The Best Spanish Names for Boys With Meanings

Have you been thinking of Spanish names for your baby boy? Whether you’re of Hispanic descent or would like a unique first or middle name for your new little guy, you’ll find many appealing options in this list. We have boy names in Spanish that are cute, strong, unique, biblical, and even rare. So, what’s a good Spanish name for a boy? Any of these 100 male names would be good options for your little boy and sound beautiful in both Spanish and English!

Most Common and Popular Spanish Boy Names

The following Spanish boy’s names are among the most popular male names in Latin America and North America:

1. José. This is the Spanish version of the boy’s name Joseph, which is Hebrew in origin and means “he will add.” This is the no. 1 Spanish boy’s name in Latin America and the United States. Other options include the unaccented Jose or Josepe, which could be considered rare and unique. Even though the name starts with a J, in Spanish it’s pronounced ho-ZAY—the same H sound applies to all Spanish names that start with J.

2. Luis. This is the Spanish form of the French boy’s name Louis, which was derived from the German name Ludwig. It means “famous battle.” Diminutives of Luis include Lucho and Luisito.

3. Carlos. You’ll recognize this Spanish boy’s name as Charles in English. German in origin, the name means “man.”

4. Juan. This boy’s name is John in Spanish. It’s been popular in Spain since the Middle Ages. It peaked in popularity in the United States in 2005. A unique Basque version of the name is Ibán.

5. Jorge. George in Spanish, this boy’s name derives from the Greek word for farmer or earthworker.

6. Pedro. This is the Spanish form of the boy’s name Peter, which derives from a Greek word that means “stone.”

7. Jesús. This is the Spanish version of the name Jesus—as you guessed it, the Jesus from the Bible. The boy’s name comes from the Greek form of the Aramaic name Yeshu’a.

8. Manuel. You’ll find this boy’s name in both Spanish and Portuguese. It’s what you might recognize as Emmanuel, the Hebrew name that means “God is with us.” Byzantine emperors as well as Spanish and Portuguese royalty have had this name.

9. Santiago. In Spanish, this boy’s name literally means “Saint James,” the patron saint of Spain. Santiago is also the capital of Chile, and the name of many other cities in Spanish-speaking nations.

10. Sebastián. This is Sebastian in Spanish and refers to a location, Sebaste, which is in present-day Turkey. In Greek, the name means “venerable.” The name was widely used in medieval Europe, including Spain and France.

11. Matías. This is the Spanish form of Matthias, the Greek version of the biblical name Matthew, which means “gift of God” in Hebrew.

12. Nicolás. This Spanish name of Greek origin means “victory of the people.” You’ll be more familiar with the English spelling, Nicholas. Saint Nicholas, who is the patron saint of children, eventually morphed into the figure of Santa Claus.

13. Samuel. This boy’s name is popular in many languages, not just Spanish. It’s Hebrew in origin and means “name of God” or “God has heard.” Samuel was an important judge in the Old Testament. A cute nickname is Samu.

14. Alejandro. This is a very popular name in Spain. It’s the Spanish form of Alexander, after the Greek word that means “defending men.”

15. Mateo. Like the name Matías, this Spanish boy’s name also derives from the name Matthew from the Bible.

16. Diego. This is often considered a shortened version of the name Santiago, which is no. 9 on our list. The name may also derive from the Latinized name Didacus, which means “teaching” in Greek. Famous bearers of this name include Argentinian soccer player Diego Maradona and Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

17. Benjamín. This Spanish boy’s name derives from the Hebrew name that means “son of the south” or “son of the right hand.” In the Bible, Benjamin was a founder of one of the Hebrew tribes.

18. Daniel. In Hebrew, this name means “God is my judge.” Daniel was a prophet mentioned in the Old Testament. Danilo is a cute diminutive of this very stoic name.

19. Joaquín. This is the Spanish form of the name Joachim. It’s believed that Saint Joachim was the father of the Virgin Mary. A famous bearer of this name is American actor Joaquin Phoenix.

20. Tomás. The Spanish form of the name Thomas has Aramaic roots, and means “twin.” In the New Testament, the apostle Thomas examines Jesus’ wounds after his resurrection.


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Unique Spanish Boy Names

Wondering what is a unique Spanish male name for your little boy? Here are plenty of options for you to choose from.

21. Bautista. This unique Spanish boy’s name is Baptist in French, and means “to dip” in Greek. It honors Saint John the Baptist.

22. Camilo. This Spanish boy’s name is based on the Roman name Camillus, the meaning of which is unknown. If you’re having twins and need name ideas for a boy and a girl, you might like to pair this name with Camila.

23. Cayetano. This is the Spanish version of the Italian name Gaetano, which referred to someone who was from the ancient Italian town of Caieta. Although the meaning may not be all that distinctive, the boy’s name is unique.

24. Cristián. You’ll find the boy’s name Christian in many languages, but in Spanish it gets a unique accent and loses the letter H. As you might have guessed the name refers to someone who is Christian. Originally the name was considered unisex but it’s now more commonly given to boys—the feminine derivative in Spanish is Cristina (see more Spanish names for girls).

25. Domingo. This Spanish boy’s name refers to Sunday, the day of the week. It literally means “of the Lord,” referring to Sunday as a holy day for Christians. Traditionally, the unique name is given to boys who are born on Sunday.

26. Donato. This Spanish boy’s name of Latin origin means “given.” Several saints and two Renaissance masters bore this name—you may recognize one of them: Donatello.

27. Emiliano. This Spanish boy’s name has Latin roots in the Roman name Aemilianus, which in its modern form is the name Emil, meaning “rival.”

28. Fabián. The meaning of this originally Latin name may not be that interesting since it actually means “bean.” However, it could be a cute Spanish name for your little bean of a boy.

29. Fausto. This Spanish boy’s name comes from the Latin name Faustus, which means “auspicious” or “lucky.” What a unique name and meaning for a lucky little boy!

30. Fermín. This is the Spanish version of a French and English name, Firmin, which simply means “firm” in Latin. Many saints have had this name. In Pamplona, Spain, there’s a famous festival by the name of San Fermín, which includes the running of the bulls. Fermín is a strong and unique Spanish name for your boy.

31. Germán. This is the Spanish form of the Roman name Germanus, which means “brother.” It’s also related to the name Herman, which is German for “army man,” a strong choice for your boy.

32. Gustavo. This Spanish boy’s name has Scandinavian origins. As Gustav, in Old Norse, it means “staff of the Geats.” In this case Geats refers to a tribe of Swedish people during the Middle Ages. If you have Swedish and Spanish heritage, you may like this name for your baby boy.

33. Ignacio. The meaning of this name is unknown, but you’ll recognize it as the saintly name of Ignatius. Saint Ignatius’ birth name was Íñigo, a rare and unique name of Basque origin.

34. Julián. Based on the Roman name Julius, which means “downy bearded,” the name Julian (without the accent) has been rising in popularity in the United States, skyrocketing in 2019. Choose the name for your baby boy with or without the Spanish accent.

35. Justino. This is the Spanish form of the boy’s name Justin, which derives from the Latin name Justus. The name simply means “just” and it’s been in use since the Middle Ages. Another Spanish boy’s name option is the derivative Justo.

36. Lorenzo. Spanish for Lawrence or Laurence, the name was used for someone who came from the ancient Italian city of Laurentum. In this way it has no special meaning; however, the name has been popular through the centuries. Although it doesn’t start with the letter L, a cute Spanish diminutive for this name is Renzo.

37. Máximo. In Latin, this name means “greatest.” We bet your little boy will be the greatest, so why not choose this Spanish name?

38. Nazario. This name refers to someone from Nazareth, which is the town where Jesus lived. Many saints also bore this name.

39. Néstor. In Greek, this name means “homecomer,” and refers to a character in Homer’s Iliad. You may like this name if you’re a fan of Greek mythology.

40. Pascual. This name, which you’ll recognize as Pascal in English, means “relating to Easter” in Latin. It’s a unique choice for a baby boy born on Easter.

41. Ramiro. This Spanish boy’s name comes from a Latinized Greek name that means “advice” and “famous.” Many Spanish kings bore this name, so your little boy would be among royals with this moniker.

42. Ramón. In German this name means “advice” and “protector.” You’ll more likely recognize the name in English as Raymond. A variant Spanish boy’s name can also be Raymundo or Raimundo.

43. Raúl. Would you have guessed that this is the Spanish version of Ralph? Interestingly the name Raúl peaked in the United States in the 1990s, but has since slipped. The name has Old Norse origins, and in the Middle Ages it was more common to spell it at Ralf or Rafe.

44. Reinaldo. You might recognize this Spanish boy’s name as Reynold, which is German in origin and means “advice” and “rule.”

45. Salvador. This name is the Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese form of the Latin name Salvator, which means “savior.” A famous bearer of this beautiful Spanish boy’s name was the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí.

46. Vidal. This Spanish boy’s name derives from the Latin name Vitalis, which means “of life,” like the English word vitality. Several early saints and martyrs bore the name. A famous bearer of the name as a surname was American writer Gore Vidal.

47. Xavier. In the Basque language, this name means “the new house.” The name was originally a surname, but since Saint Francis Xavier, it’s become a given name. Another variant is the Spanish boy’s name Javier.


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Cute Baby Boy Names in Spanish

Whether it’s a cute-sounding name or one with a cute naming, any of these Spanish boy names would be perfect for your adorable son.

48. Álvaro. This Spanish boy’s name has German origins, most likely in the name Alfher, which means “elf warrior.” Although the meaning may not be what you're looking for, the Spanish pronunciation makes the name appealing.

49. Ángel. This Spanish boy’s name simply means “angel,” and may have derived from the Latin name Angelus. To help with pronunciation, it can be pronounced ANG-khehl (Spain) or ANG-hehl (Latin America).

50. Antonio. It’s easy to tell that this is the Spanish version of the English boy’s name Anthony. The name used to be among the most popular in Spain in the 1950s and 1960s and has held steady for decades. A famous bearer is Spanish actor Antonio Banderas.

51. Cruz. This cute Spanish boy’s name is considered unisex, and is also a surname. In Spanish it simply means “cross.” The name peaked in popularity in the United States in 2013 and again in 2020.

52. Félix. In Latin, this Spanish boy’s name means “lucky” or “successful.” The name appears in the New Testament. Many saints and popes bore this name. Another name option you may consider is Feliciano, which is derived from Félix.

53. Gael. This Spanish boy’s name was originally used as a term for someone who spoke Gaelic. The cute and simple boy’s name has been climbing in popularity in both Spain and the United States.

54. Josué. The Spanish form of Joshua, the name means “God is salvation.” According to the Old Testament, Joshua was Moses’ companion when God sent the 10 commandments. In Spain the name is pronounced kho-SWEH, whereas in Latin America it’s ho-SWEH.

55. Marino. In Latin, this name means “of the sea.” The name may have been used by those who were mariners. If you or your family are lovers of the sea, choose this Spanish name for your baby boy.

56. Óscar. This name of Gaelic origin means “deer friend.” The name may also have Old English and Old Norse origins. The name became popular after a king of Sweden and the writer Oscar Wilde.

57. Plácido. This name means “quiet” or “calm” in Latin. You might like to choose this cute Spanish name for your baby boy if he has a calm disposition.

58. Silvestre. This Spanish boy’s name has Roman origins and means “of the forest” in Latin. Three popes bore the name. If you’re looking for a nature-inspired name for your little boy, choose this one!

59. Silvio. Derived from the Latin name Silvius, which means “forest,” this name was used by a legendary king and a saint. It could be a good choice for your son.

60. Tadeo. This name has origins in the Greek form of the Aramaic name Thaddeus, which means “heart,” and it appears in the Bible.

61. Tristán. This Spanish boy’s name is derived from a medieval French tale that may be related to the legend of King Arthur. It’s a really cute boy’s name if you love mythology and legends.

Strong Spanish Boy Names

Looking for a male name that denotes strength and power? Here are some strong Spanish boy names.

62. Agustín. This strong Spanish boy’s name comes from the Roman names Augustinus and Augustus, both of which mean “exalted” or “venerable.” A famous bearer was the Roman emperor Augustus.

63. Andrés. This is the Spanish (and also Icelandic) form of the name Andrew. Greek in origin, the name means “masculine.” The Spanish version peaked in the United States in 2001 but has lately been rising in popularity.

64. Basilio. Based on a Greek name that means “king,” Basilio (or Basil in English) was a bishop in the Christian church who later became a saint. The name is popular with Eastern Christians.

65. Bernardo. The name Bernard might sound a little plain, but the Spanish version is much more melodic. The name simply means “bear” and “brave,” both strong meanings for your little boy.

66. César. This is the Spanish version of the name Caesar, which was the name of the famous Roman emperor. Emperors after him used the name to denote rank. You could choose this Spanish boy’s name if you’d like your boy to be among this strong group.

67. Edgardo. The meaning of this Spanish form of the boy’s name Edgar is quite strong as it means “wealth,” “fortune,” and “spear.” Another variant of the name in Spanish is Édgar.

68. Enrique. This is the Spanish form of the name Henry, which means “home ruler” in German. Cute Spanish diminutives include Kike and Quique.

69. Guillermo. This is the boy’s name William in Spanish and means “will” and “helmet” in German. The name is pronounce gee-YEHR-mo. In the United States, the name peaked in popularity in 1996.

70. Héctor. This name was Latinized from the Greek name that means “holding fast.” In Greek legend, Hector was a Trojan champion. The name also appears in the legend of King Arthur. If you’re thinking of a strong Greek mythology name for your baby boy, but with a Spanish accent, choose this one.

71. León. This Spanish boy’s name is both a given name and the name of a city in Spain. In Greek it means “lion.” In the United States, the name had dipped in popularity but is rising once again.

72. Marco. From the Latin name Marcus, which may be derived from Mars, the Roman god of war, Marco is a popular name in many languages.

73. Osvaldo. As Oswald, the name was derived from Old English words that mean “god” and “power.” The name also appears in the Old Norse language.

74. Reyes. This unisex Spanish name means “kings” in Spanish and it’s derived from one of the titles of the Virgin Mary. Legend has it the Virgin Mary appeared to King Ferdinand III to foretell the defeat of the Moors, hence the connection. The name started out as a surname before being used as a given name.

75. Ricardo. From the name of German origin, Richard means “brave ruler.” The name is popular in many languages. In Spanish, a cute diminutive is Rico.

76. Roberto. Originally a German name, Robert means “bright fame.” Many royals bore this name, and the Spanish form of Roberto was used by a famous cardinal and a missionary. A cute Spanish diminutive is Berto.

77. Rodrigo. From the German boy’s name Roderick, which means “famous ruler,” the Spanish version of Rodrigo was used by the last king of the Visigoths who fought Muslim invaders during the eighth century in Spain. A cute Spanish diminutive is Ruy.

78. Valerio. Originally Valerius was a Roman family name before it became a given boy’s name, resulting in the Spanish version of Valerio. The name means “to be strong,” similar to the English word valor.

79. Vicente. The Latin root of this name means “to conquer.” Many saints have used this name and it has been quite common since the nineteenth century. In the United States the name has been steadily growing in popularity.

Biblical Boy Names in Spanish

If you have religious roots, you might like to choose a Spanish male name out of the Bible. Here are plenty of options for your boy.

80. Aarón. This Spanish form of Aaron is pronounced with a hard sound on the O. Hebrew in origin, the boy’s name may either mean “high mountain” or “exalted.” In the Old Testament, Aaron is Moses’ older brother.

81. Adán. This is how Adam is spelled in Spanish. Adam means “man” in Hebrew, and according to biblical tradition, Adam was the first man created by God. This boy name starting with an A also makes a unique choice.

82. Bartolomé. The Spanish form of the boy’s name Bartholomew, this name has biblical roots. Bartholomew was one of the 12 apostles. The name has been on the decline, especially in Spain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help bring it back!

83. Esteban. This Spanish boy’s name was derived from the Greek name Stephanos, meaning “crown” or “wealth.” Saint Stephen is considered the first Christian martyr, and his story is told in the New Testament. If your partner’s name is Stephen, a cool option for your baby boy could be Estévez, which means “son of Esteban.”

84. Ezequiel. You’ll recognize this name as the Hebrew name Ezekiel, which means “God will strengthen.” Ezekiel is a prophet in the Old Testament. You have two options for pronouncing the name: eh-theh-KYEHL (Spain) or eh-seh-KYEHL (Latin America).

85. Felipe. You may find this Spanish biblical boy’s name quite common in Spain and Brazil. In Latin, the name means “friend of horses,” a meaning that could be quite suitable for an equestrian-loving family.

86. Jeremías. This Hebrew name, better known as Jeremiah or more commonly Jeremy, means “God will exalt.” Jeremiah was a major prophet in the Old Testament. In Spain the name is pronounced kheh-reh-MEE-as, but in Latin America it’s heh-reh-MEE-as.

87. Lázaro. This is the Spanish form of the name Lazarus. In the Bible, Lazarus was brought back from the dead by Jesus. In Hebrew, the name means “my God has helped.”

88. Miguel. You’ll recognize this name as Michael, a name of Hebrew origin that means “who is like God?” In the Bible, Michael is an archangel and protector of Israel. If you like boys’ names that start with the letter M, you might also consider the modern Spanish variation Maikel.

89. Rafael. More often you’ll see this name spelled Raphael, but the spelling with the letter F is the common Spanish version. In Hebrew, the name means “God heals.” In the Bible, Raphael was an archangel who cures a blind man. Although the name is rare in English-speaking countries, why not consider it for your boy?

90. Saúl. In Hebrew, this name means “prayed for.” It was the name of a king of Israel as recounted in the Old Testament. The name of the apostle Paul of the New Testament was originally Saul.

91. Urbano. This Spanish boy’s name derives from the Latin name Urbanus, which means “city dweller.” The name appears in the New Testament. If you’re a city lover, you might consider this unique name for your baby boy.

92. Ximeno. This unique spelling is a rare, medieval Spanish form of the boy’s name Jimeno, which is Simon in English or Simón in Spanish. The name means “he has heard” in Hebrew. The name Simon also appears in both the Old and New Testaments. Choose either spelling for a unique Spanish boy’s name.

93. Yair. Also spelled Jair, this Spanish boy’s name has Hebrew roots and means “he shines.” What a wonderful meaning for your little boy! The name appears twice in the Old Testament.

94. Zacarías. In Hebrew, this Spanish boy’s name means “God remembers.” As Zechariah, the name appears in the Bible. If you're interested in a unique name that starts with the letter Z, you might like this naming option.

Rare Spanish Boy Names

What are some rare Spanish boy names? You don’t just want any name for your son—here are names that are uncommon and rare.

95. Cebrián. This rare Spanish boy’s name derives from a Roman family name that means “from Cyprus.” In Polish, the name is spelled Cyprian and in Italian, the name is spelled Cipriano. No matter which spelling you choose, the name is unique.

96. Clemente. This boy’s name is Clement in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. In Latin the name means “merciful” or “gentle.” That could be a reason why 14 popes and a few saints bore this name. It's considered rare since it’s been on the decline for some years, but it could be time for a comeback.

97. Crisóstomo. This is the Spanish version of the Greek name Chrysostomos, which means “golden mouth.” The name was often given to those who were skilled orators. Well, that’s not something you’ll know immediately about your baby, but, if he’s a vocal baby, this rare Spanish boy’s name might just be the one.

98. Eberardo. As the Spanish version of the English name Everard, Eberardo just sounds more melodic. It’s one of the unique Spanish boys’ names that starts with the letter E. In German the name means “wild boar.” The name has medieval origins.

99. Hernando. This is a rare medieval form of the Spanish boy’s name Ferdinand. Actually, the more common Spanish boy’s name would be Fernando. Both names mean “brave journey” in German. As Ferdinando, the name was popular in Spanish and Portuguese royal families.

100. Wilfredo. In Old English this name means “desiring peace,” which might be a very sweet meaning for your peaceful little boy. The Spanish boy’s name is uncommon, almost rare, in North America, which means it’s time to revive it.

The Bottom Line

There are many great Spanish baby boy names and we hope you’ve found something on this list. However, choosing names is hard, so, if you haven’t found the perfect name just yet, don’t lose hope.

Our Baby Name Generator can also help you find a name. You’re able to search thousands of names using filters like first letter and theme to find the right name more easily.