170 Russian Girl Names With Meanings

Embark on an enchanting journey through Russian baby girl names where you can discover unique, popular, strong, and beautiful monikers that captivate both ears and hearts. Immerse yourself in the charm of Russian girl names and their meanings—perfect for your precious bundle of joy.

Popular Russian Girl Names

Here you'll find a selection of some of the most popular and common Russian female names from recent years—you might even recognize some of them. 1. Sofiya. One of the most popular and common Russian girls’ names in recent years is this lovely form of Sophia meaning “wisdom.” Interestingly, many variations of this name, including Sophia, Sophie, and Sofia, are widely used around the world—and it’s no wonder. With its pretty, feminine, and sophisticated vibe, Sofiya is perfect for your wise little lady. 2. Mariya. You might recognize this popular girls’ name as the Russian form of the classic name Maria, with possible meanings such as “drop of the sea” and “beloved.” It’s a great option if you want a unique spin on the timeless Maria, or to honour one of the many namesakes, both real and fictional. 3. Anna. Here’s another name that’s popular in many areas of the world, as well as in Russia. The sweet and wholesome Anna, meaning “grace,” is actually a form of Hannah. This name was used by several Russian royals, as well as by Leo Tolstoy in his novel Anna Karenina, and, more recently, by Elsa’s sister in the movie Frozen. 4. Alisa. Alisa is a Russian form of the classic girls’ name Alice, meaning “great happiness,” which is surely what your baby girl will bring to your life! 5. Eva. This form of Eve is well represented in many countries around the world, so consider it an international name. It has the vibrant meaning of “life.” 6. Viktoriya. You guessed it—this popular Russian girls’ name is the Russian form of Victoria! It’s also a strong choice thanks to its meaning of “victory.” 7. Polina. This popular Russian girls’ name may be related to the name Paulina, ultimately deriving from the male name Paul, meaning “humble.” It may also be a short form of Apollinariya, one of our strong Russian female names. 8. Alexandra. If you're interested in baby names from mythology, a good choice would be Alexandra, which is an epithet of the goddess Hera. The name also belonged to the wife of the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II. While Alexandra is strong and elegant, it also has some cute and fun nicknames such as Alex, Lexi, Ali, and Sandy, to name just a few. 9. Yelizaveta. That’s right! Yelizaveta is the Russian form of the regal and worldly Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.” It was also borne by an eighteenth-century Russian empress, making it the perfect choice if you’d like a royal baby name for your little princess. 10. Varvara. Can you guess what name this cool Russian girls’ name is a form of? It’s Barbara! While Barbara may seem a little old-fashioned, Varvara adds a modern and vivacious spin to this Russian name for females.


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Unique Russian Girl Names

Are you looking for a unique girls’ name for your daughter? If so, here’s a selection of beautiful and rare Russian girl names that are sure to make your daughter stand out from the crowd! 11. Agafya. First up is this rare Russian form of Agatha, simply meaning “good.” It might be a unique option if you want to honour any Agathas in your family. And it comes with the cute nickname Aggie. 12. Anzhelina. Anzhelina is a feminine form of the name Anzhel and the Russian form of Angelina. Meaning “angel,” it’s a unique yet popular Russian girls’ name that has been borne by various famous people, including the Russian figure skater Anzhelina Konstantinovna. 13. Assol. This very rare Russian girls’ name has an unknown meaning. It was used in Russian literature by Alexander Grin in his novel Scarlet Sails. It’s certainly an unusual option for your little one. 14. Elmira. This girls’ name is rare and has a unique meaning, “electrification of the world,” in Russian—making it stand out from the crowd! This name is derived from a Germanic word meaning “noble” and appears in French playwright Molière’s 1664 play Tartuffe. 15. Katerina. This is the short form of the Russian female name Yekaterina and a form of Katherine. Meaning “pure,” it’s a popular Russian girls’ name and has been borne by various famous people, including the Russian actress Katerina Guseva. 16. Liliya. If you’re searching for a unique flower name for girls, go with Liliya, the Russian version of Lily—a flower that symbolizes purity. 17. Motya. A unisex name in Russia, Motya is a diminutive of the masculine name Matvey (Matthew in English) meaning “gift of God” and the unique Russian girls’ name Matrona, meaning “lady” or “mother.” 18. Ofeliya. Are you a fan of the beautiful Ancient Greek name Ophelia with its links to famous literature? If so, Ofeliya is the Russian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, and Belarusian form. Why not try this rare Russian girls’ name on for size? 19. Ulyana. There’s something unique about girl names starting with U and Ulyana embodies that uniqueness with its cool and trendy edge. It’s also the Russian form of Juliana meaning “youthful” or “sky father.” 20. Zinaida. Pronounced zyi-nu-EE-də, this unique Russian girls’ name is a form of the Greek name Zenaida, which means “sky” or “shine.” Z names are trendy and cool by nature, but on top of that, this Russian girls’ name is derived from the name Zeus—the Greek god of the sky and weather.


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More Unique Russian Girl Names

There’s something special about unique and uncommon baby names, and these Russian options add an extra dollop of uniqueness. Here are more for you to enjoy:

 NameRussian alphabetMeaning
23.AlyonaАлёнкаTorch, moon
24.AriadnaАриаднаMost holy
26.FedoraФедораGift of God
27.GennadiyaГеннадияNoble, generous
28.LidiyaЛидияFrom Lydia


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Cute Russian Girl Names

Welcome to the world of cute and adorable Russian baby girl names! Whether you're looking for a short and sweet name or something with a delightful meaning, you'll appreciate the following ideas for your cute daughter's name. 31. Albina. Albina is a cute Russian girl name that means "white" or “bright.” It’s a beautiful choice that evokes a feeling of innocence and purity. It’s a derivative of the name Albus—the much-loved fictional headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. 32. Alesya. This cute diminutive of Aleksandra means “defender of the people,” and makes for an adorable alternative to the more classic and formal option. 33. Ania. If you want cute, think of Ania. It's the sweet Polish and Russian diminutive of Anna, with the lovely meaning “grace.” 34. Darya. If you value a good and true heart, you could choose this name, which means “possessing goodness”—an excellent trait for your sweet little lady. In Persian, this name means “ocean.” With either meaning, you have an adorable Russian name for females. 35. Elvira. If you also enjoy Spanish girl names, consider Elvira, which is of Spanish origin and is frequently used in Russia. It possibly means “happy” or “friendly,” and is the name of Russian pop singer Elvira T, as well as the name of a character in Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni. 36. Emiliya. This adorable Russian girls’ name is a form of the English name Emily, another cute and popular option—despite its meaning of “rival.” 37. Lara. Lara is a Russian girls’ name meaning “citadel” and the short form of Larisa. It’s also the name of a heroine in the Russian novel Doctor Zhivago and the moniker of the video game character Lara Croft. 38. Masha. Masha is a cute diminutive of the popular Russian girls’ name, Mariya, which is a form of Maria. It’s a little unusual but an adorable option for your baby girl. 39. Mila. This sweet Russian girls’ name has been rising in popularity in recent years. It could be a charming choice for your daughter, with its cute meanings of “dear” and “gracious,” and a famous namesake in Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis (born Milena). 40. Tamara. Meaning “date palm tree,” this cute Russian girls’ name became popular in the 1950s. This may have been thanks to various Russian and Ukrainian performers who emigrated to the United States, including Tamara Karsavina, Tamara Drasin, Tamara Geva, and Tamara Toumanova.

More Cute Russian Girl Names

If those sweet names won you over, we’ve got even more cute Russian monikers to consider for your little girl:

 NameRussian alphabetMeaning
43.AsyaАсяResurrection, defender
47.MaryaМарьяDrop of the sea, beloved
48.RadaРадаHappy, willing
50.SashaСаняDefender of people


Beautiful and Pretty Russian Girl Names

A beautiful name may have a charming or pretty meaning, or it may simply sound attractive. Either way, we’ve got some beautiful Russian girl names that you’ll adore: 51. Agnessa. This beautiful Russian form of Agnes means “chaste” and belonged to the martyred Saint Agnes of Rome. 52. Alevtina. Although little is known about this unique and beautiful Russian girls’ name, it’s possibly a variant of the Latin name Valentina. Interestingly, Valentina Tereshkova was a Soviet cosmonaut and the first female in space. 53. Amaliya. Meaning “brave,” Amaliya is the Russian form of Amalia, which is an Italian girls’ name, as well as a name used in Germany, Romania, and Sweden. 54. Avrora. If you’re a morning person, you may like this name, which means “dawn” in Latin. Avrora is the Russian form of the beautiful girls’ name Aurora which was also the name of the Roman goddess of the morning, and the princess from Sleeping Beauty. 55. Diana. Speaking of princesses, you may associate this name with the Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer. It means “divine” and “goddesslike,” and belonged to the Roman goddess of the moon, forests, childbirth, and protector of wild animals—what’s more beautiful than that! Diana also reached number 30 in the top baby girl names in Russia in recent years. 56. Inessa. The beautiful Spanish name Inés has recently found popularity across Europe, so why not try out the Russian form, Inessa? It means “pure.” 57. Kamilla. This version of Camilla is used in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, and Sweden. In Hungary, it’s also the word chamomile, a calming herb and flower—a beautiful Russian name for your little girl. 58. Klara. Meaning “bright,” Klara is the Russian form of Clara, both of which are used frequently across the globe. It’s an elegant and beautiful Russian girls’ name for your shining star. 59. Lyubov. If you want a name that embodies your relationship with your little one, choose this one, which means “love.” 60. Roksana. Another beautiful meaning for another pretty Russian girls’ name. Roksana means “bright, shining,” which may reflect your baby girl’s influence in your life.

More Beautiful and Pretty Russian Girl Names

A baby girl deserves a name that reflects her beauty, so here are even more pretty Russian girl names:

 NameRussian alphabetMeaning
61.AglayaАглаяSplendour, beauty
62.AleksandrinaАлександринаDefender of people
64.DariaДарьяPossessing goodness
65.EleonoraЭлеонораAncient north
70.SusannaСусаннаLily, lotus


Traditional Russian Names for Girls

There are many Russian names for girls that reflect the country's rich history and culture. Take a look at some of these traditional and old-fashioned Russian names for females: 71. Aleksandra. Aleksandra and many versions of this name (some of which you’ll find throughout our list) are very popular in Russia. Aleksandra is a wholesome and classic Russian girls’ name meaning “defender of the people.” 72. Anastasia. This old-fashioned and common Russian name for females also spelled Anastasiya, means “resurrection.” It was borne by the wife of Ivan the Terrible, a Russian czar, and the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, the last Russian czar. 73. Annushka. Meaning “grace,” Annushka is a Russian diminutive of the classic girls’ name Anna. Known as an affectionate diminutive, adding “-ushk” to a name typically emphasizes a familiar, tender, affectionate attitude toward the person. 74. Dominika. If you’re little one is born on a Sunday, you might consider this Russian girls’ form of Dominic, a name that was traditionally given to children born on Sunday. 75. Elena. In Russian and in several other languages, Elena is used as a form of the traditional girls’ name Helen. This name means “moon” and offers some cute options for nicknames, such as Ellie, Ella, and Lena. 76. Irina. With its profound meaning of “peace,” Irina adds a little extra beauty and style to the more common form, Irene. Anton Chekhov used the name Irina for a character in his play The Three Sisters. 77. Julia. From the Roman family name Julius, this classic girls’ name has endured the test of time and is well-represented around the globe; in Russia, it’s pronounced with a Y sound at the beginning instead of a J. Some famous namesakes include actresses Julia Roberts and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and TV chef Julia Child. 78. Maria. You may have seen the popular Russian version of this girls’ name earlier in our list, but now we have the most traditional and well-known version. Meaning “beloved” or “drop of the sea,” Maria is a classic choice, especially if you like biblical baby names. It’s borne by the former world No. 1 tennis player from Russia, Maria Sharapova, and Russian ballet dancer Maria Kochetkova. 79. Natalya. This is the Russian form of Natalie, meaning “Christmas day”—making it perfect for a child born on or around the festive holiday. 80. Svetlana. Often used in Russia and Eastern Europe, Svetlana means “star.” It’s a unique and traditional Russian name choice for your little girl who is sure to shine as bright as a star.

Strong Russian Female Names

Many Russian names for females have strong and powerful meanings, namesakes, or sounds, making them ideal for your fierce little lady. So, take your pick from the following: 81. Angela. Although not actually of Russian origin, Angela is still used in Russia and is sometimes spelled Anzhela. It comes from the gender-neutral name Angel, which, of course, was inspired by the heavenly creatures who act as messengers from God. 82. Apollinariya. This long and powerful girls’ name is the Russian form of Apollinaris, which, of course, comes from the name of the Greek god Apollo. It may mean “strength” or “father light” and is often associated with medicine, music, poetry, art, and wisdom. 83. Galina. Galina is the Russian form of the Greek name Galenos, meaning “calm.” Remaining calm amidst the chaos is a strong and valued quality that many of us seek. 84. Irinushka. In our list of traditional girls’ names, we saw the name Irina meaning “peace”; now here’s its diminutive, Irinushka. The ending of ushka adds an extra kick to the name and is typically used when showing familiarity. 85. Izolda. The Z sound lends a strong and cool vibe to this Russian name for females. It’s also a form of the name Iseult, with possible Celtic origins. In Arthurian legend, this was the name of an Irish princess. 86. Larisa. Of Greek origin, Larisa means “citadel” and can be found in Greek mythology. It was also the name of a fourth-century martyred saint who is venerated by the Eastern church. 87. Ludmila. Meaning “beloved of the people,” Ludmila was a tenth-century duchess of Bohemia and a character in Aleksandr Pushkin's poem Ruslan and Lyudmila. It also offers the fun nicknames Mila, Lida, and Luda. 88. Marfa. No doubt your baby girl will be the lady of the house and will rule your heart when she arrives, so why not pick a name that reflects this? Marfa, the Russian form of Martha, means “the lady” or “master.” 89. Marina. Meaning “of the sea,” Marina evokes power, mystery, and calm—just like the sea itself. This strong Russian female name was used in Shakespeare’s play Pericles and might be a great choice for a water sign baby (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Famous Russian bearers of this name include the opera singer Marina Poplavskaya and the poet and writer Marina Tsvetaeva. 90. Tatiana. Of Russian origin, Tatiana is derived from the Roman name Tatius. It was the name of a third-century martyred saint who was venerated in Orthodox Christianity. It's a popular name for girls in Russia and Eastern Europe.

More Strong Russian Female Names

If you were inspired by those strong Russian girl names, check out the following list for even more options:

 NameRussian alphabetMeaning
91.BoleslavaБолеславаGreater, glory
95.OlimpiadaОлимпиадаMount Olympus
96.StefaniyaСтефанияCrown, wreath
98.ValeriyaВалерияTo be strong


Short Russian Girl Names

Short names can serve as cute or playful first names, middle names for girls, or fun nicknames for your little lady. Here are some awesome short Russian girl names for you to choose from. 101. Aleks. As you may have guessed, Aleks is a shortened form of the popular name Aleksandra, which is the Russian feminine form of Alexander, meaning "defender of the people." It’s a common name in Slavic countries, having been borne by notable figures such as writer Aleksandr Pushkin and the last empress of Russia, Aleksandra Fyodorovna. It’s adorable as a nickname or a stand-alone name. 102. Alina. Alina is a Latin name derived from the word “albus” meaning “bright” or “white.” It’s popular in Slavic countries and is the name of a famous Romanian singer, Alina Eremia. 103. Alya. This short and sweet Russian girls’ name is derived from the Greek name for “lion,” Alexandros. It’s also a nickname for Alexandra. And if you’re interested in Arabic girl names, you'll appreciate knowing that Alya means “heaven” in Arabic. 104. Dasha. Dasha is a short form of the name Daria, which is derived from the Persian name for “kingly” or “kingdom.” This short girls’ name is popular in Russia; the Ukrainian version is Daryna. 105. Ira. In Russia, Ira is the short form of the girls’ name Irina, which means “peace.” Ira is also a masculine Hebrew name meaning "watchful" and is the short form of the name Irving. 106. Iya. This adorable short Russian name for girls was borne by a fourth-century martyred saint, venerated by the Eastern Orthodox church. It may also be a Nigerian name meaning “appreciate.” 107. Lana. Lana is a short Russian girls’ name meaning “little rock”. It’s a short form of the name Alana, which is a variation of the name Helen. Will your little lady be your rock? 108. Liza. Meaning “God is my oath” in Latin, Liza is a short form of the name Elizabeth or Yelizaveta in Russian. A famous star with this name is Liza Minnelli. 109. Nina. With its sweet meaning, “little girl,” this short form of Antonina or Giannina is used in Russia and many other countries across Europe—and it’s not hard to see why! 110. Olga. Olga is a Russian name for women meaning “holy.” It’s the Russian form of the Old Norse name Helga and belonged to a tenth-century saint. These short and classic names are becoming trendy again, so why not bring Olga back?

More Short Russian Girl Names

Check out our list below for more short Russian names for women:

 NameRussian alphabetMeaning
112.AnyaАняFavor, grace
116.LenaЛенаBright, beautiful
117.NataНатаChristmas day
119.NikaНеллиTrue image
120.SanyaСаняDefender of people


Even More Russian Names for Girls

As if all those names weren’t enough, we’ve got 50 more to help inspire you on your baby’s name journey: 50 More Russian Names for Girls

50 More Russian Names for Girls



Choosing the prettiest Russian name for your baby girl is a matter of opinion, and it’s up to you to decide what name you find most attractive. Whether you like floral names, celestial monikers, names with pretty meanings such as “divine” or “love,” or simply pretty-sounding names, we’ve got plenty to choose from in our list.

The Bottom Line

If you were inspired by those unique Russian girl names, you may enjoy checking out our list of Russian boy names. Or expand your horizons and your name search with inspiration from our other international names, such as:

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