200 Chinese Boy Names With Meanings

Chinese culture is rich with meaning and symbolism, and this extends to the beautiful and meaningful names given to Chinese boys. While many Western parents are beginning to embrace the trend of giving their children Chinese names, it can be difficult to know where to start. This article will provide a comprehensive list of popular, unique, cute, and beautiful Chinese boy names with their meanings to you find the perfect name for your son.

Traditions Behind Chinese Male Names

In Chinese culture, the selection of a newborn's name is an important event that carries a lot of symbolism. Not only does it signify the family heritage, but also the values, beliefs, and hopes of the parents. Traditional Chinese boy names typically had one syllable, but in recent years, two-syllable names have become more prevalent.


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Characters and Factors Behind Given Chinese Names

Chinese boy names (and girl names) are made up of a 姓 (xìng)—family name—and a 名 (míng)—given name—which have no space between them when written with special characters. The family name usually has one syllable and is written before the given name. The sound, meaning, and visual appeal of characters also play a role when picking a Chinese name for a newborn. Given names are based on several factors. Some of these are:

  • Fortune tellers’ predictions. With the help of a feng shui master, parents can pick the best Chinese names for their little one. The name choice could be based on a quality the child may need in future. To encourage a fighting spirit, for example, parents could choose a Chinese masculine name that symbolizes strength (健, 雄, 壯) or power (威, 武, 強).

  • Complex calculations. Zodiac signs and the astrological events around the time of a newborn’s birth can make up part of their given name. This certainly makes for unique Chinese names. Such names consist of the year, month, date, and time of the day of an infant's birth. Each of these elements is represented with two characters, 生辰八字, which mean the eight characters of one’s time of birth.

  • Birth generation. A lot of common Chinese boy names are given based on the generation one is born in. These names are usually middle names and show which members of the family are seniors or juniors. This way, relatives can be respectful to one another. Unlike other cultures, it’s uncommon to name a newborn after an older relative as this is seen as disrespectful.

  • Meaning. Baby names can also be chosen based on their meanings. Parents can look up words with meanings they admire and create unique, cute, and rare Chinese names for their little boy with different word combinations.


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Popular Chinese Boy Names

Now that we’ve filled you in on the Chinese tradition of name-picking, let’s dive into some popular Chinese names for boys with their characters. If you’re looking for something current and trendy, check out these cool options:

1. Mùchén (沐宸). This name wins the popularity contest among high-ranking Chinese boys’ names. Meaning “bathe in celestial abode,” Mùchén is one of many Chinese boy names with a unique meaning. This is the kind of name to make your little one feel like royalty.

2. Hàoyú (浩宇). Another popular and unique Chinese name for boys is Hàoyú. This name means “vast universe.” It’s definitely a great pick for outer space lovers, or for parents who want their kids to soar and reach for the stars.

3. Mùchén (沐辰). Even though this Chinese name looks like the most popular name on our list, it’s actually different. (Take a look at how it’s written in Chinese.). Mùchén (沐辰) means “bathe in the sun, moon, or stars” and could be the perfect name for a precious baby boy.

4. Míngzé (茗泽). A popular, unique, and cute Chinese boy name, Míngzé means “tea leaf benevolence.” If kindness and goodness are things you value, this name may be ideal for your little one.

5. Yìchén (奕辰). Another great choice for baby boy names is Yìchén, which means “grand sun, moon, or stars.” This name exudes excellence and is fit for a little king. This special name is pronounced EE-CHUN.

6. Yúzé (宇泽). If you’re looking for more names that mean “goodness, kindness,” Yúzé is a wonderful choice in popular Chinese boy names.

7. Hàorán (浩然). Even though the popularity ranking of this Chinese boys’ name is on the lower end, the meaning of this name is anything but low-ranking. Hàorán means “vastness,” and this name may make your little boy feel empowered.

8. Yìzé (奕泽). This unique Chinese boys’ name means “goodness, kindness.” It’s a special name and one that your little one may live up to.

9. Yŭxuān (宇轩). If you’re looking for strong, masculine Chinese names for your little boy, this name may be an excellent choice. Why? Because it means “universe high.” Your little bundle of joy will definitely soar with this name. It’s pronounced UY-SHWEHN.

10. Mùyáng (沐阳). Meaning “bathe in the sun,” this unique name has a sweet sentiment.

Picking the right name for your baby can be overwhelming—especially with so many names to choose from. Watch this video for some interesting facts to help you choose the perfect name for your little one!

More Popular Chinese Boy Names

If you’re still looking for that perfect popular Chinese boys’ name, check out this additional list of trendy monikers.

11. Bo. Meaning “abundant,” this is a unique yet powerful boy name. This name is pronounced PWAW.

12. Da. Pronounced TAH, this one-syllable name means “attainment” and makes for a very cute Chinese boy name.

13. De. Here’s anoth.er popular one-syllable Chinese boy name you could choose for your little boy. The name means “virtue,” which is certainly an amazing trait to possess.

14. Fu. Great fortune and success may be in the books for a little one with this name as Fu means “luck” or “wealth.” It’s pronounced FOO.

15. Gang. Here’s another masculine Chinese boys’ name you may want to consider. Gang can mean “hard, rigid, or strong” and is great for that warrior spirit. It’s pronounced KAHNG.

16. Guo. Perfect for a little fighter, this name means “strength” and would be a great name for any spirited little boy. It’s pronounced KWAW.

17. Hao. With this name, your little boy may grow to be prosperous as the name means “vastness of the sky,” “open-minded,” or “straightforward.”

18. Haoyu. If you hope for your little one to expand and flourish in many fields, this may be the name for him. Haoyu means “vast universe” and with this name, your little one can take over the world.

19. Jun Hie. A boy with this name won’t be one to ignore as the name means “outstanding.” It’s pronounced CHUYN-HEE-E.

20. Qian. This is another good option for a Chinese male name. It can mean “handsome,” “beautiful,” or “fast.”

Unique Chinese Boy Names

Looking for a name that stands out from the crowd? Take a look at this list of unique Chinese boys’ names with intriguing meanings:

21. Aiguo. Perfect for a little advocate, this name means “patriotic.”

22. Bolin. If you’re in search for a Chinese boys’ name with a unique meaning, consider Bolin, which means “elder brother rain.”

23. Chaoxiang. Have hope for the future? Then this name might be ideal for your little one. It means “expecting fortune” and is pronounced CHOW-SHYAHNG.

24. Genghis. The name means “just” or “righteous” and is also a Turkish name.

25. Jaw-Long. Another interesting Chinese boy name you may want to consider is Jaw-Long, which has the unique meaning of “like a dragon.”

26. Shoi-Ming. Does your little boy light up your world? Then consider the unique Chinese boys’ name Shoi-Ming, which means “life of sunshine.”

27. Xiaobo. Got a little fighter on your hands? Then the name Xiaobo is a perfect match. This name means “little wrestler.” It’s pronounced SHYOW-PWAW.

28. Xiaosheng. Meaning “little birth,” this name could be a choice for your new arrival.

29. Zimo. This sweet and short name means “refined ink.” It can be interpreted to convey longevity and even good fortune.

30. Zixin. Another good option for a unique Chinese boys’ name is Zixin, which means “self-confidence.”

More Unique Chinese Boy Names

If you’re still on the lookout for a unique Chinese boys’ name for your little one, have a look at this list below. Keep in mind that most of these names are made up of two words, so you can make your own unique baby boy’s name based on what appeals most to you.


31.Hui FenKHWAY-FENBright philosophy
32.Jia HaoCHYAH-HAOWonderful/heroic
33.Jia WeiCHYAH-WAYFamily great
34.Jun DeJUN-DEHandsome virtue
35.Ming TaoMEENG-TOWBright, large wave
36.Xiao DanSHI-OW-DANBuild greatness
37.Yi MingYI-MEENGOne imprint
38.Zi HanZI-HANCatalpa tree
39.Zi RuiZI-RUIClever
40.Zhi PengCHEE-PUNGA wise, legendary bird


Common Chinese Boy Names

If you’re looking for a Chinese boys’ name that’s a common choice or a traditional option, here are some familair ones to choose from.

41. Chang. This name is a perfect pick for parents who want their little one to shine extra bright. Chang can mean “flourish,” “prosper,” “good,” and “sunlight” and is pronounced CHAHNG.

42. Chen. If you think you’ve got a future leader on your hands, you may want to consider this common Chinese boys’ name. It means “great” or “tremendous” and your little one will be among namesakes like Chen Kaige, a famous Chinese film director.

43. Dong. Perfect for huge travellers at heart. This cute and common Chinese boys’ name means “east,” and your bundle of joy may grow to be a great explorer. Dong is pronounced TUWNG.

44. Dongyang. Have a huge case of wanderlust? You might like this beautiful Chinese boys’ name. Meaning the “eastern sun,” this unique name will set your little one’s traveller’s spirit ablaze.

45. Hong. Searching for a name with more than one good meaning? This could be the name you’re looking for. Hong can mean “rainbow,” “great, vast,” or “enlarge, expand” and is pronounced KHUWNG.

46. Jiahao. If family means everything to you, this name may be the right choice for your family’s newest member. Jiahao means “home,” “family,” or “brave, heroic, or chivalrous—all of which are great virtues for a family man. It’s pronounced CHYAH-KHOW.

47. Jianhong. Pronounced CHYEHN-KHUWNG, this powerful and common Chinese boys’ name can mean “build, establish,” “wide, spacious,” and “great, vast.” If you believe you have a future leader on your hands, you could select this name.

48. Jun. This is a name fit for a king. Really! Jun means “king,” “ruler,” “talented,” “handsome,” or “army” and is pronounced CHUYN. Not only is it a cute and common boys’ name but it’s also a good Chinese name for a warrior.

49. Long. Meaning “dragon,” this is a great choice for a boy with a warrior’s spirit and is pronounced LUWNG.

50. Qiang. Charisma goes a long way, and this name could be a compelling and charismatic choice, meaning “strong, powerful,” or “energetic.” This name is pronounced CHYAHNG.

More Common Chinese Boy Names

Common Chinese male names tend to be traditional names that have been used by Chinese families for decades. If you’re considering a familiar name, that can be recognised by many, have a look at more of our options below.


51.ChinCHEENAncient, gold
53.JunfengCHUYN-FUNGPointed edge/summit/peak
54.KaiKIEVictory/music of triumph
55.LinLEENForest/fine gem/gem
58.TaoTOWLarge waves


Cool Chinese Names For Baby Boys

Looking for a cool name to match your little trendsetter? Check this list of cool Chinese Boy names. Most of these names are still traditional so why not carry on the family heritage in style?

61. An. Cute, short, and cool, An, pronounced AHN, means “peace, quiet” and in Vietnamese it means “safe, secure.” All of these meanings would suit a little cool dude.

62. He. If you’re a lover of nature, this Chinese name for men may be right for your baby boy. It means “harmony” or “river” and is pronounced KHU.

63. Hong. For an extra edge, consider going for this rare Chinese male name. Pronounced KHWNG and meaning “wild swan,” the name not only sounds cool but also has a unique meaning behind it.

64. Le Yang. With this name, meaning “happy sea,” your little water baby will be as blissful and cool as the waves.

65. Ruo Xuan. Looking for a name to match the hopes you have for your little one? Then this name, meaning “refined high,” is the perfect fit.

66. Shi. Pronounced SHEE, this ancient Chinese male name is an excellent choice if you’re hoping to honour tradition while still being modern and trendy.

67. Tian Kuo. With this beautiful Chinese name for men, meaning “vast sky,” your bundle of joy will soar and reach for the stars.

68. Yuxan. Your little one will bring nothing but blessings with this name, which means “high house.”

69. Yuz. A name fit for a great companion, Yuz means “rain,” “friend,” or “brilliance.”

70. Zixuan. Another cute Chinese name for boys for you to consider is Zixuan, which means “child” or “high.” It’s pronounced TSUZ-SHWEHN.

More Cool Chinese Names for Baby Boys

If you loved the list of cool Chinese boy names above, you’ll love this list of even more trendy monikers!


73.ChaoCHOWSurpass/leap over


Short and Long Chinese Boy Names

Stuck between picking a short name and a long one? Here’s a list of Chinese names for boys to help you choose.

81. Cheng. A complete and perfect name on its own, Cheng can mean “completed, finished,” “sincere,” or “true” and is pronounced CHUNG.

82. Chun. With a Chinese name meaning “spring” and pronounced CHWUN, your little boy will be blissful and bring forth good things.

83. Fenhua. This is another fantastic name for your little bundle of joy. It means “youthful” or “energetic” and certainly embodies the energy you’d want for your little baby.

84. Hai. Water lover? Then you’re going to love this name. Hai means “sea” or “ocean” and is pronounced KHIE.

85. Huan. Wish nothing but happiness for your little one? Pronounced KHWAHN, this Chinese boys’ name may just be the one! It means “happy” or “pleased.”

86. Jingyi. Pronounced CHEENG-EE and meaning “quiet,” “still,” “gentle,” or “essence,” this name certainly has a lot of character.

87. Mu. This name may be short, but it says everything it needs to. Mu means “admire” or “desire.”

88. Qing. Nature lover? Then this Chinese boys’ name is for you. It means “blue,” “green,” or “young” and is pronounced CHEENG.

89. Shui. One more for nature lovers, this name means “water” and is the perfect fit for a water baby. It’s pronounced SHWAY.

70. Zhong. Meaning “middle,” “loyalty,” or “devotion” this is a wonderful Chinese name for any little boy. It’s pronounced CHWNG.

More Short and Long Chinese Boy Names

Need more inspiration? Here’s an extra list of short and long names for you to consider.


91.HaitaoKHIE-TOWStrong, powerful wave
93.LanLAHNMountain mist
94.LixinLEE-SHEENGlorious and beautiful sunrise
95.QianfanQIAN-FANThousand sails
96.Shuchang SHOO-CHAHNGEasygoing/blissful
98.XiyangCHEE-YAHNGEvening sunset
99.YufeiUY-FAYFeather in flight 
100.ZhiyuanCHEE-WEHNGo-getting dreamer


Unisex Chinese Names

A boys’ name can be good, but sometimes a gender neutral name is even better. Here’s a list of gender-neutral Chinese names for both boys and girls.

101. Da. Bring all the success you can in your little one’s life with this name. It means “achieve” or “intelligent.”

102. Guiying. Meaning “cinnamon,” “petal,” or “brave, hero” and pronounced KWAY-EENG, this is the perfect Chinese name for a little warrior.

103. Huang. Pronounced KHWAHNG, this name means “bright, shining, or luminous” and is a fitting name for your golden child.

104. Jin. If you’re looking for a Chinese name that evokes riches and wealth for your baby boy, Jin, pronounced CHEEN, is an excellent choice as it means “gold,” “metal,” or “money.”

105. Jing. Pronounced CHEENG, this name would be nice for a calm little baby. It means “still,” “gentle,” “clear,” or “essence.”

106. Lian. This cute Chinese name for boys and girls has an even sweeter meaning behind it. “Lotus, water lily,” or “waterfall” are the meanings behind this name. It’s pronounced LYEHN.

107. Ming. Another popular Chinese name to consider for your baby boy is Ming, pronounced MEENG. It means “bright, light, or clear”—no surprise that it’s so popular.

108. Ning. Hoping your baby will bring more peace to your home? Then consider the name Ning, which means “peaceful, serene, or calm.” This sweet name is pronounced NEENG.

109. Ping. Another similar name, which means “level, even,” or “peaceful,” is Ping.

110. Rong. This unisex Chinese name means “glory, honour,” or “flourish, prosper” and is pronounced RUWNG.

More Unisex Chinese Names

Need more ideas? Check out more Chinese names for both girls and boys.




Traditional and Beautiful Chinese Boy Names

Traditional names are great choices as they allow you to honour your heritage. With a beautiful traditional Chinese name, your baby boy will always have a reminder of his roots no matter where he goes! Want some traditional Chinese names for boys with beautiful meanings? Keep reading.

121. Dingbang. Meaning “a person who is willing to protect his proud nation,” this name is one to take pride in.

122. Dishi. This cute Chinese boys’ name has the beautiful meaning of “someone of high virtue.”

123. Manchu. Got a sweet little boy? Then this name meaning “purity” will be fitting.

124. Mei-Hui. Another Chinese name for boys with a beautiful meaning is Mei-Hui. This name represents “someone wise and beautiful in nature.” It’s pronounced MAY-KHWAY.

125. Mencius. Perfect for firstborn sons, this name means “eldest son” or “power.”

126. Ru. Short and sweet, the name Ru means “someone who is like a scholar.” It’s pronounced ROO.

127. Shan. Another name to make our list is Shan, meaning “an old and wise man.” It's a wonderful Chinese boys’ name to grow into and live up to.

128. Shu-Hui. If you’re looking for a Chinese name with a beautiful meaning for your baby boy, this name means “someone who has great intelligence and spreads happiness with his knowledge.”

129. Taio. This name says it all with its wonderful meaning. It means “a distinguished or great person who will achieve a lot.”

130. Zhen. Perfect for a baby who’s one of a kind! Zhen means “rare,” “genuine,” and “precious.” This beautiful Chinese boys’ name is pronounced CHUN.

More Traditional and Beautiful Chinese Boy Names

If you need a few more beautiful Chinese boy names to add to your baby name shortlist, we’ve got more suggestions for you.


132.Biming BIMINGClear
137.Duyi DOO-YEEWhole
140.ParkPARKCypress tree


Cute Chinese Boy Names

Your sweet little one needs a cute name to match! We’ve compiled a list of the cutest Chinese baby boy names you can pick from.

141. Deli. This sweet name just rolls off the tongue, and it’s got a nice meaning behind it too! It means “virtuous” and would be a nice option for a sweet little boy.

142. Hop. Who could argue with choosing this cute Chinese boys’ name for your little one. This name means “agreeable.”

143. Hou. Meaning “noble,” Hou is fit for a little prince and is pronounced KHO.

144. Jinhai. Pronounced CHEEN KHIE, this name is perfect for your little water baby and means “golden sea.”

145. Kang. Another cute Chinese boys’ name for your little man is Kang. It means “well-being.”

146. Manchu. Meaning “pure,” this is a great Chinese name for your precious boy to live up to. It’s pronounced MUN-CHOO.

147. Mingsheng. Believe you have a leader in the making? You may consider this name, meaning “voice of the people.” It’s pronounced MEENG-SHENG.

148. Peizhi. Another cute Chinese name to add to your list is Peizhi, which means “respectful.”

149. Qu. Meaning “interesting,” this cute and short Chinese boys’ name has a good ring to it.

150. Shilin. The perfect Chinese name for a smart little boy, Shilin means “intellectual.”

More Cute Chinese Boy Names

Need more ideas for adorable Chinese names for boys? Check out the list below!


153.SongSONGPine tree


Even More Chinese Boy Names

If you’ve enjoyed these lists of popular, common, unique, cute, and beautiful Chinese boy names, we’ve compiled a few more for you to consider!


More Chinese Boy Names 
163.Chin171.Inghong 179.Nuan187.Yahui195.Yun
164.Delong172.Ing-wen 180.Qinggang188.Yan196.Zan



When it comes to finding the best Chinese boys’ name, there are so many to choose from. And hopefully, you can find your favourite from our list of popular, unique, cute, and beautiful names. A few great options include:

  • Baihu
  • Bigan
  • Caishen
  • Chang
  • Chao
  • Haoran
  • Jie.

The Bottom Line

Like many other Asian boy names, Chinese names for boys can be a good way to carry on your family tradition. Naming is a significant moment in Chinese culture as a given name can represent so much about your family and even your little one’s future.

If you’re on the lookout for more cool international names, you might enjoy some of our other lists, including:

Whether you choose to go for a well-known name or make your own unique name from two of your favourites, your baby is bound to love it. As you decide, don’t forget to download the Pampers Club App so you can get rewards on your next diaper purchase.