Top Baby Boy Names That Start With B

Many baby boy names start with the letter B, including fun nicknames, names with international origins, and interesting meanings. If you’re struggling to find the perfect name for your baby boy but you’re interested in names starting with the letter B, this list is for you! To help you out, we’ve organized the list of B names for boys by categories such as popular, unique, cute, old-fashioned, and more. This way, you can easily narrow down your options and find the ideal name for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start With B

If you’re looking for a trendy baby boy name that will blend in with their generation, then you might want to consider one of the most popular boy names that start with B in Canada. Here are the top 12 names to choose from: 1. Benjamin. You’ll find a variant of this classic B name for boys (often shortened to Ben, Benny, Benji, or Benj) in numerous languages and cultures, including Hawaiian, Arabic, and various European languages. The name comes from Hebrew and means “son of the south” or “son of the right hand.” 2. Bennett. For popular boy names starting with B, Bennett is the medieval form of the common name Benedict, which means “blessed” in Latin. Bennett and Benjamin can be shortened to Ben or Benny. 3. Beau. Although more commonly used on its own, Beau is short for Beauregard. In French, it means “beautiful” and has been used as a unisex name since the mid-twentieth century. 4. Brooks. Originally, this Old English name described someone who lived near a brook. In Canada, the name Brook (without the s) is a favourite for girls, whereas, Brooks has taken over for the boys over recent years. 5. Blake. Among baby boy names that start with B, Blake has made a few waves throughout the years and has made its way back into our hearts. You’ll also find this name on our list of girl names that start with B. It originated in Old English from the word blæc meaning “black.” One well-known bearer is the eighteenth-century poet William Blake. 6. Brody. This boys’ name that starts with B originates from old Gaelic and means “ditch” or “mire.” 7. Brandon. A variation of Brendan, Brandon was a common last name in England and Wales, steadily making its way into the hearts of Canadians over recent years. It means “hill covered with broom” in Old English. 8. Brayden. Among male names beginning with B, Brayden is one of the oldest. It comes from the Ancient Irish last name Bradán (Ó Bradáin), which means “salmon.” 9. Braxton. Another historical last name from Old English, Braxton comes from a physical place meaning “Bracca’s town.” 10. Bryson. If you say this name out loud, you’ll notice that it sounds a lot like its meaning: the “son of Brice,” or “Brice’s son.” Brice (or Bryce) in its Latin form is Bricius, which means “speckled.” 11. Bentley. Meaning “bent grass” and “woodland clearing,” this boys’ name that starts with B is found in many towns and last names in England. Historically, if you were from Bentley, then that was your name. 12. Barrett. This B boys’ name originates from a Middle English surname meaning “strife.” Originally, someone who was quarrelsome received this name, but it has evolved into a now-popular first name.


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Old-Fashioned Boy Names That Start With B

If you’re looking for classic and vintage names for your baby boy, old-fashioned boy names starting with B might be a great option. These names can pay tribute to the past, honour a family member, or simply give your child a timeless namesake. 13. Bartholomew. As an old-fashioned boy name, Bartholomew has unique origins. It’s the English variant of the Greek boys’ name Bartholomaios, which came from an Aramaic name meaning "son of Talmai." The name became popular in England in the Middle Ages. 14. Baxter. Baxter comes from a last name that means “baker” in Old English, specifically a female baker. It’s often associated with strength and sophistication. 15. Benedict. Benedict is the old-fashioned version of Bennet (one of our popular boy names that start with B) and, likewise, means “blessed.” Thanks to Saint Benedict, an Italian monk who founded the Benedictine order in the sixth century, your baby would share a name with 16 popes. 16. Bernard. Meaning “brave” and “hardy,” Bernard comes from the German word bern, which means “bear.” There are many famous Bernards throughout European and Catholic history, and you’ll find a version of the name in several languages and cultures. 17. Blaine. From the Gaelic name Bláán, which means "yellow,” Blaine is an old-fashioned staple. 18. Blythe. Blythe (pronounced “Blīth”) is an old-fashioned name meaning “cheerful” in Old English. It’s rare and is considered a refined name with a sophisticated feel for both boys and girls. You may recognize it from the classic novel Anne of Green Gables. 19. Boswell. This French boys’ name comes from a small French village in Normandy, a man named Sieure de Boseville landed in England with William the Conqueror in 1066. The name became more common as a last name, and almost every Boswell out there can be traced back to Sieure’s family. 20. Briscoe. Another rare and old-fashioned B name for boys, Briscoe originates from Old Norse language. It refers to a place with “birch wood.” It’s typically used as a last name. 21. Bruno. Although Bruno Mars has resurrected this masculine name that starts with B, you can find Bruno in numerous languages and cultures. The name comes from German and has three meanings: “armour,” “protection,” and “brown.” Its most historic bearer is the eleventh-century monk who founded the Carthusian Order. 22. Byrne. As a last name, Byrne comes from the Irish Ó Broin, which means “son of Bran.” Bran means “raven,” and the name recently made its way into pop culture with the character from Game of Thrones. In Irish folklore, Bran was an adventurous mariner. 23. Byron. Another long-term staple in baby boy names that start with B, Byron comes from Old English and means "place of the cow sheds.” You may recall one or two works by the Romantic poet Lord Byron.


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Unique Names That Start With B for Boys

Are you looking for some unconventional or exclusive male names that start with B? If so, you can have some fun with your search and get creative with our list of unique names for boys that start with B. Consider some of these rare, one-of-a-kind names: 24. Baldwin. Meaning “bold friend” from the German words bald and win, Baldwin is usually more common as a surname. But as a first name, it only made a slight appearance in the past, making this a unique boy name that starts with B. 25. Balfour. Balfour comes from the Scottish last name meaning “village pasture.” You may find small towns with the name Balfour or see it used occasionally as a last name, but rarely does it show up as a first name, so you’re assured of a unique name choice for a baby boy. 26. Banner. Banner has no known association with names, so it fits into the category of unique names for boys that start with B. It was an occupational title for those who carried flags. And although it has Germanic roots, it comes from the Old French word baniere meaning “banner.” 27. Barak. Barak is a biblical and Hebrew name meaning “lightening,” and the name of President Barack Obama. In the Old Testament, this powerful boys’ name was an important military commander, and the name is often associated with strength and maturity. It also means “blessing” in Arabic. 28. Basil. Coming from the Greek name Basileios, Basil means “king,” and you’ll find variations in many European countries. For example, in French, the name is spelled Basile, and in Spanish, it’s Basilio. Other European languages use a variation of Vasil. Although the name was sometimes used in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, you won’t find many bearing the name Basil these days! 29. Baylor. Among boy names that start with B, unique names are on the rise, and Baylor is one of the many that come from occupational language (much like Banner). Although it has literal meanings—the legal term bailor means “one who delivers goods” and the German occupation beiler means “one who makes measuring sticks”—Baylor is fun and different. It mimics the name Taylor—so why not try Baylor and Taylor for a perfect rhyming duo for twins! 30. Beauregard. The longer version of Beau from above, Beauregard strikes a good balance between unique and trendy. Plus, it means “beautiful” and every baby boy is beautiful! 31. Bellamy. As a literal combination of the French words bel and ami, this name means “beautiful friend.” This unisex name fits perfectly into the unique names for boys that start with B theme. 32. Bishop. If you want a unique name with some prestige, Bishop is a great option. It refers to an important religious position and was often used in the British Isles. 33. Bodhi. Although considered a modern English name, Bodhi (pronounced BO-dee) has Sanskrit roots and is a Buddhist term meaning “enlightenment.” 34. Braith. There’s a bit of uncertainty surrounding the origins of this unique male name that starts with B. Some believe it comes from the Welsh word of the same spelling meaning “speckled.” 35. Bram. The name has been used as a shortened version of Abraham, a very popular name around the globe and a favourite among boy names that start with A. One famous bearer was Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula. 36. Briar. As a unisex name, Briar is a great option for unique boy names that start with B. It means “thorny plant” in English. 37. Briggs. As a variant of the more common last name Bridges, Briggs is a unique twist on a classic. It was used in early medieval English and Flemish, describing someone or a place related to bridges. 38. Broderick. More often used as a last name, Broderick is rarely a first name. It originates from two sources, a Welsh name that means “famous ruler” in German and an Irish name that comes from the Old Norse word for “brother.” 39. Bronte. You really won’t find a Bronte in Canada, although the name does have an interesting backstory. The famous novelists the Brontë sisters (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne) went from Brunty to Brontë to match the Greek mythological meaning of “thunder.” Bronte also means “bestower” in Gaelic. If you like, you can also add the umlaut to the e. Choosing a baby name can be fun yet also overwhelming. Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name!

Fun and Cute Boy Names That Start With B

If you’re struggling to choose a name for your baby boy, you might decide to wait until after he’s born to select a name that suits his personality, such as a fun or cute one. Fortunately, many amusing and adorable boy names begin with the letter B. 40. Baker. In Old English, this name literally means “baker,” and you’ll find it as a last name in many English-speaking countries. But as a first name, Baker falls perfectly into the group of cute boy names that start with B. 41. Bala. A Sanskrit name meaning “young,” Bala is a wonderful option among cute, youthful baby boy names that start with the letter B. When used as a girl’s name, it pays homage to a young Hindu goddess. 42. Barnaby. Not only is Barnaby cute, but it’s also historic. The name comes from the Ancient Greek and Aramaic name Barnabas, which you may recognize as a biblical boys’ name. It means “son of the prophet” or “son of encouragement.” Although Barnabas is quite rare (though, typically found in Hungary), you can find Barnaby in modern Britain. 43. Barney. This B boys’ name might give purple dinosaur vibes, but Barney can be a very sweet and cute baby name! It’s related to Bernard, Barnabas, and Barnaby, and you’ll find variations around the world. 44. Baz. As far as fun boy names that start with B, Baz is a front-runner! It’s a variation of both Basil and Barry and, therefore, shares the meanings of “king” and “fair hair.” 45. Bear. Bear is one of the cutest boy names that start with B, with it’s masculine yet adorable vibe. Of course, it comes from an animal, but it also has historic roots with a Germanic meaning of “the brown one.” 46. Benny. If you like the name Benjamin or Benedict but want a cute nickname, Benny is a great option that stands on its own. You may remember that Benjamin means “son of the right hand” and Benedict means “blessed.” 47. Bernie. As Bernie is a unisex nickname for Bernard, Bernadette, and Bernice, Bernies are found in English-speaking countries and throughout Europe. Bernie can take on many meanings, including “bear,” “brave,” “hardy,” and “bringing victory.” 48. Biff. In the group of cute and fun boy names that start with B, Biff can go either way. It sounds cute on its own, but it does come from the classic English words meaning “punch,” “hit,” and “strike.” 49. Billy. A sweet nickname for William, Billy shares meanings of “will, desire” and “helm, protection.” It’s popular around the world, particularly in English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia. 50. Blaze. Blaze is the English variant of the Roman name Blasius, and you might see it spelled as Blaise. Although it comes from the Latin word blaesus, meaning "lisping," today it gives off strong or energetic vibes. 51. Boone. A variant of Boon or Bone, Boone comes from the Old French word bon, meaning “good.” It also indicates someone from the French town Bohon, or originates from the Dutch word bohn, which means “bean grower.” 52. Brady. The Irish boys’ name Brady balances comes from the last name Ó Brádaigh, “descendant of Brádach,” and means “large-chested” in Gaelic. So, although it’s a name indicating strength, it still makes the list as one of the cute baby boy names starting with B. 53. Brawley. Cute but also very rare as a given name, Brawley comes from the last name meaning “meadow at the slope of a hill.” It has Old English origins and would make a sweet and unique baby name. 54. Brennan. From the Irish last name Ó Braonáin (meaning “descendant of Braonán”), the cuteness of Brennan comes from its meaning. Braonáin means “rain, moisture, drop.” 55. Buck. Buck was quite popular in the nineteenth century, so you may know of some ancestors, family members, or friends with that name. Today, it’s uncommon, but it follows the trend of cute and masculine names that start with B. From the Old English bucc, it simply means “buck,” as in a male deer. 56. Bud. Bud, short for Buddy, comes from the English word that means “friend,” but some believe it could also refer to “brother.” 57. Buster. Another name from previous generations, Buster hit its peak in 1909. It pays homage to the famous silent film actor and comedian Joseph “Buster” Keaton, who earned his nickname from the magician Harry Houdini.

Timeless Boy Names Starting With B

Our list of male names beginning with B wouldn't be complete without some classic options that have remained popular over time. They may not be considered old-fashioned, but they are dependable and tend to appear frequently year after year. 58. Bailey. The unisex name Bailey originated as a boys’ name but has now become more popular for girls. It comes from the Middle English word baili, an occupational title meaning “bailiff.” You can choose other spellings, such as Bailee and Baylee. 59. Bobby. Short for Robert, Bobby is an endearing German boys’ name meaning “bright fame.” It comes from the name Hrodebert and has been one of the most common names from the thirteenth century to today. 60. Brad. Used as a variant for Bradley or Bradford, Brad means “broad clearing” or “broad ford.” It’s been a timeless staple, peaking in the 1950s (Bradford) and 1980s (Bradley). 61. Brett. Although relatively new to the scene, Brett can be considered timeless. The name cropped up in the 1940s and has yet to lose its steam. It originates from the Middle English last name meaning “a Breton,” referring to someone from the area of Brittany in France. 62. Brian. You probably know a Brian or two, as it’s one of the most common names in the English-speaking world. Deriving from Ancient Irish, this B name for boys may come from Old Celtic, meaning “hill,” “high,” or “noble.” You can also opt for the modern Spanish spelling of Brayan for a twist! 63. Bruce. Among boy names that start with the letter B, Bruce is a true classic. It comes from a Scottish last name referring to someone from Brix in France. 64. Bryce. Bryce is the classic version of the trendy name Bryson, meaning “speckled.” Although more popular in France, Bryce (also spelled Brice) has risen in popularity several times throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

City and Neighborhood Boy Names That Start With B

If you’re looking for inspiration to name your baby boy after your favourite city or a neighbourhood you hold dear, there are plenty of options to get creative and sentimental. In this case, we’ve compiled a list of baby boy names that start with the letter B and pay tribute to world hubs. 65. Ballard. Ballard (pronounced BAL-ard) is a trendy neighbourhood in Seattle, WA, but once housed many working-class and Nordic families. You might hear “uff da!” while walking down the side streets. 66. Bareilly. If you’re looking for Indian boy names, Bareilly is a city in Northern India (pronounced Bah-RAY-lee) which was founded in the sixteenth century and is known for its beautiful mosques. It also sits near the Ramganga River, a tributary to the Ganges. 67. Beira. A port city in Mozambique, Beira (pronounced BYE-ra) sits near the mouths of the Púngoè and Búzi rivers. It’s an important global shipping center. 68. Belém. You’ll find Belém (pronounced Bay-LEM) situated in the Amazon River Delta in northern Brazil. With French and Portuguese influences, the city is known for its beautiful architecture, universities, and theatres. 69. Bergen. A colourful harbour town in Norway known for its scenic fjords, Bergen (pronounced BER-gen) was the country’s historic capital in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It houses the picturesque Bryggen Wharf and an important fishing economy. 70. Berlin. As the capital of Germany, Berlin (pronounced Ber-LIN) is known for the Berlin Wall, which divided the city after WWII. Today, it’s a hip hub with varied architecture, industry, and history. 71. Boston. Famous for baked beans, lobster rolls, and the Red Sox, Boston is renowned for its blend of historic architecture and modern skyscrapers. It’s the capital of Massachusetts and is home to Paul Revere’s house and the historic Freedom Trail. 72. Bremen. Tucked away in northern Germany, Bremen (pronounced BRAY-men) is one of the largest ports in the country. It’s known for its idyllic architecture and riverside cityscape. 73. Brighton. A resort town in southern England, Brighton (pronounced BRY-tin) is home to an artsy community and the iconic Royal Pavilion. 74. Bristol. Another city in southern England, Bristol is a medieval town historically important for its trade route to the Americas. 75. Brixton. A neighbourhood in northern London, Brixton became a multicultural hub in the booming 1950s and 1960s. 76. Brooklyn. Associated with the name Brook or Brooks, Brooklyn rose to popularity in the 2010s, thanks to a few celebrity baby names. For the A-listers, the name refers to the borough in New York City, which was named after the Dutch town of Breukelen. In Dutch, breuk means “broken land” and broek means “marsh land.” 77. Bronx. Like Brooklyn above, the Bronx is one of New York City’s five boroughs. After the land was sold to the Dutch West India Company in the seventeenth century, a Scandinavian by the name of Bronck purchased and developed the area, prompting the title Bronx.

Non-English Boy Names That Start With B

Giving your baby a name from your heritage can be an enjoyable and meaningful experience. If you’re looking for some more boy names starting with B from non-English cultures and languages, here are a few suggestions. 78. Baishan. Meaning “knife” in the Apache language, this was the name of the Chiricahua Apache chief in the nineteenth century. Baishan is pronounced BYE-shaun. 79. Baran. Although this name means “rain” in Persian, it’s more common for boy names in Turkish and Kurdish. 80. Bence. As the Hungarian version of Vincent, and sometimes used as a short form for Benedek (Hungary’s Benedict), Bence (pronounced BEN-tseh) comes from the Latin vincentius and vincere, meaning “to conquer.” 81. Benito. Benito is the Italian and Spanish version of Benedict, which means “blessed.” It’s one of the more popular baby boy names that start with B around the world. 82. Beren. A unisex name, Beren means “strong, smart” in Turkish. If you’re a fan of the author J.R.R. Tolkien, you may recognize the name from the fictional Sindarin language, where it means “brave.” 83. Berk. Another Turkish name, Berk is rare and unique and means “solid, firm, strong.” 84. Bertil. As the Scandinavian form of Bertilo or Berthold, you’ll find Bertil in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. Bertilo means “bright, famous” and Berthold means “bright ruler.” 85. Berto. You’ll find Berto in Italian and Spanish as the short form of Roberto or Alberto. These names follow other Bert varieties and mean “bright.” 86. Bevan. As a Welsh name, Bevan means “son of Evan,” and Evan is the Welsh form of John. John is one of the most classic boy names and means “to be gracious” in Hebrew. 87. Bo. If you like the name Beau or Beauregard but want to add a Chinese element, you can go with the simplest spelling, Bo. (In Wu Chinese, Bo is pronounced bow (as in the bow of a ship) and means “wave.”) 88. Bogdan. This male name that starts with B is common in most Slavic languages, as well as Romanian. It means “given by God.” 89. Boris. Although Boris is popular in many European countries (especially in Germany), it originates from the Turkic name Bogoris. There are a few potential meanings, including “short,” “wolf,” and “snow leopard.” 90. Borja. A Spanish last name, Borja (pronounced BOR-kha) means “tower” in Arabic. As a given name, it honours the sixteenth-century priest Saint Francis Borja, who was born in Valencia, Spain. 91. Bryn. Meaning “hill or mound” in Welsh, Bryn is a B name for boys and girls that’s rare and unique.

Celebrity Boy Names That Start With B

Consider names of celebrities or world-changing individuals for your little star. This list of male names beginning with B pays tribute to famous artists, athletes, composers, engineers, and more. 92. Banksy. This famous and anonymous British graffiti artist is now a household name around the world. He’s known for antiauthoritarian pieces with his work displayed in prestigious museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and Tate Britain in London. 93. Beckham. Although it’s an English last name that means “Becca’s homestead,” this B name for boys is also the name of the famous soccer player David Beckham. 94. Beckett. Deriving from the Middle English words beke or bekke, Beckett means “beak, stream, or brook.” You may recognize the name from the famous Irish author, Samuel Beckett. 95. Beethoven. The name Beethoven combines the words beethe and hoven, which together mean “beetroot farms.” But, of course, it’s better known as the name of the world-famous German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. 96. Bing. If you want boy names that start with B that honour famous singers and songwriters consider Bing, as in Bing Crosby. You may know him best by his iconic renditions of “White Christmas” and “Silent Night.” 97. Booker. Booker T. Washington was born into slavery, yet also solidified himself as one of the most important voices for Black Americans in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. He was a historic educator and educational reformer. Booker can also be an occupational name meaning “maker of books.” 98. Bowie. It feels wrong to make a list of celebrity boy names that start with B and not include the one-and-only David Bowie! Bowie was a famous singer, songwriter, and actor from England, best known for his fluidity in persona and music genres. Bowie is the Scottish Gaelic name Mac Gille Bhuid meaning “yellow-haired lad.” 99. Buzz. The American astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the second person to ever set foot on the moon, following the steps of Neil Armstrong. He was a talented engineer and scientist and made huge strides for NASA.


If you’re looking for a boys’ name starting with B, our list has 99 brilliant options, including popular, unique, international, and celebrity-inspired options. A few highlights include:

  • Benjamin
  • Bowie
  • Brandon
  • Brody
  • Benedict.

The Bottom Line

We hope this list helps you find some wonderful boy names that start with the letter B. But if you’re still undecided or want to go in a different direction, check out some of our other baby name articles. You can explore our top 1,000 baby boy names or middle names for boys for endless ideas.

And if you want some more guidance, our Baby Name Generator will help you find the perfect moniker for your new. With its help, you can search thousands of names using filters like letters, themes, and more.

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