collect the framed photos from the guests and use them as a cute decor idea for the baby shower.

You can also create a fun game of Guess Who? using the baby photos. And, of course, the frames can be given as keepsakes for the new baby after the shower.

Twin Baby Shower Ideas

Are the parents-to-be expecting double the fun? If so, you might enjoy these twin baby shower ideas that will work well for both boys and girls.

25. Two Peas in a Pod

“Two Peas in a Pod” is a super cute baby shower theme idea for twins. Decorate with green baby shower decor and matching pea-inspired snack ideas.

26. Double the Fun

You can really run with this fun baby shower idea for twins. “Double the Fun” theme means doubling everything: double the drinks, double the games, double the cakes, etc.

27. Two by Two

Just like the animals on Noah’s Ark, these babies are coming “two by two.” You can incorporate this twin baby shower idea by having an animal-themed shower with pairs of stuffed animals and animal-shaped snacks.

28. Twince and Twincess

This is a play on the Prince and Princess theme. And it’s a baby shower idea that works for twin girls (Twincesses), twin boys (Twinces), or a boy and a girl combo (Twince and Twincess). You can give the baby shower a regal touch and even ask people to dress in royal costumes. And take it further with a royal banquet, serving more than just your average baby shower snacks.

29. Taco Twosday

Celebrate twins with this fun (and tasty) baby shower snack idea! It works better on a Tuesday, but don’t let that stop you from hosting this taco party on any day that suits you. The guests won’t mind if it’s not Tuesday once they get a mouthful of tacos.

Work or Office Baby Shower Ideas

Is your work colleague expecting a baby? Do you want to surprise them with an office baby shower? If so, we’ve got some great baby shower ideas to help you celebrate in your office or workplace.

30. “Baby Advice” Board

Create a “baby advice” board where coworkers can leave notes or tips for the parents-to-be. These can be heartfelt, helpful, or funny.

31. Decorate the Office

Depending on what your office allows, make the parent-to-be feel special by decorating their office or their desk as a baby shower surprise. You can also bring a cake and some gifts to give them during your lunch break and have a mini office party.

32. Have a Diaper Raffle

Organize a diaper raffle with your colleagues as a fun and simple baby shower idea for the office. Everyone brings in a pack of diapers in exchange for a raffle ticket, and you can provide the winners with small prizes (or office supplies). It’s a great way to help the parent-to-be stock up on diapers for their new arrival and takes out the guesswork when buying gifts.

For some more ways to collect much-needed diapers for new parents, consider starting a Pampers Diaper Stash. Family and friends can donate to the Diaper Stash fund, and the parents can order Pampers diapers at any time and in any size they need.

33. Throw a Pizza Party

What breaks up the workday and puts people in good spirits more than a big slice of pizza? Order some pies to be delivered to the office for lunchtime and celebrate the expectant parent with this crowd-pleasing baby shower idea.

Baby Shower Ideas for Home Events

Having a baby shower at home or in the expectant parent’s home can be convenient and helpful if you’re on a budget. Plus, it allows for a cozy and intimate setting among loved ones. Here are some baby shower ideas to use at home.

34. Host a Brunch Shower

Host a cozy brunch with close friends and family for a simple baby shower idea at home (or in the home of the parent-to-be). Brunch is a relaxed meal between breakfast and lunch and allows for simple and tasty baby shower food ideas, such as baked goods, sandwiches, egg dishes, waffles, pancakes, etc.

35. DIY Photo Booth

Set up a DIY photo booth area in your home with fun baby props and an instant camera.

36. Spa Shower Day

Organize a spa day in your home and give the parents-to-be (and maybe the other guests, too) a pampering session with massages, facials, or manicures. This is a wonderful baby shower idea to really treat the expectant parent(s) and help them relax before the little one arrives. They’ll definitely thank you for it!

37. Movie Night

Kick back, relax, and have a movie night with baby-themed movies! Let your baby shower snack ideas carry out the theme—serve popcorn, soda (or mocktails), and your favourite candy.

Simple Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers don’t have to be big and expensive—sometimes, the smaller and simpler the ideas, the better! Here are some of the best ideas to adopt if you want to throw a simple baby shower.

39. Potluck Party

This simple and cheap idea saves you some time and money when organizing baby shower snacks and food. A potluck involves the guests bringing along their own dish to share with everyone. You can ask guests to follow a theme or simply make their favourite recipe.

40. A Baby Sprinkle

Would the expectant parents prefer a low-key and small event with simple baby shower ideas rather than a large baby shower? Or perhaps this is their second, third, or fourth child, and they’ve had their fill of baby showers. If so, keep your baby shower ideas simple, casual, and small with a baby “sprinkle” rather than a “shower.”

41. Buffet Baby Shower

If the baby shower has a pretty large guest list, take the hassle out of cooking or preparing food by having a buffet. Reserve a room in a restaurant or hire a catering service to provide a delicious spread for you and the guests.

42. Minimalist Baby Shower

Keep the baby shower simple by using a minimalist theme and decor ideas. Use clean lines, neutral colours, and simple décor.

43. Ready to Pop!

This fun and simple baby shower idea plays up the fact that the parent-to-be is going to give birth soon—nearly ready to pop! Soda pop, popcorn, popping candy, crispy rice treats, cake pops—these are all fun snack ideas for the baby shower! Or go for a pop music theme baby shower with all your favourite tunes, 90s dance moves, and pop star outfits.

Cool Baby Shower Ideas

From ice cream to a girls’ night out, these cool baby shower ideas will have your guests talking for weeks after—in a good way!

44. Girls’ Night Out

Ditch the traditional baby shower ideas and simply go to a chic cocktail bar (or set up your kitchen to look like a modern and chic bar) and sip on mocktails with the ladies! Book a cozy table in the corner, listen to some music, and spend quality time with friends before the big arrival.

45. Coffee Shop Shower

This cool baby shower idea is perfect for coffee lovers! Set up your own coffee stand in your home or backyard and serve delicious coffees, affogato, and baked goods—and don’t forget to provide decaffeinated coffee if the parent-to-be is cutting back on caffeine.

46. Repurposed Decor

Do you have old jars and bottles lying around unused? If so, give them a new lease on life and work them into your baby shower decor ideas or centrepieces for a look that’s trending. Put candles or fresh/dried flowers and greenery in the jars and bottles and place them around your baby shower location. It’ll give a classy, simple, and eco-friendly vibe!

47. Seasonal Centrepieces

Depending on when the baby shower will take place, you could pick a seasonal theme for the centrepiece and decor ideas. Some fall baby shower ideas include autumnal colours, dried fall leaves, and pumpkins. In contrast, winter baby shower ideas might include festive colours with holly and mistletoe or mini pine trees festively decorated. If the baby shower is in the summer, you could create a centrepiece using brightly coloured summer fruit such as peaches, strawberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon. For spring, go for sprigs of beautiful flowers and hang umbrellas for those spring “baby” showers.

48. Ice Cream Baby Shower

Does the parent-to-be have a sweet tooth? If so, this extra cool baby shower idea is sure to be a winner! Create an ice cream bar by serving up various flavours and laying out yummy toppings to choose from.

More Baby Shower Ideas

If you loved those cool, cute, creative, outdoor, and neutral baby shower ideas for baby girls and boys, here are a few more:

49. Boho Baby Shower

If you’re looking for boho baby shower ideas, you could opt for a bohemian dress code for the guests. Ask the guests to wear long, floaty, and flowery outfits and flower headbands.

50. Baby Shower Bake Off

Add an element of lighthearted competition to the baby shower with this creative and yummy idea. Notify the guests beforehand that you’d like them to bake their own cake or cupcakes and bring them to the party. All skill levels are welcome! Just for fun, you could score the cakes based on categories such as creativeness, texture, flavour, etc. Check out these baby shower cake ideas to help inspire you when baking your own cake or cupcakes.

51. Gender Reveal Shower

If the expectant parents want to have a gender reveal party, why not ask if they'd like to combine it with the baby shower? You can use some of these fun gender reveal ideas and these gender reveal game ideas during your party.

52. Karaoke Baby Shower

Does the parent-to-be love to belt out the classics? Then the best baby shower idea could be to go to a karaoke bar or set up a station in your home—karaoke is always trending!


Whether you’re looking for cute, cool, creative, unique, or neutral baby shower ideas, we have 52 great ideas on our list. From picnic parties in the garden to karaoke with the girls, there’s something for everyone!

The Bottom Line

Celebrating the parents-to-be and their new arrival with a party can be as fun and creative as you want. We hope that you found some inspiration with our array of baby shower ideas that work well for baby boys and girls and can be used whether you’re hosting a party at home, outdoors, or at work.

If you need a bit more guidance, check out our article on how to plan a baby shower and use our guide on baby shower etiquette for some more tips.

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