170 Greek Boy Names With Meanings

The Greek language is something to consider when naming a baby boy, as many modern names actually come from Ancient Greek male monikers. And, of course, nothing beats a powerful Greek boys’ name with unique, strong and mythical meanings. To help you on your baby-naming journey, check out our list of top Greek names for boys, which includes common, popular, classic, cool, unique and rare options. You’ll surely find some intriguing choices!

Common and Popular Greek Boy Names

Based on name statistics in Greece, these 10 Greek names for boys are the most popular and most common in Greece. You can’t go wrong by choosing one of these top options.

1. Georgios. This is the Greek version of the boys’ name George, which means “farmer” or “earth worker.” The name became popular after a third-century saint supposedly defeated a dragon. Choose this name for your mythical little dragon slayer! 2. Dimitrios. This Greek boys’ name is derived from the goddess Demeter, who was responsible for agriculture. Her name means “earth mother.” 3. Ioannis. Greek for John, this biblical name means “God is gracious” in Hebrew. In the Bible, John the Baptist and John the Apostle are two important male figures with this name. 4. Nikolaos. Meaning “victory of the people,” this Greek form of the name Nicholas was popularized by the fourth-century patron saint of children, sailors and merchants. This saint's identity gave rise to the legendary figure of Santa Claus in the nineteenth century. 5. Konstantin. This name was borne by the Roman emperor Constantine, who was the first leader to adopt Christianity in the Roman Empire. You might have guessed that the name means “constant” or “steadfast.” 6. Christos. Early Greek-speaking Christians used this moniker when speaking of Jesus, the “anointed.” The name is a translation of the Hebrew word messiah. 7. Panagiotis. In Greek, this male name means “all holy” and is used as a title for the Virgin Mary. 8. Vasileios. This is the Ancient Greek form of the male name Basil, which means “king” in Greek. Basil was a famous fourth-century bishop and theologian in the early Christian church. 9. Konstantinos. Choose this version for the long form of the fifth top Greek boys’ name Konstantin. It, too, is based on the name Constantine, except that this is the more traditional spelling. 10. Athanasios. Meaning “immortal” in Greek, this name was popularized by the fourth-century saint who lived in Alexandria, Egypt.


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Rare and Unique Greek Boy Names

So, you’d like a unique boy name for your newborn to set him apart from the pack? Look no further than this list of Greek boy names that are unique and rarely used.

11. Asterios. What is the Greek boys’ name for “star”? Asterios is one option! If you’d like your baby’s name to have connections to mythology, consider this mythological name that simply means “starry”—what a perfect meaning for your starry-eyed tyke. 12. Dorotheos. Though a Greek boys’ name, this unique option is based on a female moniker. Dorotheos derives from the name Dorothy and means “gift of God.” 13. Efthimios. Meaning “in good spirits” or “generous,” this Greek boys’ name could be the perfect choice for a little one with a jolly disposition. 14. Haris. An alternate spelling of Charis, this gender-neutral baby name means “grace” and “kindness.” It was borne by a fourth-century BCE Greek warrior. 15. Lefteris. The short form of Eleftherios, this Greek boys’ name simply means “free.” 16. Panayiotis. What is a unique Greek boys’ name? You can’t go wrong here, as this choice is the rare alternate spelling of the name Panagiotis, which means “all holy.” The name is often used as a title for the Virgin Mary in Greece. 17. Marinos. The Greek spelling of the Roman name Marinus, this boys’ name either means “of the sea” or “male” and is derived from the name of the Roman god Mars (Ares in Greek mythology). 18. Paraskevas. This is the masculine form of the Greek girls’ name Paraskeve, which means “preparation” or “Friday.” You might like to choose this name if you’re having a baby boy on a Friday. 19. Theofylaktos. This Greek boys’ name simply means “watched by God.” 20. Yiorgos. As it's an alternate spelling of the Greek male name Georgios (the top name on our list), you might recognize this as George. It means “farmer” or “earth worker” in Greek.

More Rare and Unique Greek Boy Names

Following are additional unique Greek boy names to choose from:

21.AnargyrosPoor, incorruptible
22.ApostolosMessenger, apostle
23.CharalamposTo shine from happiness
24.CharisGrace, kindness
27.NektariosNectar, drink of the gods
28.PantelisAll compassionate
29.StamatiosStop, finish, complete



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Ancient Greek Male Names

Looking for a meaningful Ancient Greek option? Then you’ll like these Ancient Greek names for boys that range from mythology to poetry. 31. Achilleus. This is the Greek form of the name Achilles, which may mean “pain.” Achilles is the brave hero of Homer’s Iliad who was killed with an arrow to the heel! Hence the term Achilles’ heel.

32. Chrysanthos. Meaning “golden flower” in Greek, this boys’ name was first used by an Egyptian saint in the third century.

33. Dionysios. Derived from the name of the Greek god Dionysos (god of fertility and wine), this Greek male name was formed by combining the words Dios and Nysa, meaning “of Zeus” and “tree,” respectively. Nysa was also the name of the mountainous region where the young god grew up.

34. Ermis. This is the modern Greek form of the boys’ name for Hermes, known as the messenger god. The name means “cairn (pile of stones)” or “boundary marker.” Hermes was also the patron god of travellers, writers, athletes, merchants, thieves and orators.

35. Evripidis. This is the Greek spelling of the name Euripides, a famous fifth-century BCE dramatist. His name refers to the strait between the Greek islands of Euboea and Boeotia.

36. Iason. This is how Jason is spelled in Greek. Meaning “healer,” the male name became famous from the Greek mythic hero Jason, who goes on a quest to find the Golden Fleece.

37. Menelaos. This spelling is the Greek form of Menelaus, who was the Spartan king and husband of Helen of Troy. In the story, she was abducted by Paris. Menelaus’ brother Agamemnon led the siege of Troy using the famous Trojan horse. The name means “to stay/last.”

38. Omiros. We’ve mentioned Homer above, and Omiros is the Greek version of his name. The Greek epic poet of the eighth century BCE is thought to have written both the Iliad and the Odyssey. This Ancient Greek male name means “hostage” or “pledge.”

39. Orfeas. This is the ancient spelling of the Greek mythological name Orpheus, which means “darkness of night.” Orpheus visited the underworld to bring back his dead wife, Eurydice. Unfortunately, he lost her a second time!

40. Sofoklis. Sophocles was a famous fifth-century BCE Greek tragic poet who wrote more than 120 plays, of which only seven exist today, including Ajax, Antigone, Electra and Oedipus Rex. The male name means “skilled” or “clever” from the Greek word sophos and “glory” from the Greek word kleos.

More Ancient Greek Male Names

Looking for more options from a bygone era? Check out these additional Ancient Greek boy names:

41.AgapiosInnocent, not evil
43.CharilaosGrace of the people
44.KyriakosOf the Lord
47.ProkopiosProgress, advance
48.StergiosTo love, be content
49.SokratisUnwounded, safe, power


Classic Greek Boy Names

What is a good Greek name for a boy, and how can you find one for your son? How about choosing a classic, old-fashioned boy name from the list below? You’ll recognize many of these meaningful names as Greek alternatives to some common boy names.

51. Anastasios. Meaning “resurrection” in Greek, this male name was used by many early saints, including a famous seventh-century monk from Alexandria, Egypt.

52. Andreas. This is the Ancient Greek form of the name Andrew, which means “manly” or “masculine.” The name is of Greek origin and became popular in the Christian world, eventually making its way into many languages.

53. Antonios. Derived from the Roman family name Antonius, this Greek name was popularized by Marc Antony, the famous general who briefly ruled the Roman empire jointly with Caesar Augustus before he gave it all up for his mistress, Cleopatra.

54. Christakis. Here you have a diminutive of the Greek name Chrestos, a nice option for your baby boy, as it means “useful” or “good.”

55. Emmanouil. Derived from the Hebrew name Immanuel, this religious Greek boys’ name means “God is with us.” In the Bible, the name is used to describe the Messiah.

56. Evangelos. In Greek, this beautiful boys’ name means “bringing good news.” It derives from the Greek word angelos, which means “messenger” and is also the root word for “angel,” as in the heavenly being.

57. Ilias. This is the Greek version of the Hebrew boys’ name, Eliyyahu or Elijah, which means “God is Yahweh.” In the Bible, Elijah was a prophet and miracle worker. The Greek form Ilias stems directly from the Latin form Elias.

58. Michail. You may have guessed it—this name is Greek for Michael, a Hebrew male name that asks the rhetorical question, “Who is like God?” Michael is one of the archangels in the Bible, the protector of Israel, and, in Christianity, the patron saint of soldiers. The use of this religious name peaked in the late 1960s, but it’s still quite popular.

59. Spyridon. This boys’ name can have two meanings: in Greek, it means “basket,” but in Latin, it means “spirit.” Choose the meaning you prefer!

60. Theodoros. You’ll recognize this Greek boys’ name as Theodore, which means “gift of God.” The name is entirely Greek in origin, and it’s the twin of the girls’ name Dorothea, which has the same meaning. If you’re having twin boys, you might like the twin baby names Theodoros and Dorotheos (the male version of Dorothea that appears on this list), or if you’re having girl and boy twins, choose Theodoros and Dorothea.

More Classic Greek Boy Names

Classic boy names are beloved for a reason—here are 10 more Greek options you’ll love:

61.AlaxandrosDefending men
62.ApostolosMessenger, apostle
63.ChrysostomosGolden mouth
64.GrigorisWatchful, alert
65.IosifGod will add
66.IsaakGod will laugh, rejoice
68.SotiriosSavior, deliverer


Cool and Modern Greek Boy Names

Are you asking yourself, “What is a cool Greek name for a boy”? We’ve got you covered with our list of the hippest options. Many of these boy names are modern Greek versions of ancient monikers. You might like to select your baby boy’s middle name from this list to give him a cool backup option!

71. Agapitos. In Greek, this boys’ name simply means “beloved.” Now that’s the perfect meaning for your little one, who is sure to be loved deeply!

72. Aristidis. This name for boys simply means “best” in Greek. The name was borne by a fifth-century BCE Athenian statesman who was renowned for his honour.

73. Christoforos. Yes, this name is the Greek version of Christopher, which has Greek origins and means “bearing Christ.” The name implies that the bearer carries Christ in their heart. This was the name of Saint Christopher, who, according to legend, carried Christ across a river and became the patron saint of travellers.

74. Evgenios. This is the original spelling of the Greek boys’ name Eugene, which means “well born.” Several saints and popes used the name.

75. Filippos. This Greek male name means “friend of horses,” and you're probably familiar with the common name Philip.

76. Heliodoros. As the Greek version of the mythological name Helios, this ancient male name means “sun” and “gift” from the words helios and doron. Helios was a Titan and god of the sun in Greek myths.

77. Iakovos. This is the Greek form of the boys’ names Jacob and James. James is the English version of Jacob, which derives from the Bible and means “holder of the heel” or “supplanter” in Hebrew. The biblical Jacob was born holding his twin brother Esau’s heel, hence the meaning of the religious name.

78. Pavlos. Pavlos is the Greek version of Paul, which means “small” or humble” in Latin. The most famous Paul was the apostle and saint who was originally known by the Hebrew name Saul before he converted from Judaism to Christianity upon seeing Jesus resurrected.

79. Stefanos. The Greek name for boys means “crown” or “wreath” and is better known as Stephen in the English-speaking world. Saint Stephen was considered the first Christian martyr.

80. Veniamin. Did you guess that this was the Greek form of the name Benjamin? The name is originally Hebrew and means “son of the south” or “son of the right hand.” In the Old Testament, Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob and Rachel and the founder of one of the southern Hebrew tribes.

More Cool and Modern Greek Boy Names

Check out 10 more cool Greek boy names below:

81.AlkiviadisStrength, force
84.GiannisGod is gracious
85.TheofilosGod’s friend
86.SavvasOld man, grandfather
87.TryfonSoftness, delicacy
88.VissarionWooded valley
89.XenofonForeign, stranger
90.ZinonGreek name for the god Zeus


Strong and Powerful Greek Boy Names

So, what is a strong Greek name for a boy? One that exudes power and vigour, of course! We've assembled a list of names that fit that description, many of which were used by legendary statesmen or warriors featured in Greek mythology. And some of the names themselves denote “power.”

91. Agamemnon. Meaning “very steadfast,” in Greek mythology, this was the male name of the warrior who led the Greek expedition to Troy to bring back his brother Menelaus’ wife, Helen.

92. Aias. Greek for Ajax, this name means “earth mourner.” Ajax was a warrior in the Trojan War.

93. Alkaios. Meaning “strong” or “strength” in Greek, this boys’ name was the moniker of a seventh-century BCE lyric poet from the island of Lesbos.

94. Alexandros. You may have guessed this is the Greek form of Alexander, which means “defending men.” Alexander the Great was the king of Macedon in the fourth century BCE. He built an empire that included present-day Greece and Egypt, ancient Persia and parts of India.

95. Iraklis. This boys’ name derives from Herakles, a hero in both Roman and Greek mythology. He was a son of the god Zeus and a mortal woman. His name means “glory to Hera,” which is interesting because Hera was his stepmother who eventually drove him insane. However, Herakles eventually overcame his misfortunes and became immortal.

96. Leandros. This Greek spelling of Leander is also spelled as Leandro, a common Spanish boys’ name. In Greek legend, Leander was the lover of Hero, and he swam across the Hellespont to rendezvous with her every day. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending. But the name means “lion man,” making it a strong boys’ name for your little guy.

97. Leonidas. Meaning “lion,” this Greek boys’ name refers to the fifth-century BCE Spartan king who sacrificed his life to defend the Thermopylae Pass from the Persians.

98. Miltiadis. Another Greek male warrior name, Miltiadis means “red earth” and was borne by a warrior who was victorious against the Persians in the Battle of Marathon.

99. Periklis. From Peracles, this was the Greek male name of a fifth-century BCE Athenian statesman and warrior. The name means “around” or “exceedingly” from the Greek word peri and “glory” from the Greek word kleos.

100. Viktor. This Greek boys’ name is of Roman origin and means “victor” or “conqueror” in Latin. The name didn’t become popular until the nineteenth century.

More Strong and Powerful Greek Boy Names

If you're still in need of strong contenders, check out 10 more Greek boy name options below:

103.ApollonGreek for the god Apollo
104.CleisthenesGlory and strength
105.DemosthenesVigour, strength
106.GavriilGod is my strong man
108.SerafimFiery one
110.ThemistoklisGlory of the law


Cute Greek Names for Boys

What are cute Greek boy names, you wonder? The following Greek names sound cute and/or have adorable meanings—perfect for your baby boy!

111. Alexis. This unisex Greek name is a short form of the male name Alexandros or Alexander. It means “helper, defender.”

112. Argyris. This cute option simply means “silver” in Greek.

113. Babis. This cute Greek boys’ name is the diminutive of Charalampos, which means “to shine from happiness.”

114. Daniil. This is the Greek form of the Hebrew male name Daniel, which means “God is my judge.” In the Bible, Daniel was a Hebrew prophet who rose to prominence by interpreting his captor’s (the Babylonian king) dreams.

115. Emilios. The Greek form of the male name Emil (spelled Emile as a French boys’ name), this option derives from the Roman name Aemilius, which means “rival” in Latin. We’re sure your little guy will be unrivalled with this name.

116. Kostas. This is the Greek short form of the long boys’ name Konstantinos, which is the Greek version of the male name Constantine, meaning “constant.”

117. Loukas. You’ll recognize this name as Lucas, Luke or Luca, an Italian boys’ name. They all mean “from Lucania,” a region in southern Italy. In the Bible, Luke travelled with the apostle Paul and was believed to have been a physician.

118. Neofytos. Meaning “newly planted” in Greek, this Greek boys’ name could be a super cute choice for your newborn baby.

119. Nikos. Here we have the Greek short form of Nikolaos, better known as Nicholas.

120. Silas. This name can have two possible origins: it may be a short form of the Latin name Silvanus, meaning “of the woods,” or it may be a variant of the Hebrew name Saul, meaning “asked for, prayed for.”

More Cute Greek Names for Boys

We had to keep the cuteness going with 10 more cute Greek boy name options:

123.ArisThe best purpose
124.DimosEarth mother, vigour of the people
125.KosmasOrder, decency
126.IoanGod is gracious
127.PanosAll holy and devoted to the gods
128.SotosSavior, deliverer
129.StathisStable, well-built
130.TakisAll holy and devoted to the gods


Even More Greek Boy Names

Here are even more Greek names for boys for you to choose from:



Top Greek Boy Names

The Bottom Line

We hope this extensive list of Greek names for boys has helped you decide on the perfect moniker. There are plenty of options to choose from, and whether you’re looking for something ancient, mythological or imperial, this list has it all. However, you may like to keep your options open. In that case, check out our other baby-name articles, such as boy names that start with the letter A and Chinese boy names. If you rather take your chances, try our Baby Name Generator to get a randomly assigned name. Why not!?

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