What causes diaper rash by Dr Shah

Diaper rashes are a common skin concern for parents with young children. Most babies will experience diaper rash at some point before they are toilet-trained, but the development and refinement of superabsorbent diaper technology over the years has helped to reduce the severity and frequency of diaper rash.

Diaper rashes are usually caused by prolonged contact of urine and feces with the sensitive skin in the baby's diaper area. Use of disposable diapers can help to minimize exposure to moisture and irritants, but cannot completely prevent diaper rash from occurring. Diaper rash also occurs more often when the baby has diarrhea or begins to eat solid food.

Parents can minimize the chances that their baby will develop a diaper rash by frequently changing diapers, gently cleansing the diaper area after every bowel movement, and by using a barrier ointment. If the diaper rash persists or is severe then parents should consult their health care provider.

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