Gender Reveal Ideas: Baby Girl

The time has come to answer the age-old question: boy or girl? If you’ve decided to include your family and friends in your gender reveal celebration, here are nine ways to spill the beans.

1. Rousing Revelations

For expectant parents who are throwing a gender reveal party, share the following ideas with the person announcing the most secretive (and important) element of your party: your baby’s gender!

• Select a blue bodysuit and a pink bodysuit of the same price at a baby store. Hand the sealed envelope containing a slip of paper revealing your baby’s gender to the cashier and have her secretly wrap up the bodysuit that corresponds with the correct gender. Wait to open the wrapped present in front of family and friends during your gender reveal party.

• Combine your gender reveal party with your baby shower. Present the sealed envelope from the ultrasound technician to the party host and allow her to secretly plan the theme and party elements. On the day of your party, ensure that she has cameras in place to capture you and your partner as you walk through the door and react to the exciting news.

• Purchase bottles of bubbles—one with pink packaging and one with blue packaging—and ask that a friend or family member secretly add food coloring (red in this case) to the solution. At your reveal celebration, you and your partner should wear white T-shirts and blow the bubbles at one another. Once your shirts are dry, put them in a memory box along with other party mementos to hang in your baby’s nursery.

• Have the party host order an opaque balloon from a party store and ask the store employee to fill it with the pink confetti. During your gathering, have a loved one take a picture while you and your partner pop the balloon.

• Ask the party host to order a gender-neutral piñata filled with blue or pink candies and toys. At your gender reveal party, let all your friends and family take a turn whacking the piñata, before you and your partner give it the final swing. Once the goodies come pouring out, grab a handful and toss them over your head—it’ll make for an adorable photo.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

If you live far from your loved ones or simply prefer not to have a gender reveal party, here’s how you can document the announcement and share it via snail mail, email, or on your favorite social media website.

• Decide with your partner before the big appointment that he will secretly learn your baby’s gender from the ultrasound tech, following the scan. Ask him to purchase an item of jewelry (Ruby earrings, anyone?) that will reveal your child’s gender. Suggest that your partner take you out on an intimate date to present you with the gift, and take a picture wearing your new jewels. Post it on your social media page and wait for the reactions!

• Have your partner take a picture of you blowing pink glitter from your hands. Alter the image so that everything appears in black and white, except for the glitter. Make dozens of copies and mail them to your family members and friends.

• If you find out your baby’s gender in fall, invite friends and family over to carve pumpkins. Carefully carve “It’s a Girl” into your pumpkin, but away from wandering eyes. When everyone is done carving, put a lit candle inside each pumpkin and place the pumpkins on your doorstep. Ask everyone to stand below your steps with their eyes closed, and then capture their expressions from the doorway when you tell them to open their eyes. Pose for a picture with your carved pumpkin and email it, along with an image of the priceless reactions you caught on camera, to loved ones who were not able to make the pumpkin party.

There’s no wrong way to reveal your baby’s gender—if you choose to find out—so why not have a little fun with the whole process? Check out these additional unique and creative gender reveal ideas for a great party.