150 Unisex and Gender-Neutral Names for Boys and Girls

If you’re still looking for a name for your upcoming arrival, you might want to consider gender-neutral names. Whether you don’t plan to find out your baby’s gender or you just prefer a genderfluid name, there are many options for good nonbinary names. Boy names for girls, girl names for boys; when it comes to unisex names, it doesn’t matter! Our list includes 100 genderless names, including popular, unique, cute and even vintage and cool gender-neutral options.

Popular Unisex Baby Names

Gender-neutral names have been increasing in popularity over the years, and even some traditional monikers are working their way into the modern world of nonbinary names. It’s 2023, and more and more parents are opting for unisex baby names that offer a sense of inclusivity, flexibility and creativity, allowing them to choose a name that suits their child's personality and style. Two the most popular unisex names, Riley and Noah, appear in the top monikers for both boys and girls—giving them a double boost of popularity! While some names that began as a male name have now become more popular for females, such as Madison and Evelyn. There's no shortage of great options to choose from, so let's take a closer look at some of the most sought-after and versatile gender-neutral names in recent years.

1. Noah. As the most popular unisex baby name in recent years, Noah comes from the Old Testament and means “rest, repose.” In the story, Noah built the ark that saved animals of each species from the Great Flood. 2. James. To put a gender-neutral twist on this baby name, consider some fun variant spellings, such as Jaymes or Jaemes. This Hebrew name means “may God protect” and is one of the most popular boy names of all time. 3. Evelyn. This name derives from an English surname. It was first used as a boys’ name in the seventeenth century before it became popular as a girls’ name. Because of its long history, it has been one of the top unisex names for quite some time! 4. Harper. If you’re looking for a literary name, consider Harper, as in Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. Although not a new name, Harper had a recent spike in popularity, making it one of the more modern gender-neutral names. 5. Michael. Although the name Michael is more common for a boy, variant spellings of this classic moniker, such as Mikel or Mykel, have been used as gender-neutral options. In Hebrew, Michael means “who is like God.” 6. Logan. Logan has been a common gender-neutral name since the 1980s and comes with a cute meaning. In Scottish Gaelic, Logan means “little hollow,” as in a hole at the base of a tree. 7. Avery. This name is Norman French in origin and based on the names Alberich and Alfred, which mean “elf power” and “elf counsel,” respectively. You don’t have to be a fan of legends to choose this unisex name! 8. Madison. Like the name Evelyn, Madison started off as a boys’ name before becoming one of the trendiest baby girl names. Today, it’s a common unisex name for girls, partly thanks to the 1980s film Splash, where the main character, Madison, picks her name from the famous Madison Avenue in New York City. 9. Riley. Riley is one of the top gender-neutral names worldwide, and you can find it as a unisex option in North American and European countries. It originates from an Irish surname and means “rye clearing.”

10. Jayden. One of the most common gender-neutral names on this list is Jayden, which has been a nonbinary name since it hit the scene in the 1990s. Many believe it’s a variant spelling of Jadon, a Hebrew moniker that means “thankful.”


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Unique Unisex Baby Names

If you prefer unisex baby names that are unique rather than popular, you have many choices! Whether you’re looking for unique boy names or not-so-typical girl monikers, we’ve included plenty of unique gender-neutral names that offer an original aesthetic for your little one.

11. Ainsley. Originally a surname derived from towns in England, Ainsley combines the Old English words anne (“solitary”) with leah (“woodland clearing”). You won’t find many Ainsleys out there, so it’s a great choice for a unique name. 12. Arden. Originally an English surname taken from a place name, Arden is Celtic in origin and means “high.” Although it made a few appearances again in the 2010s, it hasn’t been widely used since the 1950s. 13. Dakota. The Dakota people are from the northern Mississippi River Valley, and in the Dakota language, this name means “allies” or “friends.” 14. Finley. This unique unisex baby name is the English form of the moniker Fionnlagh, which means “white warrior” in Gaelic. Although it was used infrequently in the early twentieth century, Finley reemerged as a nonbinary name in the mid-2000s. 15. Hayden. Hayden is from an English surname that means “hay valley” in Old English. The meaning is easy to decipher and, being one of the cutest unique names for girls or boys, it has a nice modern ring to it. 16. Lennox. This unique gender-neutral name comes from a Scottish surname relating to what was known as the Leamhnachd district in Scotland. It’s a rare unisex name and comes with the idyllic meaning of “place of elms” in Gaelic. 17. Lindsey. In Old English, this name means “Lincoln Island,” which was a region in the United Kingdom. It began as a surname before being popularized as a boys’ name in the 1960s and a girls’ name in the 1970s. Today, it’s used more often for girls but is still a unisex name. 18. Robin. As a diminutive of Robert, the name Robin means “bright fame,” but could also relate to the red-breasted bird. It’s been a gender-neutral option for quite some time, but you might find it interesting to know that it’s one of the most common unisex names in the Netherlands. 19. Rowan. This name comes from the Anglicized Irish surname O Ruadhain, which means “descendant of Ruadhan.” It’s also the name of a tree, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a nature-inspired name that’s also gender-neutral.

20. Sloan. This spelling is the genderfluid version of the Irish girls’ name Sloane, which comes from the ancient Irish word for “raid.” Among the unique unisex baby names on this list, Sloan is one of the more uncommon ones.

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More Unique Unisex Baby Names

What are some additional unique gender-neutral names? We know that uncommon and unusual unisex names can be very appealing, so we’ve continued our list below.

21.AdairOld EnglishWealth, fortune
22.AverillOld EnglishBattle
23.BlytheOld EnglishCheerful
24.BronteGaelicBestower, thunder
25.BrooklynDutchMarsh land
26.ChandlerOld FrenchCandle seller
27.KelceyOld EnglishIsland
29.PeytonOld EnglishUnknown meaning
30.SinclairNorman-FrenchClear, bright, famous


Cute Gender-Neutral Names

Perhaps you’d like a cute gender-neutral name for your adorable new baby! Some of the cutest options can serve as nonbinary names or simply genderless names.

31. Alexis. This is one of the cutest Greek boy names and means “helper” or “defender.” It was the name of a Greek comic poet, and many saints (as well as five Byzantine emperors) bore the name in the form of Alexius. Nowadays, it’s a great option for a gender-neutral moniker if you’re interested in a name that's both cute and mythological.

32. Angel. This name originates from the Latin name Angelus and the Greek name Angelos, both meaning “messenger.” Today, the name Angel is used as a girls’ name in English-speaking countries, and when spelled Ángel, a boy’s name in Spanish-speaking countries. If you’re interested in Spanish girl names that work for boys, too, this could be it!

33. Briar. Meaning “thorny plant,” the name Briar could be a good choice if you’re looking for a good nonbinary name without any gender connotations. Briar is a modern name that emerged in the 2010s and has been unisex since its origin.

34. Kirby. In Old Norse, the name Kirby means “church settlement.” It’s a historic name that became unisex in the 1980s, thanks to one of the female characters in the soap opera Dynasty.

35. Madhu. This cute gender-neutral name comes from India, and in Sanskrit, it has the most adorable meaning of “sweet, honey.” Madhu is also an alternate name for the month that coincides with March and April on the Hindu calendar.

36. Marley. Although it has historic roots as a boys’ name in England, Marley has been a genderfluid name nearly since it emerged in the late-1990s. It either means “pleasant wood” or “boundary wood” in Old English.

37. Morgan. This name comes from Old Welsh and means “sea circle.” Although it has long been a familiar boys’ name, it became popular for girls in the 1980s. Interestingly, though, it has almost always been a gender-neutral option in England and Wales.

38. River. Another good nonbinary name, River is a modern moniker that refers to a river or riverbank.

39. Skyler. This cute gender-neutral name is a variant of the Dutch surname Schuyler, which means “scholar.” If you come from a family of scholars, perhaps you’d like to pass on that legacy to your little one!

40. Taylor. Originally an English surname for someone who was a tailor, in Latin, the name means “to cut.” It’s quite a common gender-neutral name these days, and there are plenty of celebrities with this moniker, so it might be a good choice for your little star.


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More Cute Gender-Neutral Names

We’re keeping the cuteness going with even more cute gender-neutral baby names below!

41.AddisonEnglishFrom Adam, man
42.ArlieEnglishUnknown meaning
43.BillieGermanicDesire, protection
44.CatGreekPure, cat
45.EmeryGermanicUniversal ruler
46.IndigoGreekPurple-blue colour, from India
47.JewellOld FrenchGenerous
48.PresleyOld EnglishPriest, clearing
49.RaleighOld EnglishRoe deer clearing
50.RickiGermanicBrave ruler


Cool and Vintage Unisex Baby Names

Some parents love the idea of cool or vintage unisex baby names. If you’d like to evoke a sense of the past or generate some cool vibes, check out the following gender-neutral baby names.

51. Ariel. If you’re interested in unisex biblical names, Ariel is a good choice. In Hebrew, this name means “lion of God” and was used as an alternative name for Jerusalem in the Old Testament. If you’re a fan of Disney, you can probably guess why this name became popular for girls in the 1980s!

52. Ashley. Originally an English surname, Ashley derives from a place name that means “ash tree clearing.” Until about the 1960s, this name was mainly given to boys, but it’s now also commonly used for girls as a gender-neutral option.

53. Aubrey. This name is the Norman French version of the German name Alberich and was a common English boy’s name during the Middle Ages. It came back in style in the nineteenth century and was then used for girls in the 1970s due to its similarity to the name Audrey. If you’re looking for twin names, you could go with Aubrey and Audrey!

54. Bryn. Welsh in origin, this name means “hill” or “mound.” It’s a good choice for a gender-neutral name, as it’s popular for boys in England and girls in the United States.

55. Cameron. This name is based on the Gaelic words cam and sron, meaning “crooked nose.” Although your little one’s nose will, of course, be as cute as a button, you can still choose this modern name if you like the sound of it! Try shortening it to Cam or use the variant spelling of Kameron.

56. Carey. This name comes from the Irish surname O Ciardha, which means “descendant of Ciardha.” If you’re after 1970s vintage, this unisex name is for you, as it was quite popular for both (all) genders during this era.

57. Courtney. Originally an aristocratic English surname, this common gender-neutral name has many variant spellings, including Cortney, Kortney and Kourtney. It means “short nose.”

58. Hunter. This was originally an occupation-based surname for a hunter, based on the Old English word hunta. Although more commonly a boys’ name, as a modern moniker, Hunter is a genderless option.

59. Jordan. A Hebrew name, Jordan means “descend” or “flow down,” which is fitting since it’s also the name of the river that flows through Israel and Jordan. In the United States and Canada, Jordan has been a unisex name since the 1980s, and you may recognize some celebrities with this popular moniker, including the basketball legend Michael Jordan and the American singer Jordin Sparks.

60. Whitney. This name means “white island” in Old English. Although originally a boys’ name, it became popular as a girls’ name in the 1960s and 1980s. Thanks to the actress Whitney Blake and singer Whitney Houston, it doesn’t get much cooler than Whitney!

More Cool and Vintage Unisex Baby Names

London, Lennon or Greer? Keep the cool and vintage sounds going with the following gender-neutral baby names!



 Name Meaning
61.BaileyMiddle EnglishBailiff
62.BrookEnglishLives near a brook
63.DarcyFrenchFrom the town of Arcy, France
64.GreerScottishWatchful, alert
65.HollisMiddle EnglishHolly trees
66.KendallEnglishValley on the River Kent (in England)
68.LondonEnglishThe city of London
69.MonroeScottishFrom the River Roe (in Northern Ireland)
70.TobyHebrewYahweh (God) is good


Pretty and Beautiful Gender-Neutral Names

There are plenty of both pretty male and female names that can be used as gender-neutral options. The following names have a pretty sound or beautiful meaning (and some have both).

71. Casey. With a pretty ring to it, Casey is an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Cathasach, which means “vigilant.” It has almost always been a unisex name in England and Wales and became a gender-neutral option in the 1960s. Variant spellings include Kasey, Kacey and Kaycee.

72. Cassidy. This gender-neutral name derives from an Irish surname that means “descendant of Caiside.” Although a more popular choice for girls, the name originated as a unisex option.

73. Cedar. You might think this is a modern moniker, but Cedar is actually a rare nonbinary name with roots back to Ancient Greece. It comes from the Greek word kedros, which refers to the beautiful coniferous tree with its calming aroma. This is an excellent option if you want a Greek girl name that works for boys, too.

74. Cheyenne. This unisex name comes from the Dakota word shahiyena, which means “red speakers,” and is the name of the Native American people of the Western Plains. It’s been used as a given name since the 1950s.

75. Coby. If you like the name Jacob but prefer a gender-neutral version with a pretty sound, try Coby. Because it’s a diminutive of Jacob, Coby means “may God protect.”

76. Jaime. Like Coby above, Jaime also relates to the name Jacob, so it, too, means “may God protect.” Jaime is a pretty-sounding androgynous name with biblical roots.

77. Leslie. This gender-neutral name comes with a very pretty meaning in Gaelic: “garden of holly.” Originally, Leslie was a place name in Scotland, evolving into a common surname and then popularized as a given name in the nineteenth century.

78. Rory. The name Rory is a favorite among Irish boy names and has Scottish roots, as it’s the Anglicized form of Ruaidhrí. He was the last high king of Ireland, and the name means “red king.” It’s one of the more modern androgynous names, as it wasn’t used for girls in the same form until recently.

79. Shelby. A historical gender-neutral name, Shelby is a variant of the English surname Selby, which was based on a place. It has both a pretty sound and a pretty meaning, as in Old Norse, it means “willow farm.”

80. Sidney. Sidney is one of the most common unisex names on this list, and it’s still going strong. It was originally an English surname derived from a place and means “wide island” in Old English.

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More Pretty and Beautiful Gender-Neutral Names

With so many pretty gender-neutral names out there, we’ve expanded the list below!

81.BellamyOld FrenchBeautiful friend
82.BlessingOld EnglishBlessing
83.DarbyOld NorseDeer town
84.EmersonGermanicUniversal ruler
85.GarnetGermanicGuard, protect
86.HavenOld EnglishHaven, safe place
87.PurdieNorman-FrenchBy God
88.RaineFrenchQueen, rain, reign
89.ShayeIrishEsteemed, majestic


Short Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Sometimes, long baby names seem to be more appealing for a boy or a girl, but short names often do the trick when searching for gender-neutral options. The following monikers are perfectly short and sweet!

91. Beau. Beau is the best general-neutral name for you if you want something short, sweet and French. In the French language, Beau means “beautiful,” which is perfect for your beautiful baby.

92. Brett. Meaning “a Breton,” this unisex name refers to someone from Brittany, France. Although it sounds modern, Brett was originally a Middle English surname.

93. Bryce. This Gaulish name means “speckled,” and thanks to the actress Bryce Dallas Howard, it’s become more popular as a gender-neutral name.

94. Dale. The name Dale was consistently unisex until about the 1970s, when it became less popular for girls. Today, it’s rarely used at all, so it’s both a short and vintage option for a unisex baby name.

95. Gael. The origin of this name is unknown, but linguistically, it refers to speakers of the Gaelic language. It’s possibly a variant of Gwenael, which means “blessed” and “generous.”

96. Jody. Jody emerged in the 1940s as a nonbinary name and became popular in part because of the novel The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawling. Although the origins are unknown, many believe it relates to the name Judy, which means “Jewish woman,” whereas others tie it to the name Joseph, which means “he will add.”

97. Kim. Nowadays, Kim is sometimes used as a short name for Kimberly, which is an English place name. However, the Vietnamese name Kim predates the use of this cute nickname and means “gold.”

98. Lee. You’ll find the suffix -lee (or -leah) on many names, and it simply means a “clearing” in nature. Lee has almost always been used as a genderfluid name.

99. Paige. Although the name Paige (sometimes spelled Page) relates to the word, which means “aid” or “servant,” it has a pretty ring to it and makes a good choice for a unisex moniker.

100. Quinn. Quinn might be the best gender-neutral name for you if you have family roots in Ireland and you want to impart a sense of leadership. The Irish word cuinn means “chief.”

More Short Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Keep reading for even more short unisex baby names, which also make great options for nicknames.

101.DeeEnglishRiver Dee (in Scotland)
102.DellEnglishDell, valley
103EsmeOld FrenchEsteemed, loved
105.JadeSpanishPrecious jade stone
106.JossGermanicThe Geats, a Germanic tribe
109.SageEnglishSage spice, wise person
110.SydOld EnglishWide island


Top Unisex and Gender-Neutral Names


If you’re looking for cool nonbinary names or names that work for both genders, a few trendy options include:

  • Ariel
  • Ashley
  • Bryn
  • Hunter
  • Jordan.

Find more cool options in our list of 100 gender-neutral names.

The Bottom Line

Naming your baby is a special part of welcoming a new member to your family, and choosing the perfect moniker might take some time. If you’re looking for gender-neutral names, we hope this extensive list helps you. Whether you’re hoping to find popular, rare, cute, modern or cool gender-neutral names, know you have plenty of options and will find the perfect match for your little one in time! If you’re interested in names from a particular place, language or culture, you might want to peruse some of our other baby-name articles, such as Korean boy names and Chinese girl names.

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