190 German Girl Names With Meanings

If the quest is on for an ideal name for your baby girl, you've landed in the right place. Our list encompasses an array of German baby girl names and their meanings, which range from traditional to unique, and charmingly cute. Each name boasts a profound history, significant meaning, or an influential namesake. Regardless of whether your preference leans towards a timeless German girls’ name to pay homage to your roots, or you're drawn to something more modern or distinctive, our compilation is sure to cater to your preference.

Popular and Common German Girl Names

You'll find familiar names such as Mia, Emma, and Ella in this list of the most popular German girl names in recent years. Of course, these are just a sample, so keep reading for more top female names for women in Germany:

1. Emilia. The top female name choice in Germany is this sweet form of Aemilius meaning “rival.” And it certainly is a name that could rival all the others—it has even seen a rise in popularity in many countries around the world. Emilia is featured in several of Shakespeare’s plays and is also the name of British actress Emilia Clarke.

2. Mia. This adorable and internationally popular name means “mine” in Italian. It’s also a diminutive of the classic name Maria and is often used as a short form of names containing mia. As a standalone name, it has become a favourite choice in Germany and many other countries.

3. Sophia. Another name that’s popular not only in Germany but also in Canada and many other countries is Sophia, meaning “wisdom” in Greek. The German House of Hanover brought this name to Britain in the eighteenth century when they inherited the throne. It’s a beautifully sophisticated name for your wise little lady.

4. Emma. This girls’ name of German origin is a popular and classic name that never goes out of style and means “whole” or “great.” It could be an appealing option if you’re looking for royal baby names, thanks to Emma of Normandy, the wife of King Ethelred II and mother of Edward the Confessor. It’s also the name of a Jane Austen heroine and novel and the moniker of actresses Emma Thompson, Emma Stone, and Emma Watson.

5. Hannah. With its lovely meaning of “grace” and its biblical heritage, it’s no wonder this feminine classic is a popular German girls’ name as well as a timeless choice in Canada.

6. Lina. Often used as a short form for names containing lina, such as Carolina, this popular German girls’ name is also of Arabic origin and means “tender.” So, if you want a unique mix of German and Arabic girl names, it might be a great choice.


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7. Mila. With its meaning of “gracious” and “dear,” it’s no wonder this sweet name, which is actually of Russian origin, has become popular in Germany and around the world. Actress Mila Kunis is a well-known namesake.

8. Ella. Ella is of English and German origin, derived from the Germanic girls’ name Alia, meaning “other.” It’s also a diminutive form of names like Eleanor and Ellen, and can be used as a nickname for many different monikers. It’s an adorable and popular choice for a little girl.

9. Leni. Here we have a German girls’ name that’s a little less recognizable in Canada. Leni is a diminutive of Helene or Magdalena, meaning “torch,” “moon,” or “high tower.”

10. Clara. Clara is a beautiful and delicate name of Latin origin, derived from the Latin word clarus meaning “clear, bright, and famous”—perfect for your shining star! It was first popularized by thirteenth-century Saint Clare of Assisi and gained popularity again in the nineteenth century. In Germany, it jumped into the top 20 in 2015.

More Popular and Common German Girl Names

These girl names are the most popular in Germany, and many of them are classics. For even more inspiration, here are the next top names for girls in Germany, in order of popularity:


11.MarieBeloved, bitter
12.LiaMeadow, weary
13.LeaMeadow, weary
14.MathildaStrength in battle
16.IdaHard worker
17.LillyLily (flower name)
18.LuisaFamous in battle



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Unique German Girl Names

If you’re looking for unique baby names for your distinctive little lady—something rare that catches the eye—check out our list of unique German girl names:

21. Anneliese. Anneliese is a unique German name for girls meaning “graceful, loving, and merciful.” It’s a combination of the names Anna and Liese and is anglicized as Annalise.

22. Brunhilde. This unique German girls’ name and its meaning of “armoured battle-maid” certainly make it an interesting choice for a strong little female. The sixth-century Frankish queen Brunhilda is linked to a character from Germanic mythology—making it a great choice if you love mythological baby names

23. Elke. Meaning “noble” and “kind,” Elke is related to the name Alice. It’s a popular girls’ name in Germany and is the name of famous women, including the German actress Elke Sommer, the German writer Elke Heidenreich, and the German politician Elke Ferner.

24. Freya. Freya is a unique German and Norse girls’ name meaning “noble lady.” It’s derived from the Old Norse frauja, and in Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love and fertility, often associated with beauty, wealth, and war. She is also referred to as the “Lady of the Vanir.”

25. Gisela. A popular name in Germany, Gisela means “pledge.” Notable namesakes include Empress Gisela of the Holy Roman Empire, Gisela of Hungary, and Gisela of Bavaria. Gisela is also the name of a female saint in the Eastern Orthodox church.

26. Hedwig. This unique German girls’ name meaning “battling female warrior” has been used as a given name since the Middle Ages and was the name of several German queens. The name has a long history in literature and was most recently featured in the Harry Potter series as Harry’s snowy owl.

27. Hildegard. Meaning “battle-guardian,” this unique girls’ name has a long history of usage in Germany, dating back to the Middle Ages. In modern times, it’s widely used among German speakers, and it has also been adopted by English speakers in recent years, probably thanks to its cute diminutives such as Hildie and Hilda. Hildegard of Bingen was a famous twelfth-century German Benedictine Abbess and polymath, also known as Saint Hildegard and the Sibyl of the Rhine.

28. Karoline. If you want a unique German alternative to the top girls’ name Caroline, this might be a cool option. Karoline means “free woman” and is associated with German royalty, as well as romantic German poet Karoline von Günderrode and German actress Karoline Herfurth.

29. Liselotte. This is a combination of Lise and Charlotte and means “God is my oath” or “free woman.” Famous namesakes include actress Liselotte Pulver.

30. Thekla. Thekla is a rare German girls’ name meaning “divine fame.” In the Bible, Thekla was a follower of Paul the Apostle. It’s also a popular name in many Eastern European countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia.

More Unique German Girl Names

Here are even more unique German girl names to consider for your daughter:

34.GertrudSpear of strength
36.MagdalenaHigh tower
38.RikePeaceful ruler
39.WibkeBright battle
40.WilhelminaResolute protector


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Traditional and Old-Fashioned German Girl Names

If you’re looking for old-fashioned or traditional girl names, specifically German ones, you’ve come to the right place. In Germany, as well as in Canada, many traditional names are making a comeback. Here are some great options to consider:

41. Agnes. Agnes is a traditional German girls’ name that means “pure” or “holy.” It was a popular name in the Middle Ages and is associated with Saint Agnes, a Christian martyr. Namesakes include dancer and choreographer Agnes de Mille and actress Agnes Moorehead.

42. Bertha. This old-fashioned German girls’ name that means “bright” or “famous” was popular in the nineteenth century and is associated with Queen Bertha, a Frankish queen who played an important role in the spread of Christianity in Europe. Famous Berthas include Bertha Benz, a German inventor and wife of automobile inventor Carl Benz, and Bertha Pappenheim, a social worker and feminist pioneer.

43. Dorothea. Meaning “gift of God,” this German name for girls was a popular choice in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and is associated with the patron saint of gardeners, Saint Dorothea.

44. Helga. This German form of the Old Norse name Helgi means “holy” or “blessed.” Helga became popular again in Germany and Scandinavia in the twentieth century, and is associated with Helga Hufflepuff, a character in the Harry Potter series.

45. Hilda. If you’re looking for an old-fashioned German girls’ name that could still be trendy today, Hilda is a good choice. It means “battle woman” and was popular in the early 1900s, though is still used today.

46. Irma. Irma is a traditional German girls’ name that means “universal.” It was a popular name in the early 1900s but has since declined in popularity—why not bring this cute name back?

47. Käthe. Use this unique spelling for the diminutive German form of Katherine, meaning “pure.” German artist Käthe Kollwitz is a famous namesake, making it a great name for your future creator.

48. Liesel. If you’re looking for a cool German diminutive of the classic Elizabeth, Liesel is just that! The name is used for the character Liesel Meminger in the novel The Book Thief.

49. Petra. Petra is an old-fashioned German girls’ name that means “rock.” It’s the feminine form of Peter. The name Petra can be found in Ingmar Bergman's Smiles of a Summer Night and Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant.

50. Ursula. If you want a traditional German girls’ name with an adorable meaning, Ursula means “little bear” in Latin. Famous namesakes include Ursula K. Le Guin, an American author, and Ursula Andress, a Swiss actress.

More Traditional and Old-Fashioned German Girl Names

It’s hard to beat a traditional name with its wholesome and vintage vibes. Here are even more to enjoy:

51.AdelindeNoble, tender
52.EdithProsperous in war
54.IngebordThe help of Ing (a Germanic god)
55.JohannaGod is gracious
60.TrudeStrength of a spear

Pretty German Girl Names

Whether you’re looking for a pretty-sounding name or one with a lovely meaning, we’ve got some of the best and most beautiful German girl names for you to consider.

61. Adele. This pretty girls’ name of German origin is a form of Adela, plus any name containing the German element adal, meaning “noble.” If you have a future star on your hands, think of choosing Adele, the name of dancer and actress Adele Astaire and the British singer known simply as Adele.

62. Alice. Alice is a pretty and feminine name derived from the Old French girls’ name Aalis, a diminutive of Adelais, which itself comes from the Germanic name Adalheidis. The name Alice means “noble” and has been used for centuries, but it became especially popular due to Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which was published in 1865.

63. Annalie. Annalie is a pretty German girls’ name that’s a combination of Anna and Lie. It means “grace” and “beloved,” respectively. It’s a popular name in Germany and is often shortened to Anna or Lila.

64. Carina. This beauty means “dear little one.” It was first used in the twentieth century and is still a favourite today. Famous namesakes include Carina Lau, a Hong Kong actress, and Carina Wiese, a German actress.

65. Charlotte. If you’re looking for something formal and regal-sounding, this German and French feminine diminutive of Charles is a classic choice. Meaning “free woman,” Charlotte was the name of an eighteenth-century German queen consort of Britain and Ireland, and English author Charlotte Bronte.

66. Diana. This beautiful German girls’ name means “divine.” In ancient Rome, Diana was used as the name of the goddess of the hunt and the moon. Famous namesakes include American singer Diana Ross and Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales. A gorgeous choice for your divine little princess!

67. Evelin. Evelin is a pretty German girls’ name that means “desired.” If you like Irish girl names , Eibhlín is the Irish form of this moniker.

68. Felizitas. When your baby girl arrives, you may feel like the happiest and luckiest parent on Earth! So, why not pick a German name that literally means “happiness” and “luck?” Felizitas was used in ancient Rome as the name of the goddess of good luck.

69. Isabell. A pretty and feminine German girls’ name is this German variant of Isabel. It means “God is my oath” and has been popular in Germany since the 1990s. Famous namesakes include the German actress Isabell Horn and the German figure skater Isabell Ost.

70. Sibylle. With its enchanting meaning of “prophetess,” this German form of the name Sibyl refers to the sibyls (female prophets) from Greek and Roman mythology. It’s a beautiful and unique German girls’ name for your little one.

More Pretty German Girl Names

If you were won over by those beautiful German female names, here are even more for you:

72.CarolinFree woman
74.FraukeLittle lady
75.GertaSpear of strength
76.HeleneTorch, shining light
80.SentaTo grow


Cute German Girl Names

Are you looking for something as adorable as your baby girl? Well, look no further than these cute German girl names.

81. Ada. This adorable German baby girls’ name, which means “noble,” was the short form of Germanic names containing adal, such as Adelaide and Adelina. The name was borne by a seventh-century saint and the mathematician and writer Augusta Ada King (the Countess of Lovelace), who worked with polymath Charles Babbage on a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer. This cute German girls’ name could be an inspirational namesake for your trailblazing gal.

82. Elsa. You may think of the magical Disney character from Frozen when you see this name, which is a short form of Elisabeth and a German and Italian girls’ name. In medieval German tales and Richard Wagner's opera Lohengrin, Elsa von Brabant is the female protagonist.

83. Emmi. Of German and Finnish origin, Emmi is a short form of the name Emily, which is derived from the Latin name Aemilia, meaning “industrious.” It may be a cute and unique alternative to Emily and Emma.

84. Gerda. Of German origin, this cute girls’ name is a diminutive of the name Gerhardine, derived from the Germanic name Gerhard, meaning “strong spear.”

85. Greta. This adorable and classic German name for girls means “pearl.” It’s the short form of the name Margareta, derived from the English name Margaret. You may associate it with the iconic actress Greta Garbo, and actress, screenwriter, and director Greta Gerwig.

86. Heidi. With its sweet meaning of “noble and kind,” this cute German name for girls is a pet form of the name Adelheid, derived from the Germanic name Adalheidis. Heidi is the name of a classic children’s novel about a spirited little girl living in the Swiss Alps with her grandfather.

87. Ilse. If you’re looking for a cute form of a classic name, consider Ilse, the German diminutive of Elisabeth.

88. Inga. Ing comes from the name of a Norse god, possibly meaning “ancestor.” This baby girls’ name of German origin could also be a short form of the name Ingeborg, which is derived from the Old Norse name Ingibjorg, meaning “Ing’s protection.”

89. Lotte. Lotte is a short form of the name Charlotte, which is derived from the French name Charles, meaning “famous warrior.” It’s also a short form of the German girls’ name Liselotte, which is a combination of Charlotte and Elizabeth. Lotte is a cute and fun alternative to its related formal names.

90. Mina. There’s little sweeter than this name’s meaning of “love.” Mina is a short form of the German name for females, Wilhelmina, which is derived from the masculine name Wilhelm.

More Cute German Girl Names

Still on the search for something adorable? Keep reading:

92.AninaFavor, grace
94.BiankaWhite, fair
96.DitaThe people’s ruler
98.GabiGod is my strength
99.IngridIng (a Norse god) is beautiful
100.OdaWealth, fortune


Strong and Powerful German Female Names

Your little lady may be a force to be reckoned with, and in that case, she’ll need a name to match her strength. Here are some strong German names for females, some with powerful meanings or inspirational namesakes.

101. Astrid. Astrid is a strong German female name that means “divinely beautiful” or “godly strength.” It was popularized by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, known for her children’s books, including Pippi Longstocking. Other notable namesakes include Princess Astrid of Belgium and the German actress Astrid M. Fünderich.

102. Brigitte. Meaning “strength” or “exalted one,” Brigitte is a powerful German girls’ name. It was popularized by the French actress and model Brigitte Bardot. Other famous namesakes include Brigitte Nielsen, a Danish actress and model, and Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-American author and activist.

103. Else. This short form of Elisabeth means “noble” or “pledged to God.” It was a favourite name in the early 1900s and is still used today. Notable namesakes include the Danish-American author and illustrator Else Holmelund Minarik who created the Little Bear children’s book series.

104. Jutte. Meaning “jewel” or “bright,” this strong-sounding female name from Germany is a great choice for your shining star!

105. Monika. This form of Monica appears in various languages, including German, and means “advisor.” However, neither version has seen much action in recent years—maybe it’s time to bring back this strong and classic German girls’ name.

106. Nora. The name Nora is a variant of the name Honora, which means “honour” or “esteem” in Latin. It gained popularity in Germany in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and is now a commonly used name in German-speaking countries.

107. Sabine. The name Sabine, derived from the ancient Roman tribe of the Sabines, is an appealing, strong female name in Germany. It’s pronounced zah-bee-nuh in German and is often shortened to Sabi as a cute nickname.

108. Verena. Verena is a strong and unique German female name that means “integrity” or “truth” and is often associated with wisdom, independence, and inner strength. It certainly makes for an inspirational name for a baby girl.

109. Xenia. If you’re looking for a powerful German name that is also a Greek name for girls, Xenia may be a cool option. Plus, it’s associated with warmth, kindness, and a friendly nature thanks to its meaning of “hospitality.”

110. Yvonne. Yvonne is a strong and classic German name for females that has French origins. It means “yew tree” and is often associated with strength, resilience, and determination. It’s a timeless choice that could be a strong and elegant name for your daughter.

More Strong and Powerful German Female Names

Feel the power with even more strong German names and their meanings:

111.AlmaNurturing, soul
115.KarlaFree woman
116.MaudMighty in battle
117.MillicentStrong in work
119.RenateBorn again
120.RoswithaFame, Strong


Cool German Names for Girls

Are you looking for a German name with a cool meaning? Or perhaps you find German girl names particularly cool. Either way, put your shades on because we’ve got some cool options for your little trendsetter.

121. Angelika. This cool name is the German form of Angelica and is also used in Hungary and Poland. It has the lovely meaning of “angelic,” which is perfect for your little angel.

122. Anuschka. If you like Russian girl names as well as German ones, you might like this German form of the Russian name Annushka, which is a diminutive of Anna. This cool German girls’ name means “favour” and “grace.”

123. Augusta. This German feminine form of Augustus has Latin origins. It means “great” or “venerable” and is often associated with strength, dignity, and leadership. King George III, a member of the German House of Hanover, gave this name to his second daughter.

124. Babette. This charming and distinctive German name for girls also has French origins. It’s a diminutive form of Barbara, which means “foreign woman” or “stranger.” It’s a cool alternative to the more old-fashioned Barbara.

125. Beatrix. Meaning “voyager” or “blessed,” Beatrix is often associated with intelligence, independence, and resilience. The X ending adds a trendy and playful note to this cool German baby girls’ name. It’s often associated with the beloved author of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter.

126. Cäcilia. This German form of Cecilia gives off a cool vibe thanks to its unique spelling. It means “blind” and is often associated with music, as Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music.

127. Dietlinde. Meaning “ruler of the people,” this cool and distinctive German girls’ name comes from the Germanic name Theodelinda. It belonged to a sixth-century Bavarian princess who became queen of the Lombards.

128. Eike. Both a feminine and masculine name, Eike oozes edginess with its unique and trendy vibe and meaning of “blade” and “brave.”

129. Gretel. Are you a fan of names inspired by fairy tales? If so, you may recognize this one from Hansel and Gretel, the fairytale made popular by the Brothers Grimm. The name ultimately stems from Margaret meaning “pearl.”

130. Hertha. This cool German name for women is a form of the name Nerthus from Germanic mythology. It belonged to the Germanic goddess of fertility.

More Cool German Names for Girls

Check out even more cool German names for girls below:

131.AloisiaFamous in battle
132.AnnettFavour, grace
135.EdelgardNoble house
136.ElfriedeElf strength
137.FritziPeaceful ruler
138.IsoldeIce battle
139.RaphaelaGod heals
140.SaskiaA Saxon


Even More German Girl Names

50 More German Girl Names


Top German girl names


In our list of 190 German names for girls, you’ll find plenty of beautiful choices for your sweet daughter. Some of these include:

  • Annalie
  • Charlotte
  • Felizitas
  • Isabell.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you've found a German name for your daughter that inspires you, with a rich history and cool European vibe. If you’re still searching for that perfect name, you might explore further afield with these beautiful Korean girl names, Japanese girl names, or Indian girl names. While you’re searching for baby names, you might also like to consider packing your hospital bag in preparation for the big arrival. You can also download the Pampers Club app to get rewards and discounts on all those diaper purchases.