49 Entertaining Gender Reveal Game Ideas for a Fun Party

Is it time for a baby gender reveal party and you’re searching for game ideas? There are plenty of options out there, so narrowing down the most fun gender reveal games for your family and guests isn’t always an easy task. To help you out, our article features 49 games to play at gender reveals, including easy options, homemade ideas, and even some that work as virtual games if your guests are logging in from afar. Whether you’re the parent and/or the host, keep reading for some fun inspiration and easy-to-read instructions.

Fun Gender Reveal Game Ideas and Activities

So, how do you make a gender reveal party fun? By planning some funny activities and fun games for the guests to play! Start by checking out some unique and creative gender reveal ideas that work well at a party. Then forge ahead to pick some of the following games, which are designed to keep guests occupied and having fun at the party without revealing the baby’s gender just yet!

1. How big is the baby bump? Have guests make guesses about the parent-to-be’s belly circumference (after first getting permission from the guest of honour, of course). You could hand out some measuring tapes, put together a basket of various lengths of ribbon, or provide a spool of twine that guests could then cut to the length equal to the circumference they think the belly measures.

2. The price is right. Gender reveal guessing games are always a hit, so give out printed lists of common baby gear products and have your guests guess how much each of them costs. This works well as a virtual gender reveal game, too.

3. Baby bingo. Everyone loves bingo, so why not a baby-themed version of the game?

4. Baby emoji word game. Create a fun baby gender reveal game loosely based on the classic crowd-pleaser Pictionary. Print out cards with lines of emojis and ask guests to guess what they mean. Make it virtual by using a free online game platform for this gender reveal idea.

5. Advice for the parent-to-be. Pass out note cards on which guests can write one piece of “new parent” advice for the guest of honour to read aloud. To make this game a little more fun, do one round with sentimental advice and one with funny advice. If you’re throwing a virtual gender reveal party, this is a great game option, as it’s totally free and can be held online.

6. Guess the baby’s birthday. Have guests guess when the baby will arrive by selecting dates on a calendar. However, the winner won’t know they won until the baby is born!

7. Guess the “pink” or “blue” song title. Hand out lists of song lyrics without titles, asking guests to fill in the names of the songs. Choose songs that contain the words pink or blue in their titles.

8. Candy count. Fill jars with either pink or blue jellybeans or candy-coated chocolates and asks guests to guess the amount. Of course, you’ll have to know about how many candies are in the jars.

9. Baby name A-Z. Ask guests to come up with baby names beginning with each and every letter of the alphabet! To make it even harder, you could break the guests up into teams and have one team come up with boys’ names and the other girls’ names.

10. Name that “baby” song. Here's another fun gender reveal guessing game. In this one, guests will be looking for song titles that contain the word baby.


Easy Gender Reveal Game Ideas and Activities

If you’re looking for simple, cute, and easy ideas for games to play at a gender reveal that don’t take too much time to prepare for or assemble, these options might do the trick:

11. Baby name suggestions. Maybe the parents-to-be haven’t yet decided on a name. Have party guests fill out pieces of paper with names, which they can add to a big bowl from which the parents can draw names.

12. Who knows the parent(s) best? Another hit for family and guests alike, gender reveal quiz games are a lot of fun and super easy. Create a multiple-choice quiz with questions about the parent(s). Guests can take the quiz and the one who knows the guest of honour best earns a prize.

13. Celebrity baby name match. Print out cards with two lists of names: celebrities on the left side and their babies’ names on the right side, and have guests match them by drawing lines.

14. Baby phrase word game. Create a baby-themed story template with important words in the story omitted, in the style of the Mad Libs books. Ask guests to fill in the missing words. It will surely have everyone entertained and laughing once each guest reads theirs out loud.

15. Complete the nursery rhyme or lullaby. Print out cards with various nursery rhymes and lullabies with certain words or phrases missing and have guests complete them.

16. Baby predictions. Have guests play a gender reveal game where they predict everything about the baby, like the birth weight, their eye colour, hair colour, etc.

17. Baby word scramble. Create a word scramble and print it out on cards.

18. Baby ABC game. Ask party guests to write down baby-related words for every letter of the alphabet. This is also an option for a virtual game.

19. Old wives’ tales. For this gender reveal game idea, hand out a checklist of old wives’ tales and have guests predict whether the baby could be a boy or a girl based on the tales.

20. Baby ABC game. Have guests try and name a baby product that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

21. Scratch and reveal. Create a lottery scratch-off for a game that will eventually reveal the gender of the baby. Ensure that everyone starts scratching at the same time to make it a race to the reveal.

22. Baby face game. Not only easy, but this gender reveal game idea is also very fun and will get everyone laughing! You’ll want to take a photo of each parent’s face and cut the two photos into pieces, separating the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and forehead. Ask guests reassemble them in an effort to predict what the baby will look like, with features from one or both parents.

Homemade Gender Reveal Game Ideas and Activities

All the following gender reveal games have a homemade or DIY aspect to them and get the party guests involved in a creative capacity. A little arts and crafts never hurt anyone!

23. Baby's first alphabet. Hand out sheets of paper and various pens and markers, asking guests to design and decorate the letters of the alphabet. Gather the alphabet pages and, later on, have them bound to create a book for the baby.

24. DIY ABC blocks. Purchase a set of plain wooden blocks and ask guests to decorate them with the letters of the alphabet or animal faces. These will make a great toy for the baby once they're old enough.

25. Cupcake-decorating contest. Bake the cupcakes before guests arrive, and have a table set up with all the cupcake-decorating tools needed, like piping bags filled with pink and blue frosting, metal spatulas, etc. Each guest can choose the colour they prefer and create the best-looking cupcakes they can.

26. Bib-decorating battle. Buy some plain bibs and decorating supplies. Offer nontoxic craft paints and painting supplies for the decoration. In the end, you’ll have amassed a stack of bibs to use for the baby.

27. Art scene splatter art. Fill opaque water guns with different colours of nontoxic acrylic paint, with the majority of paint being either pink or blue, depending on the gender reveal. Have a blank canvas or a large, thick cloth mounted to the wall, and on the count of three2, have guests run up to the canvas and aim. In a short amount of time, the baby’s gender will be revealed and you’ll have one great piece of art too!

28. Baby sculpture competition. Hand guests a ball of pink or blue play dough or modeling clay dyed pink or blue and ask them to sculpt a small baby shape out of the clay. Whoever designs the best-looking baby wins a prize.


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Interactive Gender Reveal Game Ideas and Activities for Guests

If the above DIY gender reveal games weren’t interactive enough, here are some more party games for family and guests to keep them entertained and off—or on—their feet! These icebreaker gender reveal games are also great for helping guests mingle and become acquainted with one another.

29. Punch pong. Instead of the classic drinking game of beer pong, for a gender reveal party game replace the beer with punch, dyeing it either pink or blue.

30. Baby cornhole. If you’re looking for gender reveal games to play outside at a barbecue, this one should fit the bill. Create a game of cornhole, except in this version the bean bags you toss are either pink or blue.

31. Pin the pacifier on the baby. Instead of “pin the tail on the donkey,” have a poster of a baby on the wall (or ask an artist friend to draw one), and have guests try and pin a pacifier on the baby’s mouth while blindfolded.

32. Baby charades. What could be more fun and interactive than charades? In this “baby” version, you’ll want guests to act out baby activities, like feeding, diapering, bathing, etc. Make the charade prompts as detailed as you’d like to set the difficulty level even higher and make it more fun.

33. Pop the belly. For this gender reveal game, like carnival dart games, you’d create a homemade dart game—except these balloons represent the parent-to-be’s belly and not the clown’s face. Fill balloons with various colours of confetti, blow them up, tie them off, and pin them in rows on a bulletin board. Then have guests throw darts at the balloons. To turn this fun game into a gender reveal, fill one of the balloons with either pink or blue confetti.

34. Piñata gender reveal. Just as you would for the classic birthday party game, have guests take turns smacking the piñata until it cracks. To make it a gender reveal, fill the piñata with either pink or blue candy and confetti and enjoy the game!

35. Scavenger hunt. This type of game has become super popular for many occasions. Why not create your own scavenger hunt for a gender reveal party game? It will work perfectly outside if you’re planning on having a picnic party. As guests receive each clue, they’ll get closer and closer to revealing the gender.

36. Baby food flavour-guessing game. Here, blindfolded guests must guess the flavour of the store-bought baby food they taste. To make it even more fun, have other guests feed them the food, and make sure the blindfolded tasters are wearing bibs!

37. Pregnancy cravings bar. Fill jars with foods that the parent-to-be is craving during their pregnancy. Then, for a fun gender reveal guessing game, have guests taste the foods and make guesses as to the gender of the baby based on the food choices. This kind of gender reveal game plays into some old wives’ tales about specific cravings for specific genders.

38. Movie titles. Hand out clues and famous phrases taken from popular movies and ask that guests try to guess the name of the movie. To make the game easier and relevant, select movies whose titles contain the words pink, blue, or baby. You could easily adapt this to a virtual party, too.

39. Baby game show. Design a game based on your favorite game show. Have guests play the game, offering clues that will eventually lead to the gender reveal.

40. Plastic string battle. Provide all guests with cans of plastic string in different colours, with one can containing either pink or blue. Make sure the labels have been removed or covered with dark tape to hide the colour. On the count of three have everyone commence the battle and the baby’s gender will be revealed!

41. Pajama party pillow fight. For this game you’ll want to provide each guest with a pillowcase filled with white feathers, but in one of the pillows you’ll have pale pink or blue feathers. Then, soon after the pillow fight begins everyone will know the gender of the new baby! To take the theme of this party one step further, you might like to encourage guests to come in their pajamas. Food options could include crowd-pleasing brunch items like mini versions of pancakes, muffins, omelets, etc.

42. Balloon reveal race. In this game, balloons filled with white confetti are scattered throughout the party venue. One balloon will be filled with either pink or blue confetti. At a certain point during the party, start the game, having everyone rush to pop all the balloons until the baby’s gender is revealed.

Gender Reveal Game Ideas for the Parents

The following games are specifically designed for parents to play while the guests watch for the gender reveal. If you're the lucky parents, make sure to designate someone to record the reveal so you have that for your memories.

43. Digging for pacifiers. This game can be played by all the guests or by only the parents—and it gets even more exciting if you, the parents-to-be, don’t yet know the gender of your baby. Fill two buckets with neutral-coloured pacifiers and have someone hide a pink or blue pacifier in each. Then you race to dig and find the pink or blue pacifier to reveal the baby’s gender.

44. Baby bottle chug. Have two opaque baby bottles filled with either pink or blue sports drinks. Then at a certain point in the party, you’ll quickly drink and reveal the colour of your tongues to discover the gender of their baby.

45. Gender reveal tic tac toe. For this gender reveal, someone needs to create an oversized tic tac toe game “board” to hang on the wall for everyone to see. You can use large paper plates or round cardboard cutouts. The back of each round will either say “boy” or “girl.” Attach the plates or cutouts in a line on the board so that there is one clear winner. Then when everyone is ready for the reveal, you can flip each round to display the gender.

Gender Reveal Party Guessing Games

The following games include everyone in the fun as they must guess the baby’s gender and choose sides, making the reveal that much more suspenseful.

46. Don't say “boy” or “girl.” This is a gender reveal spin on the baby shower game “Don’t say baby,” where each guest tries hard not to say the words boy or girl. Each guest must wear a sticker or pin, and if they’re caught saying either the words boy or girl, the accuser gets to take their sticker. Whomever has the most stickers by the end is the winner!

47. Mardi Gras beads. As guests enter the gender reveal party, this game idea requires you to ask each to wear Mardi Gras beads to identify which gender they think/hope the baby is (either pink or blue). By the end of the party, those guests who guessed correctly win prizes.

48. Blue or pink pinup. For this guess-the-gender game, pin up a photo of the baby’s sonogram on a bulletin board, and ask guests to guess the baby’s gender. Have pink and blue pushpins or thumbtacks available, and each guest can vote. You might like to jazz up the game even more by gluing pink pompoms onto some thumbtacks and little blue bowties onto others.

49. Team pink or blue. As guests arrive, ask them to vote on the gender by choosing whether they’re on team pink or blue. Alternatively, hand them a bow in their chosen gendered colour. They will wear the bow for the entirety of the party, which can come in handy if you need to split the guests up into teams for some other games. At the end of the party, once the gender is revealed, those guests who chose the correct colour receive a party favor.


Our list has 49 gender reveal game ideas to play at your party, whether for friends, family, the parents-to-be, and/or other guests. These range from easy, homemade baby gender reveal games to fun and more interactive ones, like a scavenger hunt, tic-tac-toe, or guessing challenges.

The Bottom Line

We hope these gender reveal game ideas have given you some inspiration for planning a gender reveal party! In the meantime, check out our comprehensive list of baby registry article and ideas for games to play at a baby shower if you need more planning assistance!

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