Top Irish Boy Names You Will Love

Are you looking for a name that radiates the charm and beauty of the Emerald Isle? Or perhaps, like many people, you can trace your ancestors back to Ireland. Either way, check out our Irish boy names and bless your little one with some luck of the Irish!


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Top Boy Names to Inspire You!

Popular and Common Irish Boy Names

If you like to follow the latest trends and you’re looking for top Irish male names that are common in Ireland and perhaps even in North America, check out these popular monikers.

1. Aidan. Kicking off our popular Irish boy names is this angelized form of Aodhán; both names are pronounced AY-dən. With its trendy sound and meaning of “little fire,” it’s no wonder this is a popular choice in Ireland, as well as North America and the United Kingdom.

2. Cillian. This name has been in Ireland’s Top 100 boy names for many years and has recently hit the top 10. Meaning “church” in Old Irish, it belonged to a seventh-century saint, as well as the actor Cillian Murphy.

3. Conor. Another popular boys’ name of Irish origin is the classic name Conor meaning “lover of hounds.” It’s a form of the Old Irish boy name Conchobar and can also be spelled Connor.

4. Declan. This form of Deaglán has an unknown meaning; however, it was the name of a fifth-century saint who was one of the first missionaries to bring Christianity to Ireland. Declan is climbing the popularity ladder in North America and paving the way for more Irish names.

5. Finn. For your fair-haired little man, this cute name simply means “fair” and is a form of Fionn, found in Irish mythology. It’s short, strong, and sweet, and gaining popularity each year.

6. James. Although this name doesn’t originate from Ireland, it’s no. 3 in the Irish boy names rankings. It’s a biblical baby name meaning “supplanter”; interestingly, the Irish version of this name is Séamus, which is a great old-fashioned option. A famous Irish James is the novelist and poet James Joyce.

7. Liam. Liam is the Irish short form of the classic William meaning “resolute protector.” It’s one of the top Irish boy names in both Ireland and North America. And for an added bonus, its famous namesakes include actors Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth, as well as British musician Liam Gallagher.

8. Rian. This Irish form of Ryan has a bit more of a charming and trendy vibe than its counterpart. It has yet to gain recognition in North America, but with its meaning of “little king” and its popularity in Ireland, it’s sure to make its way over the pond soon.

9. Seán. Believe it or not, this is the Irish form of John, meaning “God is gracious.” This popular and wholesome name can also be spelled Sean, without the fada (a diacritical mark used over a vowel in Irish) and is pronounced SHAWN or SHAHN depending on your location on the Emerald Isle. Of course, you have numerous namesakes to choose from, including actors Sean Connery, Sean Penn, and Sean Bean, to name a few.

10. Tadhg. Pronounced TIEG, this sweet Irish boys’ name is a great choice for poetry lovers, due to its meaning of “poet.” This Irish name for boys belonged to several kings and chieftains of medieval Ireland, adding a strong vibe to this unusual name.


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Unique Irish Boy Names

What are some rare Irish names? If you’re looking for an uncommon name that stands out from the crowd, go for one of these unique Irish boy names. With their rare spellings and interesting pronunciations, you’re sure to find a perfectly unique boy name.

11. Abbán. This unique moniker means “little abbot” and belonged to a sixth-century Irish saint. It's a name with a sweet sound and an unusual meaning.

12. Ceallach. Pronounced KEHL-akh, this rare Irish boys’ name has several possible meanings, which include “bright-headed,” “war,” and “church,” so, take your pick! Several early Irish kings as well as an Archbishop of Armagh were bearers of this interesting moniker.

13. Comhghall. Despite its unusual spelling, Comhghall is simply pronounced KOW-all. This Old Irish name means “fellow hostage” and belonged to the founder of a monastery in Bangor, Ireland. And if you want a version that’s easier to spell, you could try Cowal.

14. Faolán. With its cute meaning of “little wolf,” this rare Irish boys’ name has a sense of fierce loyalty. It’s pronounced FE-lawn and has the option of the more modern version, Phelan.

15. Gobán. If you come from a family of metal workers or builders, you might be interested in Gobán, which simply means “smith” and is often associated with the Irish smith god Goibniu. In Irish legend, Gobán Saor, known as Gobán the builder, was a skilled architect and builder of churches.

16. Iarlaithe. Pronounced EER-lah, this unusual Irish boys’ name means “ruler” and belonged to a sixth-century saint and founder of a monastery in Tuam, Ireland. Jarlath is the anglicized version of this name.

17. Nollaig. If you’re having a wintertime baby, you could try this unique name meaning “Christmas” in Irish. Pronounced NAW-lək, this sweet moniker came from the popular name Noël.

18, Riordan. This rare Irish name looks trendy and strong enough to hit the top of the baby name charts. With its pronunciation of REAR-den and meaning of “little poet of the king,” this moniker is surely a winner for your baby boy.

19. Séaghdha. Don’t be turned off by this name’s unusual spelling because it’s simply pronounced SHAY or SHAY-gh. This moniker has the positive meaning of “favorable” and “learned,” as well as having some cute and modern variants, such as Sé, Shay, and Shea.

20. Tighearnach. Another unique Irish name with a spelling that’s sure to turn heads is this moniker pronounced TEER-nakh. According to tales, a sixth-century Irish saint with this name was taken by British pirates to Rosnat monastery, before escaping back to Ireland.

More Unique Irish Boy Names

Did those unique Irish boy names intrigue you? Well, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:


21.ArdghalAHR-dahlHigh valor
22.BairrfhionnBAR-eenFair haired
25.CearbhallKYAR-ə-wəlSharp pointed
26.DubhánDUWV-aeNLittle dark one
29.RiagánREE-ə-gan  King


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Traditional Irish Boy Names

So, what is a classic choice for a Gaelic boy name? Let’s go back in time to experience the Gaelic boy names that inspired many modern forms today. We’ve gathered some of the most traditional and enchanting boy names from Ireland that are steeped in history.

31. Aodhán. Aidan is the modern form of this classic Irish boys’ name. With its meaning of “little fire” and sixth-century royal namesake, this Old Irish name is unique, vibrant, and fit for your fiery little prince.

32. Bréanainn. Pronounced BREH-neen, this name is the Old Irish form of the classic Brendan meaning “king” and “prince.”

33. Brian. This classic Irish boy name has old Celtic roots from the word brixs meaning “hill,” or brigā meaning “power,” making it a strong and nature-inspired baby name. The name was borne by the eleventh-century Irish king Brian Boru who fought against a Viking invasion of Ireland.

34. Ciarán. This familiar Irish name is pronounced KEE-ron and is a diminutive of Ciar, meaning “black.” Ciarán the Elder and Ciarán the Younger were sixth-century Irish saints.

35. Declán. Remove the fada from the A and you have the popular Anglicized form Declan. This Old Irish name also has another, unique version, Deaglán.

36. Desmond. The old-fashioned baby boy name Desmond comes from the Irish name Deasmhumhain or the surname Ó Deasmhumhnaigh, both of which were used to refer to someone from “south Munster” in Ireland, which was historically named the Kingdom of Desmond.

37. Eoghan. Don’t let the spelling trick you; this moniker is pronounced O-əwn and is a variant of the well-known name Owen. It has the beautiful meaning “born of the yew tree” and is used for the name of several legendary figures in Irish mythology.

38. Feidlimid. Pronounced FAY-lim, this unusual and traditional Irish boys’ name means “ever good” or “constant.” With its steadfast and positive meanings and its nod to three early kings of Munster, Feidlimid makes for a wholesome and interesting choice.

39. Oisín. Evoking nature, strength, and beauty, with its meaning of “little deer” and ties to Irish mythology, this sweet moniker is still popular in Ireland today. It’s pronounced aw-SHEEN and belonged to a poet and warrior hero who was the son of the legendary Fionn mac Cumhaill in Irish mythology.

40. Patrick. When you think of Ireland, the popular cultural and religious celebration for the fifth-century Saint Patrick may pop into your head. Meaning “nobleman,” Patrick is one of the quintessential Irish boy names, whether that be in its true Irish form of Pádraig, or in the casual diminutives Paddy or Patsy.

More Traditional Irish Boy Names

If you were won over by those traditional and old-fashioned Irish boy names, we’ve got even more for you to enjoy:


46.DónalDO-nəlRuler of the world
47.FéchínFEH-kheenLittle raven
48.FintanFIN-tanWhite fire
49.LommánLO-munLittle bare one


Modern and Cool Irish Boy Names

If you’re a fan of classic Irish names but would prefer something hip and trendy, check out these cool Irish boy names, which include many modern forms of the traditional monikers.

51. Aden. You may have seen the traditional form Aodhán and the popular variant Aidan, but now we have the cool and modern Aden. With its simple spelling and meaning of “little fire,” this name is appealing and trendy. You may also recognize it as the name of Irish actor Aden Gillen who plays Littlefinger in Game of Thrones.

52. Braden. Along with other names sharing this sound, such as Hayden, Jayden, and Aiden, this name found popularity in recent years. Meaning “salmon” or “wide valley,” Braden originally came from the Irish surname Ó Bradáin.

53. Brady. This cool boys’ name that has long been popular in North America originates from the Irish surname Ó Brádaigh and the Medieval Irish byname Brádach, meaning “spirited.” It's an energetic name, full of Irish charm, for your baby boy!

54. Brendan. Brendan is one of those quintessential Irish names that never go out of fashion yet remain wholesome. From the Old Irish name Bréanainn and the Old Welsh name Breenhin, meaning “prince,” this name belonged to a sixth-century saint who was believed to have crossed the Atlantic to reach North America.

55. Brennan. From the Irish surname Ó Braonáin, which came from the Irish word braon meaning “rain droplets,” Brennan makes a cool alternative to the boys’ names Brendan or Brandon. Interestingly, Brennan’s bread is one of Ireland’s most famous bakery brands.

56. Caden. This cool Irish boys’ name is the modern version of the Irish Gaelic surnameMac Cadáin, with an unknown meaning. It’s a popular name in North America due to its trendy sound.

57. Éanna. Pronounced EY-Naa, this elegant name is the modern form of the Old Irish name Énna, meaning “bird.” An unusual and beautiful moniker for your son.

58. Fearghal. This is the modern Gaelic form of the traditional Irish boys’ name Fergal, meaning “man of valor.”

59. Keegan. From the Irish surname Mac Aodhagáin, meaning “son of Aodhagán,” Keegan is a popular and cheerful name for your baby boy.

60. Kevin. Kevin is a common name across Europe and America and originates from the Irish name Caoimhín with the adorable meaning “beloved birth.” The original version of this name belongs to the patron saint of Dublin who established a monastery in beautiful Glendalough, County Wicklow.

More Modern and Cool Irish Boy Names

If those cool Irish baby boy names had you dancing a jig with joy, we’ve got even more for you:


64.LaoghaireLEE-ə-ryəCalf herder
66.OscarAHS-kərDeer friend
67.OwenO-əwnBorn from the yew tree
68.PhelimFEH-limEver good
69.TiernanTEER-nawnLittle lord
70.Tyronetie-RONELand of Eoghan


Strong Irish Boy Names

Wondering what is a strong Irish name for your little guy? Many Irish names for boys have ancient roots and were borne by legendary kings and powerful warriors. If you want your little one to channel that strength, check our strong and powerful boy names and their mighty meanings.

71. Cathal. From Old Irish meaning “battle” and “rule,” Cathal, pronounced KA-həl, was borne by several Irish kings. It’s a classic and strong choice for the future ruler of your heart.

72. Cormac. This Old Irish name has a strong and solid sound and possibly means “charioteer.” It can be found in Irish mythology, including as the name of the high king Cormac mac Airt.

73. Diarmaid. Pronounced DYEE-ər-məd, this strong Irish boys’ name means “without envy” and has the more recognizable variant Dermot. In Irish legend, this moniker belonged to the romantic warrior from The Pursuit of Diarmaid and Gráinne.

74. Domhnall. This Irish form of Donald has the mighty meaning of “ruler of the world.” However, its pronunciation of DO-nəl gives this name a wholesome and classic vibe, and you may think of the down-to-earth Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson, son of Brendan Gleeson. You could even choose the anglicized version of Donal, which is the name of Irish TV host and YouTuber Donal Skehan.

75. Fergal. With its fearless meaning of “man of valor” and an eighth-century Irish king as a namesake, Fergal is perfect for a courageous little man.

76. Fiachra. Meaning “raven” or “battle,” combined with “king,” this Irish male name is found in the Irish legend The Children of Lir. It’s pronounced FEE-akh-ra, and it belongs to the patron saint of gardeners.

77. Lochlainn. This evocative name comes from the Irish word for Scandinavia, meaning “Viking” or “land of the lakes.” It’s a beautiful yet strong choice that might appeal to you if you have both Irish and Scandinavian roots.

78. Máel Sechnaill. This unusual moniker, pronounced Maw-il-shakh-nəl, means “disciple of Saint Seachnall” in Irish. Two Irish high kings from the ninth and tenth centuries bore this powerful name. It's a name that will stand out and evoke regal strength.

79. Manannán. In Irish mythology, Manannán is the god of the sea, and the name means “mountain.” So, whether you’re a lover of the powerful sea or the sturdy mountains, this name will surely be a winner.

80. Rory. Pronounced RAWR-ee, this spirited classic is a popular Irish male name in Ireland and the United Kingdom. With its meaning of “red king,” Rory is a strong and determined moniker for your little redhead. You may know of the Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, who has helped to popularize the name. For a challenge, you may even use the Irish Gaelic spelling of Ruaidhrí.

More Strong Irish Boy Names

Inspired by those great and powerful Irish boy names? Well, we’ve got a few more for you:


81.BreandánBREHN-denKing, prince
82.CahirKah-heerBattle man
84.ConríCUN-reeKing of hounds
85.FlannFLANBlood red
86.GarbhánGAHR-vawnLittle rough one
87.MuireadhachMI-ryəkhLord, master
88.ÓengusOYN-ghoosOne strength


Cute Irish Boy Names

Irish boy names are often associated with rich tradition and strength; however, they can also be sweet and cute, just like your baby boy.

91. Aran. Off the west coast of Ireland lie the beautiful Aran Islands, consisting of three ancient rocky isles. So, not only does this name have a short and sweet vibe, but it’s also rich in history and inspired by nature.

92. Bran. Meaning “raven” in Irish, Bran is great for families of sailors and lovers of the ocean due to its relation to the Irish adventurer and mariner Bran mac Febail from Irish legend. You may also recognize it from the Game of Thrones character Bran Stark.

93. Caoimhín. If you want a cute Irish version of a common boys’ name, you could choose this delightful moniker, which is a form of Kevin. It’s pronounced KEE-veen and has the lovely meaning of “beloved birth.”

94. Cian. This name means “ancient” and “enduring” and can be found in Irish mythology. It’s a popular and classic name in Ireland that has endured throughout the years.

95. Ciar. This could be a good choice for your dark-haired little man, as this Irish moniker simply means “black.” It’s pronounced KEER and can also be used as an Irish name for girls.

96. Conan. With its adorable meaning of “little wolf,” Conan is a strong yet sweet Irish boys’ name. You're probably familiar with it from the books and movies about Conan the Barbarian; famous bearers of the name include the TV host Conan O’Brien and the author Arthur Conan Doyle.

97. Conn. Although this name is often used as a short form for names containing Conn, it’s also a great stand-alone name meaning “reason” or “chief.” It belonged to a high king of Ireland, Conn of the Hundred Battles.

98. Dáithí. If you’re looking for a cute and unusual Irish boys name, this moniker, pronounced DA-hee, might be a great choice. With its energetic meaning of “nimbleness,” it’s perfect for a lively wee boy.

99. Lorcán. Pronounced LOR-kawn, this Irish name for boys could be inspirational for your son, as the name means “little fierce one.”

100. Niall. Niall is the Irish form of Neil with the meanings of “passion,” “hero,” and the dreamy “cloud.” Several early Irish kings bore this classic but cool name.

More Cute Irish Boy Names

Check out even more adorable Irish boy names:


101.ArinAR-inHigh mountain
105.CúánKu-anLittle wolf
107.FlynnFLINBlood red
108.KyranKEER-ənLittle black-haired one
110.RónánRO-nahnLittle seal


Boy Names From Irish Mythology

Many Irish boy names can be found in ancient tales and legends, full of magic and heroism. If you’re a fan of mythological baby names, check out some of the best boy names from Irish mythology.

111. Ailbhe. Pronounced AL-va, this unique gender-neutral name meaning “world,” “light,” and “rock” is actually the name of a female warrior in Irish legend. However, it was also borne by a sixth-century male saint.

112. Ailill. With the cute meaning of “elf,” this name appears frequently in Irish legend and was used by several early Irish kings. It’s pronounced AL-yil and is an unusual and beautiful Irish name choice for a baby boy.

113. Aodh. With its unusual pronunciation of AY or EE, Aodh is a unique name given to kings and legendary figures. You can't go wrong with this Irish boys’ name, meaning “fire,” for your little man.

114. Aonghus. Meaning “one strength,” Aonghus is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann, supernatural creatures in Irish mythology. He is the god of love and youth, making this an inspiring and beautiful Irish boys’ name.

115. Balor. This formidable name belonged to a giant mythological king who had an evil eye that was known for slaying enemies. Your fierce little man will bear a name with an unusual story but one that's strong and determined.

116. Cáel. Pronounced Ka-il, this short Irish boy name from mythology belonged to warriors of the Fianna, a small hunter-warrior band made up of freeborn young males. He is known for being a romantic hero who fell in love with Créd.

117. Conall. Meaning “ruler of wolves,” this classic Irish name belonged to several legends in Irish mythology, including the mighty Conall of the Victories, who avenged Cúchulainn's death.

118. Conchobar. If you’re a lover of dogs, this name simply means “lover of canines.” It’s an old-fashioned Irish name that’s the source of the common names Conor, Connor, and O’Connor. It belonged to many Irish rulers, as well as the Ulster king Conchobar mac Nessa, from Irish legend.

119. Cúchulainn. This unusual boys’ name belongs to the famous warrior hero and demigod in Irish mythology. The name means “hound of Culann,” which came from a tale about how Cúchulainn got his name. Your baby boy might enjoy hearing the heroic adventures and tales of this famous and mighty warrior.

120. Fionn. Meaning “fair” and “white,” this sweet name has a rich history in Irish legend, the most famous bearer being the hero Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool). There are many stories of his wisdom and heroic deeds, including how he built the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

More Boy Names From Irish Mythology

If you can’t get enough of these mighty mythological boy names, we’ve got even more for you:


121.ConnlaConn-laWolf warrior
122.DagdaDAHG-daThe good god
128.LerLEERThe sea
129.LughaidhLOO-eeBright, honor


Even More Irish Names for Boys


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The Bottom Line

If you were charmed by those Irish names for boys, but you’d like to keep the baby-naming party going and explore names from other cultures, check out our intriguing Italian boy names, or our French baby boy names.

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