71 French Baby Girl Names

Have you been dreaming of French names for your baby girl? Whether you have French heritage or are looking for a girl’s name with an air of je ne sais quoi, then you’re in the right place. You’ll find many options in this list of 71 French names for baby girls, including ones you could use for either a first name or a middle name. Our categories include names that are popular, unique, cute, pretty, beautiful, and old-fashioned.

Most Common and Popular French Girl Names

Here is the list of the top French girl names in France from 2020:

1. Eléa. This short French form for Eleanor is a more modern version of the old-fashioned girl’s name. Other variant spellings include Elea, Eleah, Elléa, Elëa, Élea, and Éléa.

2. Lya. This is a variant spelling of the names Leas and Leah, which have Hebrew origins and mean “weary.” Although the meaning isn’t too interesting, the sound of the French girl’s name is simple and pretty. Other spellings include Lia, Liah, Lyah, Lïa, and Liia.

3. Elyna. A variant spelling for the name Elena, which comes from the Greek name Helen, meaning “torch.” In Greek mythology Helen’s kidnapping prompts the Trojan War. But the name is more often used to honor an early Christian saint. Other modern spellings include Elina, Ellina, Élina, and Élyna.

4. Anna. This name is recognized in pretty much every language. It has biblical origins and was originally spelled Hannah until the Middle Ages, when the spelling changed to the more common Anna after the saint.

5. Lili. This French diminutive of the girl’s name Elisabeth or Elizabeth could also refer to the flower. Other spellings include Lilli, Lillie, Lilly, Lily, and Lyli.

6. Noémie. This is the French version of the girl’s name Naomi. It can also be spelled Noemi. It comes from a Hebrew name that means “pleasantness,” a rather sweet and pretty meaning for your baby girl.

7. Sophia. This French girl’s name has Greek origins and means “wisdom.” The name has been common among royal women. It’s a wise choice for your little princess! The name can also be spelled Sofia. In France, the variant Sophie was more common at one point, but Sophia is now more popular.

8. Julia. This is the female form of the Roman male name Julius. Julia has been a very common girl’s name since the eighteenth century. In France, the variant spelling Julie was more common among women, but in recent years Julia has overtaken it in popularity. An adorable diminutive for your daughter could be Juliette.

9. Louise. This is the French female form of Louis, which was the name of 18 kings of France. The male name lost popularity after the French Revolution. The female name peaked in popularity in the United States in the early 1900s and has been declining ever since. Why not give this old-fashioned girl’s name a second chance?

10. Ella. Like Eléa in the no. 1 spot, this name is also a diminutive of Eleanor. It may also be related to the German girl’s name Alia. Either way it’s a very classy name.

11. Éléanor. This is the French spelling of the girl’s name Eleanor, which is derived from the Old French name Alienòr. The most famous Eleanor in French history was Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was first queen of France and then queen of England. The name was very popular among women throughout the Middle Ages and has remained so.

12. Charlotte. This French female version of the name Charles is derived from the German name Karl, which means “man.” The name Charlotte was very popular in France and England during the twentieth century but not so much in the United States until 2014.


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Unique French Girl Names

If you’re looking for French girls’ names with a unique sound and/or meaning, choose one of these options:

13. Aliénor. This girl’s name is close to the original French spelling of the name Eleanor except that it starts with the letter A. The name comes from Aenor, which was Eleanor of Aquitaine’s birth name. However, since Eleanor shared a name with her mother, she was referred to as alia Aenor, which meant “the other Aenor,” and hence her new name was born.

14. Aurélie. This is the French female version of the Roman cognomen (family name) Aurelius. It means “golden” or “gilded,” which was a fitting name for Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius. Aurélie is a fitting name for your golden child, too. Another spelling option you might consider is Aurélia.

15. Benoîte. You would recognize this French girl’s name as the male name Benedict, which means “blessed” in Latin. Your daughter is most definitely a blessing!

16. Capucine. This name simply means “nasturtium” in French. The beautiful flower and its leaves are very popular for culinary and herbal uses. It’s a great option if you’re into floral baby girl names.

17. Désirée. This is the French version of the Roman name Desiderata, which means “desired” in Latin. You’re probably already familiar with this name without the accents.

18. Félicité. As the French version of the Roman name Felicitas, which means “fortune” in Latin, the name may bring your baby girl good luck.

19. Gaëlle. This is the French female version of the male name Gaël. Both names refer to those who speak Gaelic. The names are common in Brittany, a region of France that was inhabited by Celtic peoples (some of whom would have spoken Gaelic) who migrated from the British Isles between the third and ninth centuries.

20. Haydée. The French version of Haidee, which likely means “modest” or “reverent” in Greek, this name was popularized by Lord Byron in his poem Don Juan. It’s a great choice for poetry and literature lovers.

21. Inès. This is the French version of the girl’s name Agnes but spelled in an unusual way. Other variants include Ines and Inèz.

22. Joëlle. This is the French female form of the male name Joel, a Hebrew name that means “Yahweh is God.” Joel was a minor prophet in the Bible. If you’re thinking of a biblical name for your daughter, this one might be a unique option.

23. Léontine. The female form of the Greek male name Leontios, which means “lion,” is the perfect choice for your little lioness. It’s a fierce French girl’s name that’s unique.

24. Maëlle. The French female version of the male name Maël, a Celtic word that means “prince” or “chieftain.” The name has ties to Brittany, as does Gaëlle on this list. Paired together, the names could work well for twin girls.

25. Océane. In French this girl’s name simply means “ocean.” It could be the perfect name for your baby girl if you’re a lover of the ocean and ocean life. And its pronunciation (AW-SHE-AN) is pretty and unique.

26. Olympe. This is the French form of the Ancient Greek female name Olympias, which was also the name of the mother of Alexander the Great. The name comes from the highest mountain in Greece that was thought to be the home of the gods. This would make a great choice if you’re a fan of Greek mythology and its unique names.

27. Reine. In French this girl’s name simply means “queen,” which is the ideal name for your little royal.

28. Solène. This is a variant of the French girl’s name Solange. Both names derive from the Latin word sollemnis, which means “solemn” or “religious.” But you don’t have to be solemn or religious to choose this unique and elegant name.


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Cute and Pretty French Girl Names

Many French girls’ names seem inherently cute and pretty. We’ve included some of the top ones in this category:

29. Chloé. This French girl’s name of Greek origin means “green shoot” and refers to the plants, flowers, and trees budding in spring. The Greek goddess of agriculture Demeter was also referred to as Chloe, which is the English spelling without the accent.

30. Colette. This is a variant of the name Nicolette, which is a diminutive of Nicole. Colette was also the name of a saint who gave all her money to help the poor. Choose this cute name if you’d like to instill altruism in your daughter.

31. Coralie. In Latin and Greek this name means “coral.” If you love the colours of ocean coral, choose this cute name.

32. Cosette. This cute French girl’s name comes from a word that means “little thing,” an adorable meaning. Theater fans and literature lovers will recognize the name from Les Misérables.

33. Daphné. Derived from a Greek word that means “laurel,” the name also has roots in mythology. Daphne was a nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree. The name can be written without the accent or with two Es like Daphnée.

34. Élise. This name is the shortened version of Elisabeth, which comes from the Hebrew girl’s name that means “my God is an oath.” Variant names include Lili and Lise.

35. Léna. This girl’s name has both French and Hungarian roots. It’s also commonly used as a short form for names like Helena, Magdalene, or Yelena.

36. Lucie. This is the French form of the name Lucia, which derives from the male Latin name Lucius. The girl’s name and its variant spellings became popular among women in Christian Europe after Saint Lucia.

37. Manon. This French name is a diminutive of Marie, which was a very popular girl’s name in France. Manon, however, has a cuter ring to it. And, if you’re a fan of opera you’ll recognize this name from either the Puccini or Massenet opera.

38. Noèle. This is the French girl’s version of the boy’s name Noël, which means “Christmas” in French. Traditionally, either name was given to a child born on the holiday. What an adorable idea!

39. Sabine. This is the French spelling of the name Sabina, which has Roman roots and refers to the Sabines, who were a group of ancient Italians.

40. Théa. This is French short version of girls’ names like Dorothea, Theodora, and Theresa. The Greek root word theos means “God.”

41. Virginie. This French form of the female name Virginia comes from Latin and means “maid” or “virgin.” A cute French diminutive for the name is Gigi. In France, the name peaked in popularity in 1975, which means it’s time to bring it back!

42. Zoé. With the accent, this is the French and Hungarian spelling of the girl’s name Zoe, which means “life” in Greek. It’s also considered a Jewish version of the name Eve. The name really came into popularity in the nineteenth century before peaking in the United States in 2012.

Beautiful French Girl Names

You’d think the more accents in the name, the more beautiful it becomes—well, that’s not entirely incorrect as many of the following French girls’ names prove:

43. Alizée. This name stems from a French word that means “trade wind.” You may like this beautiful girl’s name if you’re looking for a name inspired by nature.

44. Amélie. This is the French version of the name Amelia or Amalia. In German the root word amal means “work.” Although it’s not the most enticing meaning, in French it’s a very beautiful girl’s name. You may also recognize the name from the quirky French film from 2001.

45. Angélique. This French girl’s name was derived from the Latin word angelicus, meaning “angelic.” What a beautiful and fitting name for your baby girl!

46. Béatrice. This is the French version of the name Beatrix, which means “voyager” in Latin. The more common spelling is Beatrice. Spelled either way, this is a beautiful girl’s name with a unique meaning, perhaps one you'll choose if you love to travel and plan on showing your daughter the world! Cute nicknames include Bea or Trixie.

47. Bérénice. This name has Greek roots and means “bringing victory.” The name even appears in the Bible. In English, you’d likely recognize this name as Veronica.

48. Camélia. This name is based on the prized flowering shrub that is often grown in ornamental gardens. The tea plant is also included in this genus of flowering plant. If you’re a lover of flowers, gardens, nature, or tea, you’ll especially like this beautiful French girl’s name.

49. Geneviève. The origin of this name is uncertain, but it started out as a medieval name that could have come from German words that meant “kin” and “wife.” Fun fact: The French saint with this name is the patron saint of Paris. Although the name used to be more popular in France, it’s growing in popularity in the United States.

50. Régine. You’re likely to recognize this French girl’s name as Regina, which means “queen” in Latin. It’s a beautiful name and meaning for your daughter.

51. Séphora. This is the French version of the Hebrew girl’s name Zipporah, which means “bird.” The name also appears in the Bible. If you like names based in nature, you’ll love this melodic and beautiful name.

52. Séraphine. Rooted in a Latin name that’s derived from the biblical word seraphim, this name means “fiery ones” in Hebrew. In the Bible, the seraphim are an order of angels. The French girl’s name isn’t that common, but it’s too beautiful not to bring back into use.

53. Yvonne. This French girl’s name is most likely derived from the male name Ivo, which means “yew” in German. Although the name’s meaning isn’t that interesting, the name itself sounds beautiful. If you’re looking for names that are good for twins, consider pairing Yvonne with the male equivalent, Yves.

54. Valérie. Of Latin origin, this name means “to be strong.” The English word valor is also related to this French name. What a beautiful name for a strong baby girl.

Old-Fashioned French Girl Names

If you’re looking for a classic name with old-fashioned charm and character, take your pick from among these French girls’ names:

55. Albertine. This name is the French female form of the male name Albert. The root word for both names mean “noble and bright” in German. If you’re looking for a French girl’s name with old-fashioned charm and a terrific meaning, choose Albertine.

56. Céline. This beautiful French girl’s name comes from the Roman name Caelius, which means “heaven” in Latin. The name is also considered a short version of the French girl’s name Marceline. You may like the name if you’re a fan of the Canadian singer Céline Dion.

57. Charlène. This is the French female version of the name Charles. Although the girl’s name has dipped in popularity, why not consider bringing it back for its old-fashioned charm? A cute nickname could be Charley.

58. Christiane. This is both the French and German female version of the male name Christian. Both the girl and boy’s names have an old-fashioned charm and elegance.

59. Françoise. This is the female form of the French male name François. Both are based on the Latin name Franciscus, meaning “Frenchman.” It’s a pretty name that plays on words. Cute nicknames include Francine and Francette.

60. Gabrielle. You’ll recognize this name as the feminine form of the male name Gabriel, which means “God is my strong man” in Hebrew. In the Bible, the name refers to the archangel Gabriel. As a French girl’s name, cute nicknames include Gabby or Brielle.

61. Gisèle. This French girl’s name has German origins and means “pledge.” The name is very old and was popular among women during the Middle Ages in France. It came into English usage in the twentieth century.

62. Hélène. With Greek origins, meaning “torch” or “corposant,” this name comes from the Greek myth about Helen of Troy. A fourth-century saint also bore the name, making this French girl’s name very old and historical.

63. Lisette. Although this name is rather old and uncommon, it’s actually a diminutive of the quite popular name Elisabeth. Choose this old-fashioned French girl’s name if you’re looking for one with classic charm.

64. Martine. Derived from the Roman male name Martinus, which was most likely a reference to Mars, the Roman god of war, Martine has an old-fashioned ring to it. If you’re a Francophile, you might also like this French girl’s name for the reason that the patron saint of France is Saint Martin of Tours.

65. Michèle. This is the French female form of the name Michael, which means “Who is like God” in Hebrew. It’s the perfect name choice if you’re looking for an old French girl’s name as well as one that’s biblical.

66. Nathalie. In English you’ll recognize this name as Natalie—the French version of this girl’s name adds a letter H. The name means “Christmas Day” in Latin. You might consider following an old French tradition of naming your baby girl Nathalie if she’s born on the holiday.

67. Renée. Both the French girl’s name Renée and the French boy’s name René stem from the Latin name Renatus, which means “born again” in Latin. Both of these French names would be classic, old-fashioned choices.

68. Véronique. This name is related to Bérénice, which appears earlier on this list. However, the meaning is different as Véronique means “true image” in Latin. You may like to choose this name if your daughter is a spitting image of either parent.

69. Violette. Meaning “violet” in English, this French girl’s name refers to the petite purple flower. As a name it came into use sometime during the nineteenth century.

70. Vivienne. Derived from the Latin name Vivianus, which means “alive,” this name is often considered unisex when spelled Vivian. As the French form, Vivienne, it’s used exclusively as a girl’s name.

71. Yvette. Just like the name Yvonne, which appears earlier on this list, this French girl’s name also derives from the male name Ivo. As Yvette, the name has a cute, more playful tone than Yvonne. But either name has that old charm you’re looking for in a French girl’s name.

The Bottom Line

With any luck, you've selected the best French girl’s name on this list for your daughter. If you're still hunting for inspiration, check out our list of unique baby names and our top baby girl names.

For more inspiration in choosing a name for your baby girl, explore our articles on baby names from various origins and their meanings such as Chinese girl names, Korean girl names, Italian girl names and more.

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