70+ Popular Italian Boy Names

Thinking of an Italian name for your baby boy? Perhaps you’re from a family with Italian heritage, have ties to the country or culture, or just adore the language. Regardless, an Italian name could be the perfect fit for your little guy! Italian names can evoke romanticism, honour a famous painter/inventor from the Renaissance period, or remind you of your favourite movie character. Read on to discover the top Italian baby boy names, including some of the most unique, common, and modern options, and some cute and short versions, too.

Common and Popular Italian Baby Boy Names

These are the top Italian boy names in Italy in order of popularity:

  1. Leonardo. This is probably the most famous name in Italy, and it’s little wonder since it was the name of one of the most famous Italians ever, Leonardo da Vinci, the renowned Renaissance artist and inventor. You can shorten the name to Leo, which is from the Greek word meaning “lion.” Leo is, of course, also one of the 12 zodiac signs, so it could be a cute Italian name choice if your baby boy is born between July 23 and August 22.

  2. Francesco. The Latin version of this name, Franciscus, means “Frenchman.” In English, you would recognize the name as Francis or Frank for short. The name became popular after the thirteenth century Italian Saint Francis of Assisi, considered the patron saint of Italy.

  3. Lorenzo. This is the Italian form of Lawrence, which is derived from the Latin name Laurentius. One of the most famous bearers of this name was Lorenzo de' Medici, the Florentine ruler and patron of artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli.

  4. Alessandro. This is the Italian form of the name Alexander, a name that’s Greek in origin and means “defending men.” One of the most famous bearers of this name was Alexander the Great. One nickname for Alessandro is Sandro, which could be a cute and short Italian name option for your baby boy.

  5. Andrea. The Italian form of the Greek name Andreas or Andrew in English is Andrea. The name means “manly” or “masculine,” which is a pretty good meaning for a popular Italian baby boy name. You may think of the name as female, when in Italy it’s actually male; but for that reason, you might consider it a good unisex name.

  6. Mattia. This is the Italian form of the ancient Greek boys’ name Matthias and the English name Matthew. One of the most famous bearers of this name was fifteenth century ruler King Matthias I of Hungary.

  7. Gabriele. This is the popular Italian form of the boys’ name Gabriel, which means “God is my strong man.” The Bible’s archangel Gabriel was the messenger of God, and in Islam he was the angel who dictated the Quran to Muhammed.

  8. Tommaso. Thomas in Italian, this name means “twin” in Aramaic. The name has been consistently popular since the twelfth century, as it’s the name of two very important saints, Thomas Becket and Thomas Aquinas. The latter was an Italian philosopher born Tommaso d’Aquino.

  9. Riccardo. Meaning “brave ruler” in German, the English form of this name is Richard. This name has royal links as Richard was the name of three kings of England. It has been one of the most common names in Europe since the Middle Ages.

  10. Edoardo. In Old English, this name is Edward and means “rich guard.” It was the name of several Anglo-Saxon kings.

  11. Matteo. This classic is the Italian form of the common boys’ name Matthew, which means “gift of God” in Hebrew. The name has been popular since the Middle Ages.

  12. Giuseppe. This Italian form of Joseph, which means “he will add” in Hebrew, is a rather well-known Italian name because of Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, known for helping unite Italy.

  13. Niccolò. This is the Italian form of Nicholas, which means “victory of the people” in Greek. The most famous bearer was Florentine philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli.

  14. Antonio. This is the Italian form of the Latin name Antonius or Anthony in English. It’s been a very common boys’ name in Italian since the fourteenth century.

  15. Federico. As the Italian form of Frederick, this name became synonymous with Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, who was renowned for his particular style of filmmaking. His surrealist film 8-1/2 ranks as the tenth greatest film of all time by the British Film Institute.


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Unique and Modern Italian Baby Boy Names

The following Italian boy names sound unique and modern despite their traditional meanings:

  1. Amadeo. This Italian version of the Latin name Amadeus means “love of God.” Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart bore it as his middle name. What a great meaning for your little boy!

  2. Amerigo. This Italian form of the German name Emmerich means “whole ruler.” It was the name of the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, for whom the Americas are named. This could be the perfect baby boys’ name if you’re looking for a name with both Italian and American links.

  3. Alonzo. This is a variant of the name Alfonso, which comes from Germanic roots meaning “noble” and “ready.” A playful nickname for Alonzo is Lonny in English.

  4. Alvize. This is the Venetian form of Louis, a name of French origin, and Ludwig, a name of German origin. This unique Italian boys’ name is fun to pronounce!

  5. Aristide. This Italian form of the ancient Greek boys’ name Aristides means “the best.” What a perfect name choice for your baby! The name connotes integrity, and when shortened to just Ari it can have a playful feeling as well.

  6. Aurelio. This name comes from the Roman surname Aurelius. A famous Roman with this name was Emperor Marcus Aurelius. In Latin, the name means “golden,” so it’s the perfect Italian name for your golden baby boy.

  7. Beniamino. This is the Italian form of Benjamin, which means “son of the south” in Hebrew. In Italian it sounds much more playful than in English. And it’s a famous name too—just think of Benjamin Franklin.

  8. Carmine. Interestingly, this name is the male version of the female name Carmen. That’s quite unusual since most female names derive from male names and not the other way around. If you have someone in the family named Carmen, like a grandma or a great aunt, and you want to honour her, you may consider naming your son Carmine. Here are some tips for naming your child after a family member.

  9. Dario. This name has Persian roots and means “possessing goodness.” Three kings of Persia bore this name, but you may also recognize the Latin form Darius. As the Italian name Dario, it has a unique and modern ring to it for your baby boy.

  10. Gerardo. In English this name is Gerard, which often gets confused with Gerald, but the two names are slightly different. In German the name Gerard means “hardy spear” whereas Gerald means “ruler of the spear.”

  11. Giosuè. In Hebrew this name means “God is salvation.” You would recognize the name as Joshua.

  12. Giovanni. This is the Italian form of the very common boys’ name John. Many Renaissance artists had this name, so if you’d like your son to be among that company, consider this name.

  13. Leandro. This name means “lion man” in Greek, but the Latin form Leander is more well known. Although being Italian, this name also appears in Greek mythology, which would give your baby boy a very unique name!

  14. Mauro. The Latin form of this name is Maurus and means “Moorish.” Although that meaning might not be as interesting as others on this list, the Italian pronunciation makes this boys’ name quite unique.

  15. Narciso. This is the male version of the name Narcissus, which is the name of the young man in Greek mythology who stared at his reflection in a lake for so long that he was turned into the flower, which we know as narcissus or daffodils. It’s also the origin of the word narcissistic. Although this link may make you think twice about the name choice, it’s still a very romantic, melodic name that’s inspired by nature.

  16. Renato. In Latin, as Renatus, this name means “born again.” It could be a unique choice for your little boy.

  17. Romeo. There’s no surprise here that this name in both Latin and Greek means “from Rome.” The best known Romeo is the lover from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Despite his tragic end, this is a good romantic name to choose for your son.

  18. Massimo. This unique Italian boys’ name is derived from the Latin surname Maximus, which means “the greatest.” If you think your son is the greatest thing ever, which of course he is, name him Massimo!

  19. Rolando. As the Italian version of Roland, this name means “fame” and “land.” Roland was a legendary medieval French hero. Another variant of the name is Orlando.

Short and Cute Italian Boy Names

If you’re looking for something short and cute, then go for one of these Italian boys’ names:

  1. Aldo. This Italian name has Germanic roots and either means “old” or “noble.” It’s also the name of a popular North American shoe store.

  2. Bruno. In German, this name means either “protection” or “brown.” This is a very cute Italian name for an adorable baby boy!

  3. Dante. This Italian name is the medieval short form of Durante. The most famous bearer of this name was Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

  4. Dino. This Italian name has often been used as a short form for names ending in dino or tino, for example Bernardino or Valentino. The most famous Dino is of course crooner Dean Martin, who was born with the name and continued to be called Dino throughout his life.

  5. Elio. This is the Italian form of the ancient Greek boy names Aelius or Helios. Both names mean “sun” in Greek. You may also recognize the name from the book and film Call Me By Your Name. Your baby will be bringing lots of sunshine to your life, so naming him Elio is fitting!

  6. Ennio. This Italian name came about from the Roman surname Ennius. One well-known Ennio is Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who composed the score for Cinema Paradiso, considered one of the best Italian films of all time.

  7. Enzo. This is the Italian version of the name Heinz or Anzo, both German names. It’s sometimes also used as a nickname for those with names ending in enzo, such as Lorenzo or Vincenzo. Either way, it’s a cute Italian name for a baby boy.

  8. Franco. This is the equivalent of Frank in English. The name Frank comes from an ancient Germanic tribe. Franco is also the contracted form of Francesco, which is one of the most popular boys' names in Italian.

  9. Gianni. A boy named Giovanni, the Italian version of John, could use Gianni as his nickname, but it’s also a great name on its own. Other diminutives include Giannino, Giò, Nino, and Vanni.

  10. Gino. Gino is a great short name on its own, but it’s also a nickname for Italian boys’ names ending in gino, like Ambrogino, Luigino, or Eugenio.

  11. Giulio. This is the Italian form of the ancient boy name Julius, which is likely derived from the supreme Roman god, Jupiter. The most famous bearer of this name was Julius Caesar. With this link, Giulio could also be a name that fits in our next category of strong Italian boys’ names.

  12. Luigi. In English, you would recognize this name as Louis, which is a French version of the Latin name Ludovicus and the German name Ludwig. You may also recognize the name as the brother of Mario from the popular 1980s video game Super Mario Bros!

  13. Marco. This is the Italian form of the Latin name Marcus or Mark in English. It became a common name in the Middle Ages after St. Mark, who was thought to be buried in Venice. A famous Venetian with the name was the explorer Marco Polo.

  14. Mario. This name was either derived from the Latin name Marius or the Roman name Mars, the god of war in Roman mythology. Many athletes and even politicians have had this name, but, like the name Luigi above, the popular 1980s video game Super Mario Bros. comes to mind.

  15. Nico. This is the Italian short form for the boy names Nicholas or Nicodemus, both of which mean “victory of the people” in Greek. St. Nicholas was a fourth-century saint whose legend eventually evolved into Santa Claus around the nineteenth century.

  16. Nino. This Italian boys’ name is often used as a nickname for those whose names end in nino, for example Giannino or Antonino. Both of these names are diminutives for Gianni and Antonio, meaning little Johnny and little Anthony.

  17. Renzo. This is the short form for Lorenzo, which is a very popular Italian boys’ name in Italy. Lorenzo is short for Laurentius in Latin or Lawrence in English. A famous Renzo is Italian architect Renzo Piano.

  18. Rico. This is the short form of Enrico or, in English, the name Henry.

  19. Rocco. This Italian name was derived from a German word meaning “rest.” It was the name of a saint who helped plague victims in the fourteenth century. A good nickname for Rocco can also be Rock or Rocky. This could be a great name choice if you’re a fan of the Rocky Balboa character in the eponymous boxing movies.

  20. Santo. In Italian, this name means “saint.” It’s derived from the Latin sanctus. There’s also a popular Italian dessert wine named vin santo, meaning “holy wine,” that’s traditional in Tuscany. Originally, the term vin santo was reserved for wine used during the Eucharistic sacrament. Whether you’re a devout Christian or a gourmet, you might like this short Italian name for your baby boy.

  21. Terzo. As the short form for the Latin name Tertius, Terzo means “third.” In Roman times, this name often functioned as a cognomen, a type of middle name or surname. For this reason, Terzo could also make a unique middle name for your boy, especially if he’s your third child.

  22. Tino. Those with names that end in tino such as Valentino or Martino often go by Tino as a nickname. But on its own it makes a great short Italian boys’ name.

  23. Tito. Short for Titus, which is a Roman name that means “title of honour,” Tito would make a cute Italian name for your baby boy.

  24. Ugo. Italian for Hugo or Hugh, Ugo sounds quite adorable. It’s derived from the German word hug, which can mean “heart,” “mind,” or “spirit.” What a wonderful meaning for your little boy!

  25. Vito. As the short form of the Latin name Vitus, this name means “life.” It was the name of a fourth-century child saint, and also the name of fictional mobster Vito Corleone, who was portrayed in The Godfather by actor Marlon Brando. If you’re a fan of the film or its director Francis Ford Coppola, you may really like this Italian boys’ name.


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Strong Italian Baby Boy Names

The following Italian boys’ names elicit strength and power—qualities you might like to evoke in your baby’s name:

  1. Armando. This is the Italian form of the German and English name Herman, which means “army man.” So, Armando is a pretty strong name for a boy, and could be a great choice if yours is a military family.

  2. Arturo. Arthur is the English version of this common Italian boys’ name. Although the origins aren’t fully known, it’s thought to mean “bear man” in Celtic. Arthur is also the name of the king in the Arthurian legend.

  3. Cesare. This is the Italian version of the Roman name Caesar, which was famously the surname of Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Interestingly, in Latin the name means “hairy,” which may not be that appealing, but the name still connotes strength.

  4. Daniele. In Hebrew, the name Daniel means “God is my judge.” The name became popular after the biblical character of Daniel and is a great choice for an Italian version of a biblical name for your baby boy.

  5. Davide. In Hebrew, David means “beloved.” You may be familiar with the David and Goliath story from the Bible. David went on to defeat the odds to become a great king of Israel. Now, that definitely speaks to strength!

  6. Gaetano. In Latin, this boys’ name simply meant someone from Gaeta, an ancient Italian town. It most likely was a surname. The Italian Saint Gaetano is known as the patron saint of Argentina, as well as the saint of gamblers and good fortune. Bring your little boy some good luck with this name!

  7. Gennaro. This Italian name derives from a Roman surname that simply meant “January.” It comes from the Roman God Janus. There is also a saint by this name who is the patron saint of Naples. It’s a good name choice if you have southern Italian roots or if your son is born in January.

  8. Leopoldo. This name just oozes strength, as it was the name of many members of royal houses, ranging from the Babenbergs to the Habsburgs, and even some Belgian kings. The elements of the name mean “bold” and “people” in German. A saint by this name is the patron saint of Austria.

  9. Manuele. This Italian boys’ name stems from the Hebrew name Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.” Emmanuel is also the name of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

  10. Marcello. This name is a variant of the Roman name Marcus, which derived from the Roman god of war, Mars. Mark, as you probably recognize, is the English equivalent. As Marcello, though, the name is both melodic and strong.

  11. Placido. This unique Italian boys’ name means “quiet” or “calm,” from the Latin version, Placidus. It may be the perfect name for a little boy with quiet strength.

  12. Salvatore. In Latin, this name means “savior,” a meaning that’s pretty powerful for your baby boy. A good nickname option could be Tory or Torey.

  13. Umberto. This name of German origin means “bright warrior.” Two Italian kings also bore this name, making it a powerful choice for your baby boy.

  14. Vincenzo. This Italian form of Vincent means “to conquer” in Latin. It’s derived from the Roman name Vincentius. If you’d like your baby boy to conquer everything he tries, consider this Italian name!

The Bottom Line

Have you found an Italian name on this list that’s just the best for your baby boy? Don’t worry if you haven’t! Take a peek at our top baby boy names or consider throwing a baby naming party to get even more great ideas from your family and friends.

Dive into our collection of even more articles featuring names from various origins and their meanings, including Chinese boy names, Korean boy names, Italian boy names, and more. These resources provide abundant choices to help you find the ideal name for your baby boy. If you’re still on the fence, our Baby Name Generator can also help you find that perfect name for your baby boy, whether it’s Italian or not! You can easily search through thousands of names and use filters like letters and themes to find the exact name you’re looking for. As you prepare for your little one’s arrival, get rewards for all those diaper purchases with our Pampers Club app.

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