Top Baby Names for Girls to Inspire You

Looking for potential names for your daughter? Start with our comprehensive list of the most popular baby girl names.

Whether it's for your first daughter, or you already have a houseful of girls, choosing a beautiful baby name can be a tough decision, but it doesn't have to be stressful.

When making your decision, you probably remember those cute girl names you have always had in mind, or perhaps you and your partner will give her a family name to honor someone close to you. When naming your daughter after a family member, you may want to read more about some things to consider.

Baby Girl Names for 2019

And then there are those classic, pretty names that you hope will reflect your sweet little girl's personality. Our guide includes these and other popular names of the moment, including some eagerly anticipated names for 2019.

Take some time to browse our list for inspiration; there are so many cool names out there that you may have trouble choosing just one. You can also browse our guide to international names that may be just what you're looking for.

Below are the most popular girl names of the past few years, including some hot choices for baby girl names in 2018, according to Pampers. Click on any name to learn more about its history and meaning:

  • Abigail. Meaning “my father is joyful” in Hebrew, Abigail refers to the beautiful and wise wife of David in the Old Testament. Gail and Abby make sweet nicknames, and many parents are enamored of this elegant, vintage-sounding name.

  • Addison. This English name comes from the surname meaning “son of Adam.” Similar-sounding, yet still distinct from the name Madison, Addison has found popularity in recent years. Try Addie for a charming nickname.

  • Amelia. Given its Germanic origins meaning “work,” this name incites heroism and tenacity. Aviator Amelia Earhart is perhaps its most famous namesake.

  • Aubrey. Aubrey is an interesting alternative to Audrey. It was a common male name in the middle ages, but since the late 20th century, it's been an interesting choice for little girls.

  • Ava. This charming name is a derivative of the Hebrew name Eve, which means “to breathe” or “to live.” It has its roots in the biblical story of Adam and Eve, but also has connections to the old Hollywood actress Ava Gardner.

  • Avery. This modern name originates from the surname Alfred that was popular during the Middle Ages. Consider this name as an alternative to Ava.

  • Charlotte. From the Germanic and Old English meaning “strong,” Charlotte is a contender for one of the most popular names of the last decade. Author Charlotte Brontë is a notable namesake, as is little Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, second child of Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Chloe. Symbolizing new growth and springtime, Chloe's Greek origins mean “young green shoot.” With this name, you can play with spellings including Khloe, Chlöe, and Cloey.

  • Elizabeth. This regal name was borne by saint Elizabeth of Hungary, as well as Queen Elizabeth the first and second of England. Elizabeth's nicknames abound with Liz, Beth, Betty, and more as shorter options.

  • Ella. Ella is related to the names Eleanor and Ellen, which are popular in Scandinavian countries. It recalls the jazzy coolness of singer Ella Fitzgerald, and it's a celebrity baby name favourite.

  • Emily. This timeless name owes some of its popularity to British author Emily Brontë, as well as American poet Emily Dickinson. Although Emma may be a more popular modern alternative, Emily is still high on many lists of popular baby names.

  • Emma. Perhaps best known as Jane Austen's character, or perhaps Ross and Rachel's baby on “Friends,” Emma has enjoyed widespread popularity in recent years. This name has German origins meaning “universal,” and there are a variety of notable celebrity namesakes, including actresses Emma Stone and Emma Watson.

  • Evelyn. Similar to Eva and Ava, Evelyn is a name with French origins, meaning “wished for child.” The sweet nickname Evie is a lovely diminutive for this distinguished name.

  • Grace. This English name conveys virtue and goodness, and was made popular by the Puritans in the sixteenth century. Could there be a more elegant namesake than Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco? We think not!

  • Harper. Previously a surname, the name Harper has experienced greater popularity in the last half century since author Harper Lee published “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Now a celebrity favourite, the name Harper may be most commonly associated with footballer David Beckham's daughter.

  • Isabella. The exotic Isabella is the Italian and Spanish variation of the English name Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God.” Historically, it has been the name of queens and royals from England, France, and Portugal, and the nickname Bella is a charming addition.

  • Lily. Evoking beauty and growth, the name lily comes from the English name for the flower. Popular in the UK, alternatives include Lillian and Lilliana.

  • Madison. This trendy name has enjoyed widespread popularity in recent years. It may seem common, but the nicknames Maddy or Maddie are downright irresistible.

  • Mia. With both Italian and Scandinavian origins, the name Mia is often used as a nickname for Maria. In Italian, the name means “mine,” which could be the perfect moniker for your little girl.

  • Olivia. Meaning “olive tree” in Latin, the name Olivia was first popularized by Shakespeare's “Twelfth Night.” Olive, Liv, and Livia are delightful nicknames for this English classic.

  • Scarlett. An English name meaning red, this name has been made famous by two Scarletts: Scarlett O'Hara from “Gone with the Wind” and actress Scarlett Johansson. For a vintage classic, you can't do better than Scarlett.

  • Sofia. In Greek, the name Sofia, or Sophia, means “wisdom.” The name enjoys worldwide popularity from Italy and Spain and throughout Eastern Europe. Try Sophie for a charming nickname.

  • Sophia. Meaning “wisdom” in Greek, this name is popular throughout Europe, and has a variety of spellings including Sofia, Sophie, and Sofia.

  • Victoria. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory. The name gained favour in the 19th century with the reign of Queen Victoria of Britain, and it still connotes power and grandeur. Fashion designer Victoria Beckham and actress Tori Spelling are notable namesakes.

  • Zoey. Meaning “life” in Greek, the name Zoey (also Zoe) has been popular in the 21st century, and is sometimes thought of as the feminine equivalent of the male name Joey. Short and sweet, this name needs no nicknames.

Do you have your own shortlist of top baby girl names yet?

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