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At two months pregnant, you might be feeling overwhelmed, excited, worried, happy — maybe even a mixture of these emotions, and more. That’s pregnancy for you.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms at Two Months Pregnant

In the second month of your pregnancy, some commonly experienced pregnancy symptoms can include:

Although not all of these pregnancy symptoms are pleasant, they are a normal part of being pregnant, and you may only experience some of them.

Mood changes: One of the reasons for these pregnancy mood swings is that your body is flooded with hormones, such as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), progesterone, and estrogen. These hormones may also play a role in other pregnancy symptoms like gas, constipation, heartburn, dizziness, changes in skin pigment (like darker nipples), muscle pain, and spider veins.

Your moods might also fluctuate based on how you’re feeling physically. For example, if you are suffering from heartburn and dizziness, then it’s natural to feel a little down.

Morning sickness: In the first trimester, you might experience what’s known as morning sickness. Though it often occurs in the morning, this nausea and vomiting can actually strike at any time of day. The good news is that for many women, morning sickness subsides in the second trimester.

To help combat morning sickness, maintain a balanced diet, staying away from greasy and spicy foods when possible, and go for smaller, more frequent meals to avoid an empty stomach. When you wake up in the morning, try eating some plain crackers before getting out of bed to help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Rest, stay hydrated, and maybe even try sniffing or sucking on some lemon wedges.

Cravings: Other pregnancy symptoms you might experience at around two months pregnant are food cravings and aversions. It’s not really clear why these preferences occur, and, although they might seem weird, they are very common during pregnancy. Seek medical advice if you have cravings for non-food items like chalk or dirt.

Third Month of Pregnancy Quick List

  • Share your baby news: At three months pregnant, you might feel ready to share the news with family and friends. Think about who you want to tell, and how. If you work, here are some fun ideas for revealing your news to your coworkers.
  • Make maternity leave plans: Start thinking about how to discuss maternity leave at your workplace. Research your options, and think about your preferences. Have a plan in place for when you talk about it with your employer.
  • Pregnancy exercise: With a boost in your energy, and before your tummy becomes very big, your second trimester is a great time to get moving. Speak to your doctor about safe and gentle exercise options that are suitable for you.
  • Bond with your bump: Your little one can hear muffled sounds such as the sound of your voice and your heartbeat, so start to bond with her by talking to and singing to your “bump,” or listening to your favorite music together.
  • Communicate with your partner: Pregnancy is a role and an experience that can be shared by both parents. Speak to your partner about ways in which he can help. This will help the dad-to-be feel more involved, and will take some of the load off of you, the mom-to-be. For more on this, read this article focused on the role of expectant fathers.
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