Top Baby Names for Boys

You've got a lot on your mind when preparing for the birth of your new baby boy, from creating your baby registry to planning the perfect gender reveal. We also know that finding the perfect name is a big decision. Start your search by consulting our comprehensive list of popular baby boy names.

The choice of names doesn't have to be overwhelming. With our guides, you can have some fun in the process, whether this is your first baby or you're adding to your growing family.

It's always a toss-up between those cute baby boy names you've always had in mind or a family name with history and significance. If you're considering naming your child after a family member, you may want to read more about what to consider. And then there are those classic, strong names that you hope will reflect your son's personality and character.

Top Baby Boy Names for 2019

Our list below features all of the classics, plus some of the more popular names of the moment, including some of the more hotly anticipated names for 2019, from Aiden to Lucas and more.

With so many cool names to choose from, we're sure you'll have no trouble choosing the perfect one (or two!).

Here are the top baby boy names of the past few years, including some popular baby boy names from 2018, according to Pampers. Click on any name to read more about its origin and meaning:

  • Aiden. The name may mean small and fiery, as it's derived from the Celtic god of sun and fire, but it's also the name of the popular Irish saint who is remembered for his kindness. A winning combination!

  • Alexander. From the Greek for “defending men,” Alexander is a strong choice for your little one. There is no shortage of prominent Alexanders throughout history, from Alexander the Great to American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. Try Alex or the unique Zander for short.

  • Anthony. This name comes from the Latin meaning “priceless one.” Anthony has been popular for generations in the Christian tradition thanks to the popular Catholic saint, and more recent namesakes include actor Anthony Hopkins and TV's Anthony “Tony” Soprano. The Spanish and Italian variant Antonio gives the name a unique twist.

  • Benjamin. A timeless biblical name, Benjamin means “son of the right hand” in Hebrew and was the youngest son of Jacob in the Book of Genesis. Ben or Benji make charming, less formal nicknames.

  • Carter. Derived from an English surname meaning “transporter of goods by cart,” Carter has more recently been repurposed as a first name for boys. The name has been popularized on television on shows like “Gossip Girl” and “The Walking Dead.”

  • Daniel. This biblical classic has really stood the test of time when it comes to popularity. Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew, Daniel was an Old Testament prophet known for his faithfulness and resilience. Dan and Danny are great nickname options.

  • David. Another biblical powerhouse was David, who defeated the giant, Goliath, and went on to become king of Israel. Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew, what more could you want in a name for your little boy?

  • Elijah. The name Elijah means “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew, and it also has many international variants. Try Elia for the Italian version or Elias for the Swedish. Eli makes a sweet nickname for Elijah.

  • Ethan. From the Hebrew meaning “strong” or “firm,” the name Ethan is just that. The name appears in the Old Testament, and it's also been popularized in fiction by Edith Wharton's novel “Ethan Frome” and Tom Cruise's character in the “Mission Impossible” movie franchise.

  • Gabriel. The name Gabriel appears in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim texts, giving it wide multicultural appeal. Meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew, the name can also be shortened to the endearing Gabe.

  • Jackson. Originally an English surname meaning “son of Jack or John,” Jackson has been reinvented as a cool, modern first name. Jackson has become a celebrity baby name favourite recently, and you can also play around with different spellings, like Jaxon or Jaxson.

  • Jacob. It doesn't get much more traditional than the name Jacob, which comes from the Old Testament father of the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel. Whether you call your little one Jacob or opt for the shorter Jake or Coby, this is one name that will never go out of style.

  • James. James is the English variant of the Hebrew Jacob. From saints to kings, this name has a strong historical lineage, not to mention the inimitable Bond. James Bond. You can always go with nicknames Jim or Jimmy, or even Jamie.

  • Jayden. Although the name Jadon does pop up in the Old Testament, Jayden is considered a more modern interpretation of the name Aiden. Now it's considered a celebrity favourite, with famous parents like Britney Spears and Will Smith choosing the name for their sons.

  • Joseph. Another name with wide multicultural appeal, Joseph has variations the world over, from the Spanish Jose to Josef, which is popular in many European countries. The Hebrew name Joseph has strong biblical significance, occurring in both the Old and New Testaments. Look no further than Joe or Joey for a sweet nickname for your Joseph.

  • Liam. This short-but-sweet name was originally an abbreviated version of William, but has managed to become distinctly popular in its own right. Its Irish origins mean “resolute protector,” and it has quickly climbed the charts of the most popular boy names this decade.

  • Logan. Logan was originally a Scottish surname meaning “little hollow” in Scottish Gaelic. There are still a variety of places in the country of Scotland bearing the name Logan, including Port Logan and Loch Logan. With this name, you can play around with a variety of spellings, including Loagan, Logen, or even Loghan.

  • Lucas. Often considered a variation on the name Luke, Lucas comes from the Greek for “bringer of light.” The name has wide international appeal, with Luca and Lukas popular alternatives in Europe.

  • Mason. This classic English surname meaning “stoneworker” has gained a lot of momentum as a first name recently. It's a nice-sounding update on the more traditional name Jason, and you can also spell it any number of ways from Mayson to Macin.

  • Matthew. As classic as names come, Matthew is a perennial favourite, and its Hebrew meaning, “gift of God,” makes it an especially poignant choice. From the biblical apostle Matthew to a whole host of modern celebrity Matthews, your little one will be in excellent company with this timeless name.

  • Michael. Good ol' dependable Michael – this name has been bestowed on baby boys for centuries and shows no signs of decreasing in popularity. From the Hebrew for “who is like God?” Michael was an archangel who defeated Satan and has become the Christian patron saint of soldiers. Famous Michaels include athlete Mike Tyson and the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

  • Noah. A name with real pedigree, Noah goes back to the hero of one of the most famous biblical tales. The name manages to be at once traditional and fashionable, and it's become a hot choice among celebrity parents in recent years.

  • Oliver. From the Latin for “olive tree” this name has a long history going back to medieval England. Both Shakespeare and Charles Dickens helped popularize the name, and today, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and musician Olly Murs are just a few notable namesakes. For some international flair, consider the French variant Olivier or the Spanish Olivero.

  • Samuel. Another biblical standby, Samuel means “told by God” in Hebrew and refers to one of the early Israelite prophets and judges. It's been consistently popular since the Protestant Reformation, and many parents-to-be find the nickname Sam simply irresistible.

  • William. For a regal-sounding name, look no further than William. This heroic name belongs to a number of historic English, Scottish, and Dutch kings and rulers, as well as the current Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. Formality aside, Will and Billy both make for sweet, friendly-sounding alternatives.


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