Crafts for toddlers: Ideas and Tips

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Looking for some high-value play-time ideas? These easy crafts and activities for toddlers aged 2 years and above are quick to set up, cheap and only require a few basic supplies.

Engage all five senses

Cook up some spaghetti and place a handful into four or five bowls. Drip a few drops of food coloring to change the pasta's color. Let her dig her hands in and have at it! She will love the uniqueness of the colored pasta, the slipperiness of the noodles, and the squishy sound they make when squeezed.

Fine-tune those motor skills

Set out a muffin tin and some different colored pom-poms (most craft stores carry these inexpensive colored puffs). Let your child sort her poms into the individual muffin holes. She'll have fun grabbing at the soft balls and also learn the names of the colors.

Check out our article about fine motor skills for more information and inspiration.

Boost creativity

Finger-painting is a toddler-craft staple. Simply squeeze some paint onto a plate or tray and let your toddler use his fingers or hands to draw designs on blank pieces of paper. Be sure to protect the surface with a washable cover or old newspapers. You can use a clipboard to keep the paper from shifting around. You could also frame and hang a few masterpieces in her room.

No matter which craft you pick, keep toddler safety in mind. All activities should be closely supervised, especially when you're working with smaller pieces and sharp objects.

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