Unique Baby Boy Names We Can’t Get Enough Of

Choosing a name for your son is one of the most important decisions you'll face when you're about to become a parent. You've no doubt been scouring the internet and devouring baby name books to find uncommon baby names to suit your new baby. Well, we're here to make your search easier, so we've compiled the ultimate list of unique boy names. We're pretty confident one (or more) of these boy names will make your heart melt.

Unique Boy Names List

Here are some of the coolest boy names of the moment, according to Pampers. Your son's name will represent him for life, and with one of these, you can be sure he'll always stand out from the crowd.

Click any of these boy names to learn more about its origin and meaning:

  • Aariz. Aariz comes from the Arabic word for “respectable man.” It's often used in Hindi and Arabic-speaking cultures.

  • Abhiram. This is an alternative spelling of the name Abraham, meaning “father of multitudes” in Hebrew. In the Jewish tradition, Abraham is known as the father of the Hebrew people.

  • Adonai. Adonai comes from the Hebrew word for “my lord,” which was used by the ancient Israelites to refer to God.

  • Bradford. This traditional English surname comes from the word for “wide river crossing.”

  • Braylan. This English name has a variety of spellings, including Braylyn, and can also be used as a female name. It's similar in origin to the name Bryan.

  • Cruze. Meaning “cross” in Spanish and Portuguese, the name Cruze or Cruz refers to the crucifixion in Christianity.

  • Eastyn. Spelled Eastyn or Easton, this name is a traditional English surname referring to a place in the east.

  • Finlay. With Irish and Scottish origins, this unique name means “fair-haired hero.”

  • Genaro. Also spelled Gennaro, this name is the Italian form of “Januarius,” or January in Latin.

  • Hernan. Short for Hernando, Hernan is a form of the Spanish name Ferdinand, and means “adventurous.”

  • Jamaal. In Arabic, Jamaal, also spelled Jamal, means “beauty.”

  • Jeancarlos. This compound name's Italian spelling is Giancarlo, and combines the names John and Charles (Gianni and Carlos).

  • Kevon. A unique spelling of the conventional name Kevin, this name has Irish origin meaning “handsome.”

  • Klay. Short for Clayton (and set apart with its “K” spelling), this name comes from the Old English word for a clay settlement.

  • Lake. This unique nature-themed name is generally thought of as unisex.

  • Landin. From the Old English word for “long hill,” Landin or Landon is a traditional surname that has evolved into a distinctive first name.

  • Mykel. For a unique take on the classic name Michael, look no further than this creative spelling.

  • Orson. Orson comes from the Latin word meaning “bear cub,” which might be a fitting moniker for your little one.

  • Oswaldo. Meaning “divine power” in Old English, Oswaldo, or Oswald, is an uncommon “O name” that figures heavily in historic literature, from Chaucer to Shakespeare.

  • Parth. Irish mythology indicates that this name, short for Parthalan, is most closely related to the name Bartholomew.

  • Pax. The name means “peace” in Latin, and has been made famous by actress Angelina Jolie and her adopted son of the same name.

  • Rush. This uncommon name likely means “basket weaver” in Old English. It's a surname that has taken on a new identity as a first name in more recent years.

  • Shlok. This enchanting Hindi name means “hymn,” giving it a melodic feeling.

  • Simcha. Celebrate your new arrival with a name like Simcha, which means “happiness” and “joy” in Hebrew.

  • Willem. As the Dutch form of the English name William, this name means “resolute protector.” It's a fresh and interesting take on the traditional English name.

  • Wynn. Welsh origins reveal a name meaning “blessed.” What could be better for your new baby's name?

  • Yash. Another uncommon name, Yash comes from the Sanskrit meaning “fame and glory.” The name is not uncommon in Hindi.

  • Yechiel. This traditional Jewish name means “God will live” in Hebrew and represents several minor figures in the Old Testament.

  • Zac. Short for Zachary, this name has both biblical and historical origins. The name Zac or Zach gives serious modern credibility to the classic name Zacharias.

  • Zyair. The name Zyair (also spelled Zaire) is a reference to the country formerly known as Zaire and now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You may want to consider organizing a baby naming party with family and friends to get inspired. It's a great way to bring loved ones together for some fun name brainstorming.


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