The Best of the Best Unique Baby Girl Names

If you've been scouring the Internet determined to find unique baby girl names that will melt your heart, then look no further than our comprehensive list of baby names.

Searching for girl names that will set your daughter apart can be fun, so read on! Given one of the names on our list, we're confident your daughter will always stand out from the crowd and make her mark. We know you will put a lot of thought and love into giving her a name as unique as she is.

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Unique Girl Names List

Click on each of the unique names below to learn more about its history and meaning:

  • Aaliya. Meaning “exalted,” this baby name announces your little one with pomp and circumstance. With Muslim and Hebrew meanings, this name has multicultural appeal.

  • Adamari. A Spanish hybrid of Anna and Maria, this unique name could be just what you're looking for for your little girl.

  • Birdie. The reference is obvious with the name referring to our feathered friends. The name was also popular in the 19th century, and looks to be making a comeback.

  • Blakelyn. An extension of the name Blake, Blakelyn comes from the English words for “fair haired” or “dark.” Actress Blake Lively is a notable namesake.

  • Brileigh.

  • Catarina. An Italian version of Catherine, this name has real international credibility. The English version of this name, Catherine or Katherine, has innumerable variations throughout Europe.

  • Cathryn. This retro girls' name has a huge presence in Europe with variations ranging from Katya to Kataryna.

  • Crimson. Often thought to be an alternative for Scarlett, this name also evokes the color red.

  • Daelyn. Similar to Kaylen or Shaylen, this name is often thought to be the female version of the male name Dale.

  • Daniya. The name Daniyah has roots in Arabic, meaning “near” or “close.” In modern times, it's an alternative of the Slavic name Danica.

  • Edyn. Meaning “the place of pleasure” in Hebrew, this name has strong biblical roots. It also calls to mind the original “Genie in a Bottle,” Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Genie” fame. As far as short and unique girl names, you can't beat this choice.

  • Elizabella. This variation on the Italian name Elisabetta means “consecrated to God.” Betty, Liz, and Beth are all great nicknames for this traditional name.

  • Harmonee. For a lyrical, musical name, you can't do much better than Harmony, or the alternative spelling Harmonee. Harmony was known to be the mythical daughter of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

  • Huda. In Arabic, Huda means “right guidance,” which may be the perfect parenting advice for your little girl.

  • Ileana. Similar to the Greek name, Helen, the name Ileana has a distinctly Romanian flair. Similar names include Helena, Lena, and Nellie.

  • Iona. Welsh and Scottish tradition indicates that this name comes from an island off the coast of Scotland where a monastery was established.

  • Jaydah. This name is also spelled Jade and comes from the name of the precious green stone. Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has made the name more popular in recent years.

  • Kailah. From the Hebrew meaning “the laurel crown,” this charming name has a variety of spellings including Kaila and Kaylah.

  • Kalliope. From the Greek meaning “beautiful voice,” this whimsical name recalls the Greek goddess of poetry.

  • Lamya. In Arabic, this name means “having beautiful, dark lips.” It's also similar to the classic English name Laura.

  • Macyn. An alternative spelling of Macy, which is an Old English surname meaning “hill,” this name has become a unique and cute baby girl name that makes a nice alternative to Tracy and Stacy.

  • Makiya. This name is an interesting variation on the name Micaiah, which means “who is like Yahweh” in Hebrew. Micah is a charming alternative, and it's suitable for both boys and girls.

  • Nariyah. An uncommon baby name choice, this name means “Gift of God” in Hebrew.

  • Paetyn. This unique spelling is a variant of Payton or Peyton. Often thought of as a unisex name, the name Payton means “fighting man's estate” in Old English.

  • Rina. As a short form of the Italian name Catharina, this name has a nice, regal ring to it. Kate, Katherine, and Katie are typical English alternatives.

  • Solana.

  • Tirzah. This Hebrew name means “delight,” and it occurs in the Old Testament as one of the daughters of Zelophehad.

  • Yitty. Thought to be a diminuitive of the name Esther, Yitty or Yetta has Yiddish origins meaning “light.”

  • Zaylah.

  • Zoee. Meaning “life” in Greek, this name is sometimes considered to be a translation of the biblical name Eve. It's become more popular thanks to actress Zoe Deschanel, as well as the adorable Sesame Street muppet, Zoe.

So, have you decided on one of these unusual names for your baby girl?


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